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FernandoUchiyama comments

Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context

I've heard that Japan was not doing so many tests, and how this positively impacted to avoid collective fear. People in Japan were just not talking about it, and it had been a good thing for general mental health....

Now, I wonder if after the Olympics begun, Japan just started doing more tests, and these numbers are just a false positive... With more tests being applied, you will likely have more positives.

And I hope the japanese people deal better with misinformation, fake news, collective fear, paranoid ideas, than other countries in the globe did.

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Posted in: Toyota exec in Japan resigns over drug arrest See in context

Julie, forget the japanese and go work for GM, Ford, Fiat, VW, Mercedes, BMW, Renault. I think you will be well received in these companies and these countries (USA, Italy, Germany, France) will not bully you because of some stupid pain pills.

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Posted in: Japanese people aren’t happy with their looks: survey See in context

I think most of westerners think korean an chinese people do look more natural and more attractice than japanese.

Make up is good when it gives you a better look and it is natural. Japanese use make up that give you an artificial look. My point of view is that it is sooo weird.

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Posted in: M5.6 earthquake rocks Kanto region See in context

How many seconds/minutes did it take? I wonder why all the news about earthquakes always does not mention the duration of it.

I think the duration is one of the most important information about an earthquake.

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Posted in: China auto sales down 0.5% in April See in context

Honda sold 71,546, Toyota 92.600, Ford 96,889 and GM 258,484. What about german Volkswagen???

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Posted in: Ruling coalition finalizes bills to boost Japan's military role See in context

Finally, go Japan!

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Posted in: Number of children in Japan falls to new low See in context

To me japanese people should work less and in a more inteligent way. Instead of working hard, they should think before doing things and be more eficient and effective. Forget processes and be dynamic.

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Posted in: Japan to increase investment in Asian infrastructure See in context

@gogogo my point of view is that japanese people are prosperous and rich. They have lots of assets, they are educated, they have access to knowledge, they have culture and they live in a free and democratic country. Free people have responsibility for their own futures. In my opinion these people cannot wait for the government to move on.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes nuclear power for 20-22% of electricity supply See in context

The way I see it is that Japan has no choice. Being a poor resource country, nuclear power is one of the few viable choices available.

I would like to here from people that are against nuclear power what Japan can do in this case. Thermoeletric forever?

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Posted in: Abe likely to visit U.S. April 26 to May 2 See in context

Basically US is Japan's boss Japan and the whole world's boss.

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Posted in: S Korean president urges Japan to apologise to 'comfort women' See in context

My godness. Again? Every week is the same think. The same tiring "oh, japan must apologize". I think it is a kind of mental problem.

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Posted in: S Korea seeks death penalty for ferry boat captain See in context

My godness, I can't believe I am reading this. Why kill more people? What is the reason for that?

When I say that Asian countries are stuck behind in time, socially speaking, nobody believes me.

South Korea is to be considered one of the most advanced and proeminent countries of Asia, maybe behind only Japan. And this ridiculous thing is the ethics and justice of a so big country?

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Posted in: Industry minister tries to convince public on need for nuclear energy See in context

The government should turn the lights off by allowing a blackout to occur. It would convince the population very very fast that the nucleat reactors are so much needed.

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Posted in: Apple a decade behind Japan on mobile payment curve See in context

I had an NFC card inside my cell phone when I was living in Japan from 2006 to 2009. When I left Japan, I always asked why this kind of technology appears only to exist in Japan.

Japan must work more to export its technologies. I saw many many things that could be exported to the rest of the world.

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Posted in: Index ranks Japan as Asia's most efficient innovator See in context

I am surprised. I have the impression that US is much more efficient in innovation than Japan.

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Posted in: Japan to seek return of all its citizens held by North Korea See in context

Come on guys. I can't understand why this matters so much for the japanese people. You have other problems like Fukushima, birth rate, economy...

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Posted in: Japan, India to step up security, economic cooperation See in context

This is good news! I like that.

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Posted in: Japan to seek return of all its citizens held by North Korea See in context

To me, It is not an important matter. I don't understand why Japan keep insisting in that. Japan is a so big country with so many interests. Why that? What Japan gains with that?

Japan should be more positive in the diplomacy area. Everyday when I read the news I see that Japan will not accept this, will not accept that, sanctions, retaliations, restrictions, etc.

Do Japan expect to make friends by doing that?

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Posted in: Dengue outbreak affects at least 22 in Japan See in context

@Nipporinoel, common... Brazil has thousands of dengue fevers every year and the World Cup was hosted this year with no problem. To be more specific, more than one million affected in Brazil only in 2013 (and only aprox. 500 died).

Dont worry.

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Posted in: Anxiety makes Japanese stingy, says psychologist See in context

I totally disagree with author's opinion.

I am a third generation japanese descendent living in Brazil and lived in Japan for almost 4 years working as an IT consultant.

