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Posted in: Tourism board wants foreign visitors to avoid 'public flatulence' See in context

1 Good Bad NathalieBMAY. 04, 2016 - 04:44AM JST The Japanese don't defecate and urinate in public, or on planes or in churches and temples,ok!

I have never seen such a public piss-fest outside of Paris since moving to Tokyo

Try the following; New York,L.A. Rome (especially in the square outside the Vatican, Rio,Mexico city...where do I stop? oh maybe London. You people have traveled and lived in other cultures???? Hard to believe from your comments!

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Posted in: How France sank Japan's $40 bil Australian submarine dream See in context

Japan made a mistake with the deal. So what company and government hasn't? Japan and Abe are pursuing a critical plan. Japan and its neighbors must have a modern military, the Chinese ONLY respect STRENGTH.

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Posted in: Tourism board wants foreign visitors to avoid 'public flatulence' See in context

-1 Good Bad Ghost riderMAY. 02, 2016 - 10:21PM JST And please teach Japanese in school they shall never slurp noodles or spaghetti in front of foreigners as this is rude.

When in Rome do as the Romans!! Ghost Rider YOU ARE IN THEIR COUNTRY,NO!

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Posted in: China says Japan relationship should be based on cooperation, not confrontation See in context

So China is going to watch Japan's actions and CHINA will JUDGE Japan's "sincerity" wow the arrogance of that statement is ludicrous! Who I might add is going to watch CHINA'S actions and judge accordingly???

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Posted in: Tourism board wants foreign visitors to avoid 'public flatulence' See in context

Japan bashing Ganjin! Tokyo is a city of 18 million people, it is one of the cleanest and best run in the world. try Bejing,Calcutta and I could go on and on. get over your culture shock and ethnocentrism OK!!!

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Posted in: Tourism board wants foreign visitors to avoid 'public flatulence' See in context

The Chinese government also has a guide for Chinese travelers saying much the same thing. The Japanese don't defecate and urinate in public, or on planes or in churches and temples,ok!

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Posted in: Trump struggles to explain his 'America first' foreign policy See in context

****Like it or not..the Donald may be your next President! Hilary is not a walk by any means

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Posted in: America's secret weapon: Its unparalleled capacity for innovation See in context

immigrants are responsible for much of the innovation in the US. This is important because it means that innovation is not a trait that is uniquely enhanced in American youth. A case can even be made that American-born underperform when compared to immigrants*

SAmuel B. Morse, telegraph; Thomas Edison,no comment needed; Henry Ford; Philo Farnsworth, Electronic television; Wright Brother; Aerodynamics: Sperry,Gyroscope; The list of native born American Inventors is endless!


Things can change. Increasingly oppressive patent/copyright laws can drive innovators out of the US, the way Edison's patent aggression drove the movie business out of New York and into a remote town called Hollywood. The American film success never would have happened if Edison's reach was nationwide at the time.*

The fledgling movie Industry left NY and Chicago because of the weather conditions!

commanteer Please get your facts straight!!

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Posted in: America's secret weapon: Its unparalleled capacity for innovation See in context

in spite of a mostly atavistic and rapacious corporate culture seemingly bent on undermining what made America particularly strong up through the early 1970s.

And since the1970's the information revolution, the computer phenomenon, lets not forget the strides in biotech the list is endless...and soon solar energy..it will come out of America's heartland same place that the computer chip came from!

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Posted in: America's secret weapon: Its unparalleled capacity for innovation See in context

The great Philosopher and mathematician Alfred North Whitehead said that the invention of invention was the 19th century's greatest invention. The greatest invention of the 20th century is the invention of the systematization and standardization of invention. And that is America's greatest contribution to world history and why the modern age is a product of our innovation WE Americans,unlike Japan or any other country in the world, represent a cross section of just about every race,color or creed in the world. When you ask are the inventions and innovations done by Americans in America it only shows the lack of a real understanding of our unique and exceptional culture, there has never been another like it in world history. Enrico Fermi was Italian by birth and became a naturalized American citizen, just like my father . Were they American? 100% this is who we are and this is one of our enduring strengths.

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Posted in: Clinton, Sanders spar in debate days before New York primary See in context

What you non-Americans dont understand is that Americans prefer Bernie but dont think he can win in these rigged primaries and convention. And we do not want Trump or worse yet Cruz whose election would lead to civil disobedience.

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Posted in: Okinawa: the new Hawaii? See in context

Great Stephen Fabricant, your reasoned assessment of Okinawa vs Hawaii is correct, I love the idea of closing ALL bases in Asia NOW! And yes the polls show and have showin for the past 20 years that the American people WANT the bases CLOSED.

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Posted in: Trump criticizes NATO; says he's OK with Japan, S Korea having nuclear weapons See in context

The new world order is based on a country joining the nuclear club. Containment is dead, come into the 21st century Japan and South Korea, get nuclear it is your only realistic deterrent! Both Trump and Sanders want to end the US as policeman of the world, and it is coming so my strong suggestion to ASEAN countries is get your act together fast!

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Posted in: U.S. sailor reportedly charged with Okinawa rape See in context

The answer to this rape and all future illicit activities by US military personnel is simple, bring them home, close all bases everywhere and this sentiment is shared by growing numbers of my fellow Americans

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Posted in: Trump wants to leave U.S. allies in the lurch See in context

Three cheers for trump!

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Posted in: Trump demands Republicans embrace him as Democrats unleash attacks See in context

The more I read the salacious criticism of my country in the foreign media the more convinced I am of Mr. Trumps positions. Why should the US continue to subsidize your governments security? Now the censors of this newspaper will not print this because its once again " off Topic" or is it? Thank God we have the Bill of Rights in my country.

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Posted in: Trump candidacy continues to stir angst in Japan See in context

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I agree with all your crticisms of my Beloved U:S:A: You have given every good reason for me to support Mr. Trump, but he doesn't go far enough! I want a return to ISOLATION.

Close all the bases, everywhere, you are all of you on your OWN! You think this is rhetoric? Watch the next 10 years and this will prove to be prophecy. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!

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Posted in: U.S., EU lift sanctions against Iran amid landmark nuclear deal See in context

Dear Burning Bush, the sanctions did work why do you think that Iran sat down with the powers in the first place! Do you remember a few years back when over two million Iranians ( most of them young) took to the streets to protest their government and do You remember what followed?

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Posted in: Japan agrees to raise host-nation spending for U.S. military See in context

Considering the negative response to American bases in Japan, I can see no better argument for my growing Isolationism. Close all US bases and bring our military home! negotiate a seperate treaty with China establishing the US and Chinese spheres of economic influence and free trade and let Japan and the ASEAN countries do likewise. Everyone on their own and let the cards fall where they may.

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Posted in: U.S. to hasten return of Okinawan land to Japan See in context

After reading this article I wrote to both my congressman and senators asking a simple question...Why do we have 50,000 military personal stationed in Japan? Why do we any stationed there..? The war has been over for 70 years, enough! japan and the other pacific nations need to defend ****themselves.

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Posted in: Gov't overturns Okinawa's ban on U.S. base relocation work See in context

As an American citizen and taxpayer I have long advocated the closure of all American military installations in Japan. Indeed all over the world.

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Posted in: Scottish economist Angus Deaton wins Nobel economics prize See in context

Sorry crazy Joe, he DEMONSTRATED SCIENTIFICALLY the factors underlaying poverty in the world. No ideological rhetoric!

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