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"Matt HartwellToday  06:45 am JST

Japan not so fussy about who they talk to these days. Turkey is now an anti-Western country in large measure. While Japan gets closer, the West is moving away. Erdogan is an Islamist and certainly no believer in democracy."

Some might say same about the leader of the so called western counties Trump, don't you?

What do you know about Turkey or it's president except news from "western" media?

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Posted in: Japan, Turkey agree to start security dialogue next month See in context

Some might say same about Trump, don't you?

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Posted in: Novartis' top Japan executives quit over cancer drug scandal See in context

Do you want to be them punished?

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How about my iconic kebab?

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Posted in: NTT East giving tourists free Internet See in context

B-Mobile has a prepaid SIM card for visitors. It is Data only but it would adequate enough for the purpose.

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Where is the correct place?

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Posted in: Customer service in Japan vs Europe See in context

I have only stuff to comment. There is no warranty like Germany here in Japan.

In Germany there is at least 2 year warranty for what you are buying, which means if your products some how gets broken during this time period it will be replaced from the producer or shop what ever the case is.

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Posted in: Google's maps go indoors with new mobile feature See in context

You are misunderstanding why the wifi was mentioned. Wifi hotshots with known location, which are on Google's database, are used for the calculating your location using triangulation or etc with combination of cell towers (also the location of them are known) as it is difficult to get gps signal indoors.

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Posted in: Australian man offers his home to the world See in context

We might see a lot of copycats doing this kind of business.

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