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fgm333 comments

Posted in: 3 arrested at anti-imperial system rallies in Tokyo See in context

The Emperor is the visible embodiment of the Japanese people.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. plan military response to Chinese threat to Senkakus See in context

Japan is very capable of defending itself. If it needs atomic deterrence, then get it. Trump is not a transient aberration, he is the foreruner of a 180 degree turn in foreign relations. The world needs a new polieman.

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Posted in: Okinawa governor says U.S. forces crazy, out of control See in context

Agreed! Close all USA basis in Japan,South Korea And Europe----Now! We Americans have done our share--you deal with the Chinese---Good Luck!

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Posted in: Is China being left behind in U.S.-N Korea sparring? See in context

No China wants to replace North Korea's idiot with China's idiot of choice and will let the US do it for them---To a limit.

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Posted in: Small portion of U.S. air base in Okinawa returned See in context

Close all American bases the sooner the better you people have gotten enough from us. Defend yourselves if you will, which is becoming increasingly doubtful.

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Posted in: 6,000 around Atsugi base to sue gov't for noise pollution next month See in context

The answer is very simple: Remove ALL bases from Japan,So.Korea all of east and southeast Asia! No Noise Pollution.

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Posted in: Okinawa files fresh lawsuit to halt U.S. base relocation See in context

I agree with all those who want the U.S. bases to close and leave Japan, and South Korea and Europe! Enough is Enough! We the U.S.A. has carried the burden too long. Bring out military home. I will enjoy watching S.E. Asia deal with the Chinese and a resurgent Russia! Good Bye!

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Posted in: 'Three idiocies' that are ruining Japan: Obsession with numbers, rules and meetings See in context

Same is true in the US only the Japanese stick to the rules mAmericans bend them and if we have to,break them.

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Posted in: Growing chorus denounces sexist Silicon Valley culture See in context

While I do not deny gender discrimination and harassment I would also present "another part of the jungle" women who use these allegations to compensate for a lack of talent and initiative or just plain envy. men are sexually harassed also where are the statistics? Every time we hear allegations we should carefully consider the circumstances.

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Posted in: Anger, confusion as Japan revives militaristic edict See in context

Ok lets put aside on one hand accusations of "sabre rattling" on the other of sitting in ashes "woe is our world". Abe has made a clear statement with the Nationalist school and the video-The Japanese must prepare and be prepared to defend their country. Trump aside, do not depend on the US, the American people have had enough with being the police force of the world. This holds true for Europe as well.

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Posted in: Some women find escape from poverty in sex trade See in context

Much Ado About Nothing

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Posted in: Russia and Japan are drawing closer. Is Trump helping? See in context

Ah! What sweet music to my ears. Finally these so called " Allies" are beginning to desert the USA, GOOD, now we can bring our military mhome, save a ton of money,rebuild our infrastructure and educational system. Gloria In EXcelsis Deo!

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Posted in: Duterte tells Obama 'you can go to hell;' warns of breakup See in context

This is music to my ears! The days of interventionism are numbered. The sooner we are out of asia the better. The USA doesn't need any of those countries, although i am a japanophile i would still advocate immediate evacuation of all military personnel.

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Posted in: Moana's 'brown face' row leaves Disney red faced See in context

Political correct nonsense, all cultures expropriate and exploit, so does mother nature its called cross-fertilization,allogamy.

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Posted in: Why stay in a hotel when you can spend the night in this Tokyo bookstore instead? See in context

Wonderful! Leave it to the Japanese to combine aesthetics with practicality! Thumbs up!

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Posted in: Nature or nurture: is violence in our genes? See in context

mukashiyokatta Our violence in the USA is for the most part random unlike so many other countries ( need I list them ) which have engaged in high tech and systematic genocide. Read some history.

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Posted in: Inside Putin's unburstable bubble See in context

Zed Philips you could apply that statement to the UK, US, Japan and many other so called democratic countries. The only difference between Russian and the West is that we are allowed to believe that we have a democracy, but it is in fact the thinnest veneer to hide those who really have the power, who really pull the strings from their multi billion pound / dollar / yen empires.

Zed add rubles-yuan-euros-rupees and you've got it!

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Posted in: Philippines seeks Duterte visits to Japan, China next month See in context

This is music to my ears! The sooner we close ALL bases in Asia and return our military to the USA the better. Globilization is in its death throes and the ONE WORLD tryanny will follow soon. Amen

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Posted in: Samurai sword in new Japan Self-Defense Force emblem causing controversy See in context

The eagle has been used for governments and military since the roman empire, the nazis used it and we USA still do. Why not ban the eagle from all military ensignia? Stupid political correct tommy rot! Get a life!

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate hits 21-year low; household spending falls less than expected See in context

The Japanese have demonstrated over the past 100 plus years to be one of the most resourceful,creative and industrious nation and people in the world! They will transform no doubt in my mind or in the economists.

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Posted in: America in one word? 'Free,' 'great,' or 'divided,' 'broken' See in context

How about FREEDOM! That is the one word used to describe my country that I have heard from one end of this planet to the other over the past 50 years of intense travel and dialogue with people from every socio-economic and cultural mileu. And this is why we are hated.

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Posted in: U.S. military prepares for biggest Okinawa land return since 1972 See in context

Great News! But it falls short of the goal, close ALL the bases now and bring our troops home.

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Posted in: One-third of men destined to be lifelong singles See in context


I agree in principal with you but the governments had to assume increasingly, responsibility because of the culture of greed that has come to plague so many societies since the 1970s. My own here in the US leading the "storm of Greed". But that is changing despite the de-humanizing effects of social media,et al. The growing movement is "Back to Community"

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Posted in: Apple sued in China over showing of war film from the 1990s See in context

These greedy western countries are finding out, very painfully, just what the chinese are all about. Britain was saved by Brexet!

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Posted in: U.S. dangles large land return as anti-base resentment surges in Okinawa See in context

Agreed! Agreed! Close all bases everywhere in the world. Let Japan,So. Korea and Europe defend themselves. I am sick and tired of paying for these bases which do NOT serve the interests of my country.

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Posted in: U.S. center gives atomic bomb images to Hiroshima museum See in context

The full documentary films taken by the U.S. Army immediately after occupation were finally released in 1976, I believe that is the date. You can view it on youtube. The films were not released because the U.S. government was afraid of the American peoples reaction to it.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors want Obama to meet them, apologize in Hiroshima See in context

If Obama apologizes for the atomic bombing it will only serve to re-inforce him and his presidency as weak and ineffectual. The Democratic party already facing critical internal problems i.e., Sanders. would bare the brunt of public hostility...it is a no winner

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Posted in: Trump takes aim at Clinton, questions Warren's heritage See in context

I can't say that I disagree with you folks about Trump-man, But HE could win! That is the nightmare in waiting. Why(although I know the answer to this)do the democrats insist on running a "wounded" candidate, who is neither trusted nor liked by a majority of Americans,IS the real question??? ANY THOUGHTS,ANYONE?

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Posted in: Iranian commander threatens to close Strait of Hormuz to US See in context

The "Obama" deal with Iran was negotiated by all world powers not just the US, and by the way the US is no longer dependent on Arab oil, the greedy fossil fuel companies are! but I would withdraw the navy from the Persian gulf and just about everywhere else, let them all kill each other

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Posted in: Cruz drops out of GOP race after Indiana loss to Trump See in context

The real irony of The Donald is that he isn't a real Republican at all! he isn't an outsider, he is a carpetbagger!

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