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So, to make sure of it, all of you who put the low numbers only on the lack of testing, think that they are also hiding deaths and severe cases that should be lining up in hospitals?

They are not doing autopsies or COVID testing of people with pneumonia. They are also refusing to publish any statistics on pneumonia (they publish every 3 years and have said they will make no exception). Funeral homes have been directed to treat every pneumonia corpse as if it has COVID-19 because there is no testing.

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Posted in: University of Tokyo fires associate professor over anti-Chinese Twitter posts See in context

AI companies thrive not by having secret algorithms (the best AI companies publish papers and push forward the shared pool of research, this guy was an academic at Todai, his job is to publish openly) but by employing talented people who are able to take the academic cutting edge, push it forward and make it actually work in practical applications. You can't steal that.

Google, Facebook, Apple hires loads of Chinese people, they work on all kinds of things including at very senior levels. It is purely racism to assume that they will steal your tech. Also TBH, there are already so many extremely talented AI researchers in China, it's highly unlikely that this dude has any tech worth stealing.

In most developed countries his hiring practices would be illegal and if I was Chinese I would be sending my resume to his company so that I could sue him for racial discrimination when I don't even get an interview. The fact that this is not illegal reflects on Japan as a supposedly modern, liberal country.

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