Maybe it is true that the japanese people are one of the most anxious people in the world, and also fearfull of everything. But definitly these are not related to genes.

In Brazil, full blood japanese descendents are loosing this characteristics in each new generation.

To me it is related to japanese culture. In the West you have more freedom. As soon as you get 18 or 21 you are respected by the old people. They let you do things your own way and you can commit your own mistakes. The old people only observes your acts and try to help when convenient.

In Japan, the old rules. A japanese father controls every movement of their son life even after he becomes an adult. You have lots of rules. In Japan you are not respected by the old people, instead you have to respect them. You only begin to live your own life and do the things your own way when your father die or get sclerotic.

Thats why a western 21 years old guy is much more assertive than a japanese 21 years old.

But again, in Brazil, full japanese descendents are loosing those characteristics and are becoming more normal westerners as each new generation born. We are learning the western way of doing things.

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Posted in: Courtesy call See in context

I wonder why many of you guys want Korea and Japan to break relations. I can't understand that. It is a so destructive behaviour.

Japan and Korean must be friends!

Let me use a little bit of logic to try to write something intelligent: When you have a company and you are the boss, if don't like your employee you just fire them. The same is valid for friendship. You don't like a person, you just ignore him and don't talk to this person. You search for new people to share experience.

But if you have a sun, a child, you can't ignore him because it is your family. Instead, you have to educate him/her.

For neighbouring countries like Japan and Korea, they cannot just change who is their neighbour, they can not fire each other like in a business. These two countries will be neighbours forever!!! Besides being so wrong, also it is stupid to enter in a conflict with neighbouring countries. It would be much more intelligent to cause conflicts far away from home.

Please, Korean and Japan, use your intelligence.

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Posted in: China wraps up anti-Japan propaganda campaign See in context

I am getting a little worried.

China cannot continue doing this anti-Japan propaganda. It is not good to the world, not good to China, not good to japan.

But who can stop China? The answer is nobody. Good luck to East Asia. China has today what Japan always wanted to have. Political influence over the world.

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Posted in: Russia begins military exercises around Pacific islands also claimed by Japan See in context

@YuriOtani, To me you are wrong. Japan and Russia must live together, do things for mutual benefit.

Shouldn't it be much better if both countries were friends? If people from both countries could share culture, go to bar to have some drink, do business together and learn to enjoy life in a better way?

Japan is so big economically. It is very said it don't have enough political influence to spread wealth and good things to East Asia.

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Posted in: Japan sends Hello Kitty into space See in context

Why Hello Kitty? Do they want to promote science to kid girls?

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Posted in: Toyota says Chinese regulators looking at Lexus See in context

The chinese people must stop being innocent and naive. Forget about disputed islands and the past. They should buy more Toyotas, Hondas and Nissans instead of BMW, Mercedes, Audis and Volkswagen.

By the way, China is one of a few places Volkswagen cars are selling well, and I cant see why. In the rest of the planet VW is loosing ground month after month.

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Posted in: Disgraced Japan stem cell scientist dead in apparent suicide See in context

Media exists everywhere. But suicides, most of them only in Japan.

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Posted in: Disgraced Japan stem cell scientist dead in apparent suicide See in context

It is a shame when a person refuses to fight and take his own precious life. It should be a crime.

Mr abe should work on a campaign to combat suicides. When Steve Jobs funded Apple he was fired from his own company. He didn't commit suicide and few years later he was back at Apple and invented the iPad and iPhone that everyone knows.

When a japanese commit suicide the only think that comes to my mind is: what a looser. And what a poor society Japan has.

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Posted in: Japan set for landmark easing of constitutional limits on military See in context

Finally that will happen! To me Japan is walking in the right direction and Abe is doing a very good Job.

There are a dozen of positive reasons to change the interpretation of the article nine and only one or two reasons not to change it.

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Posted in: Zaccheroni quits as coach after Japan's World Cup flop See in context

Japan did not play well against Mexico. If you repair, Mexico let Japan stay with the ball and Japan offered no danger.

Japanese team is too naive, they lack experience. Japan must participate in big games against afican, european and south american teams.

The actual japanese national team does not understand players and teams behaviors of different "soccer schools" of the planet.

Asian soccer school is different from south american soccer school. Japan was completely dominated by the Mexican. If you don't see that, is because you dont understand the latin soccer style.

And more: An asian team never won a game against a south american team in all world cup history.

Japan must go baby steps, complete small objectives first instead of believing it would win a world cup being so inexperienced.

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Posted in: Kagawa blasts Japan's 'pathetic' World Cup exit See in context

To win a World Cup is so a big step to Japanese soccer team.

In my opinion the japanese team must go baby steps.

For example. In all World Cup history, an Asian team never won a game against a South American team.

A more reasonable objetive would be to win a game against south american team first before winning a World Cup.

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