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Posted in: Sony investors back CEO, directors despite losses See in context

Some notes about Sony, based on my own eperience:

a) Sony products are expensive and they don't offer better technology when comparing to Samsung. b) Samsung products have more features than Sony's products. For example, TVs have more USB or HDMI ports. c) Sony must integrate better with third party technologies. d) I remember like 10 years ago when I bought a Sony CD player and I became very disapointed that it could not play some CDs that I had recorded by myself. But CD players from LG or Samsung were able to. Also, I were very disapointed about some products I bought in Japan that I could not change the language. e) Sony products do not have a good design.

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My point of view is that Japan had so much fear in the first game. They were stuck behind in the field. Incapable of attacking, of ball possession and of defending itself. The fear was so big that the japanese players couldn't show what they know to do.

To me japanese players have skills, but they don't have experience playing with strong teams.

After this world cup Japan must experience itself playing with teams from South America, Europe and Africa. This is where true soccer, real soccer is being played.

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For Gods sake. Someone has to shut up this guy (Hashimoto). I've never hard something more stupid than that.

How can he be the Mayor of Osaka with a mind like this?

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Here in Brazil we have a simple rule that, in my opinion, Japan must learn: it says that one can not let the other team stay with the ball because by doing that the other team will start to like the game.

So, I'm sure it is not related to size... Japan stayed behind and permitted that only Cote d'Ivoire play the game. The africans started to like the game and attacked Japan. It was a matter of time to see an ivorian goal. Japan did not play the entire game, only stood behind. It is an elementar error of soccer and Nippon, the japanese, payed the price.

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I was expecting much more from Japan in the game last night here in Brazil. But only one team played and it was Costa do Marfim.

Japan was tatically bad positionated and they were completely dominated by the africans. I could see fear in all the japanese playing there.

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I think TEPCO must simplify its solutions and that the japanese people sometimes complicate things that should be easy to solve. TEPCO should show the problem to the world and not a (possible) solution. I am sure someone would come with a very good idea.

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Besides being cited, Mitsui of Japan is an insignificant player in Brazil. In the other hand, european companies dominate the market for decades. They win almost every bid open! Alstom, for example, is everywhere. Trains, subway, elevators, hydroeletric plants and the list goes on.

Living in Brazil, my way of seeing it is that most of the european companies are corrupt. And they are not punished! They are protected by the government. Some politicians win lots of money protected these companies. Also, these companies offer a very bad service and technology to our country.

BTW, recently Hiunday Heavy Industries won some bids to build trains... I would like to see more japanese companies here. Where are them? We have lots of japanese descendants living here, why Brazi is ignored by Japan?

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My godness. The chinese government is a pain in the ass! I think they deserve an accurate and nice kick in that place. Yes... you know the place I am talking about.

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What China is proposing is a kind of "Hate day". Why not propose love day?

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Funny. Now China thinks she is USA, and that Japan is some country from Middle East.

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I think chinese state media needs more... let's say liberty.

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Holy Christ. With lots of important matters to discuss people are engaged over the name of some piece of water.

Developed countries getting from the poor and wasting the money with crap... nice for the world. Well done.

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That is what I was talking about in the other day.

In the West the celebrities participate with political matters. In Japan, people wait for the politicians to do everything for them.

It is too much weight under the japanese politician's shoulders. The politicians should delegate some of its tasks to the celebrities, like is done in the West. For example, it is not the politicians who should be discussing with China right now, but celebrities, sportists, intelectuals, ...

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What I still can't understand is how Sony didn't predicted that its business model was becoming outdated.

To me, they did it, but all the directors stay quiet to avoid shame... It is a characteristic of japanese culture that nowadays is proving to be weak (to stay quiet).

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan, S Korea, China to overcome historical animosity See in context

I have an awesome idea.

Instead of trying to solve it the way it is being done, with politicians, why don't the three countries open a channel of communication with intelectuals (from university) and people from the entertainment sector (famous people from TV).

People of the three countries should oficially meet to talk about this, and release this weight from the politicians.

It is a thing that I don't understand. In the West it would be automatically happening, with lots of famous people trying to positively influence the results. But in asia, only the politicians talk (and they do it in a negative way).

To me, this is one of the reasons why the western society is so strong and asian is weak.

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My way of seeing it is that Japan has apologized and korean and chinese rethoric is exaggerated.

