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ferrariboy69 comments

Posted in: X Japan's Yoshiki looks at what could have been See in context

"Can't be popular because of language issues, don't understand the English they're saying"...

Anyone heard "English" rap songs lately? Honestly tell me that you can hear the English they're saying and the lyrics...

Anyone heard of BabyMetal? You think their fans understand what they're singing?

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Posted in: Vietnam shaken by worst anti-China unrest in decades See in context

It's a pity normal hardworking Vietnamese folks don't know about the difference between Taiwan and China. Taiwan is not China for goodness sake...

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Posted in: Uehara hailed in Japan for World Series glory See in context

Nice guy.. congratulation on the win and great for Boston. But I don't think he is 1.88 metres tall lol.. either that or everybody else on the Red Sox team is over 2 metres!! He's more like 1.75metres max

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Posted in: Japan votes on the musical act they most want to see in Olympic opening ceremony See in context

My money is that Yoshiki will be asked to created some sort of theme song to be used in the opening ceremony and not necessarily be a singer/performed.

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Posted in: Ichiro gets 4,000th career hit See in context

To settle the dispute of overseas stats... I propose we clone Ichiro... then have him start his MLB career at 19... then we'll see how he will truly fare in the MLB onwards... My money is that he will break all records clean... lol... could be done with today's technology no?!

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Posted in: Matsui to retire as a Yankee in July See in context

Great job Godzilla!

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Posted in: China concerned as Japan, Taiwan sign fishing agreement for disputed isles See in context

Throw away the politics for awhile. I think it's a great that 2 bickering neighbours signed this agreement! Good job Taiwan! Good job Japan!

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Posted in: Japan bids for 'three-peat' in World Baseball Classic See in context

Best of luck to all countries!! Excited to see some baseball!

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Posted in: Southeast Asian nations feud over China See in context


"Taiwan is part of China."

No... Taiwan is Taiwan, not a part of China.

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Posted in: Japan beats Taiwan 2-0 in Little League thriller See in context

Good job both countries!!

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Posted in: China tells Japan to respect its sovereignty over islands See in context

Dont think the island belongs to China... at least in my mind and since I was born the island always belonged to Japan. One of the posters said it best.

1) Georgraphically speaking belongs to Taiwan 2) Politically and legally belongs to Japan 3) China?! I don't know where their claims come from!!

And for that matter, Taiwan is not another "rock" that belongs to China. Taiwan is Taiwan... a separate and legally standing country with their own laws, constitution and democratically elected government. Only reason why Taiwan isn't recognized globally is political pressuring from China.

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Posted in: Cute little gadgets to keep you cool See in context

Looks so much a Dyson copy!! But not too bad... kawaii! Well you can get more gadgets here at http://www.denkikai.com - wholesale direct from manufacturer

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Posted in: 'Linsanity' a boon for NBA in China See in context

Taiwan and China are totally different. Lin was born of Taiwanese parents not China. Ask any Taiwanese and they'd tell you they're not China.

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