But while that is true, It is also true that Japan hides the bad things they did in WWII from history books. Japan has to change it. The true is always better because it is attached to human feelings which basically is what moves people. I don't wanna see japanese people become alienated. To be strong, a society must be free and well informed.

It will not be shame to Japan to do it. It is a shame not to do it.

I like Japan very much. To me, the government should revise all the text books. For the sake of the world and of Japan.

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Posted in: Japan should lift ban on collective defense, says gov't panel See in context

If approved, it will be very good to Japan!

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Posted in: China, S Korea, Japan spar at U.N. over Abe's Yasukuni shrine visit See in context

My point of view is that the chinese authorities should refrain from doing such statements. They don't have a good point.

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Posted in: Abe says China's prosperity rests on trust, not tensions See in context

Abe says China's prosperity rests on trust, not tensions

Wise words of Abe.

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Posted in: Gov't distances itself from NHK head's 'comfort women' comment See in context

Even if it is true (that confort women were used everywhere - i believe it is false) the head of NHK should not have said something like that.

My feelings are that some old japanese man have lack of western ethics. What this man said is not right.

I don't know antthing about japanese school education, but in the West people take philosophy classes in high school and in the university. It is one of the places you learn about ethics.

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My opinion is that the yen and dollar exhange rate is balanced now. It should stay like this and will be Ok for the US.

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Good pictures of Abe!

BTW, japanese media should not call Japan as "Japan Inc'. I know it is a nickname that was created for Japan 30 years ago representing how close the government and business sector were working together, but today I think it is very rude.

I think it is a negative nickname for Japan.

It may sound Japan is only interested in business, forgetting other important topics like quality of life, sports, culture, mutual benefits. And may also sound Japan is selfish ando workaholic.

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Posted in: In India, Abe hopes to conclude Japan's first defense sale in 40 years See in context

I hope the two countries can stabilish a win win business partnership.

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It strikes me that his statement is a bit anachronistic because the current era is a world apart from the situation of 100 years ago... The forces for peace in the world, and they include China, are growing.

He would have said: "...and they do not include China". Because from the news we see every day, it is very clear that chinese do not have good intentions.

Wang said Beijing regarded Abe’s December visit to the shrine as the biggest problem in the bilateral relationship

Before the shrine it was the islands, before the islands it was the japanese war crimes.... I think the chinese do not have good arguments.

I know it is difficult because the chinese government controls the media and the internet, but my point of view is that chinese society should do something to go democratic and to stop the chinese government from doing a big mistake.

It is not wise to keep fighting with neighbouring countries. It does not attract good things.

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I hope the two countries can stabilish a win win business partnership.

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In 2012:

US GPD = $16 Trillion European Union GPD = $16 Trillion Japan, China and South Korea GPD = $15 Trillion

To me it is very clear why the US wants China and Japan to keep fighting. The three asian countries united represents a world power balance.

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I disagree the Japan X China dispute is causing headache to the US. To me the americans are very happy with the latest disagreements between the asian powers.

The US have interests in both countries. Also, the US knows that if Asian powers become united there will be a shift of power from the West to the Orient.

So I would say the situation is very convenient to the US.

My opinion: Japan and China should shake hands and stay together. The Middle East is a very good example to what can happen to a region that have countries that dont understand each other.

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Posted in: Abe tells world to stand up to China or face consequences See in context

I agree with EthanWilber.

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Posted in: Abe tells world to stand up to China or face consequences See in context

I am hoping China to accept Abe's invitation, an action that could open a channel of bilateral communication with Japan.

Japan, China (and also South Korea) were born to live in peace. East Asia, including Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries is a very prosperous region. If you compare it with Middle East and South America you will conclude that these countries together are a miracle of the last century.

I can't understand why these countries cannot understand each other.

If East Asia is able to stay together, to ignore the differences between each country, they could make an alliance that would guarantee the prosperity of this region for lots of generations. But if China and Japan cannot open bilateral communications, I am afraid East Asia will be forever manipulated by the West.

I don't want to see East Asia becoming a Middle East, with countries that cannot understand each other and very manipulated by the USA, the West and allies.

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Posted in: Fishermen take cover to slaughter dolphins in face of Western criticism See in context

The problem is not eating dolphin meat. The problem is how the dolphins are killed. It is only a matter of showing the world that the process of killing the dolphins is not cruel.

I think It would help if the dolphins were not killed in the open.

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