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Fida Sangdiva Ruzki comments

Posted in: S African power ends Japan's run at Rugby World Cup See in context

I hope one day there would other Asian countries that would be contesting in Rugby World Cup. We Malaysians are really into football although the old boys from Premier / old boarding schools in my country plays rugby. We even have Cobra Seven each year but, not many people are into rugby. My colleague just couldn't believed it that I watch and favour rugby more than football. Told him I love watching sportsmen playing sport rather than behaving like diva in the field. Maybe there would be more regional rugby Cup in the future, who knows.

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Posted in: 33 dead, 19 missing, over 100 injured after typhoon rips through Japan See in context

people be safe. prayers and love form Malaysia.

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Posted in: Can Tokyo's efficient rail system handle Olympic strain? See in context

Would dedicating a special car help? Or, special train, which fans have to reach to on certain time, on the dot.

Fans too have to be vigilant and a little smart. If they are staying few blocks away, probably walk a little to the venue. Or goes there super early especially if their country is competing first in the list.

And yeah, I agree that they should gives lists of stations that could be overflowing with people, fans or locals going to work or schools. Should they decided on dedicating a special train, the train should not stop at these small stations, but only stops at big ones.

Fans would have to walk a little further, but hey, that is the little price they need to pay to support their team and country.

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Posted in: Smoke spread so fast at animation firm victims couldn't open rooftop door See in context

My fireman friend told me, once a space is on fire and filled with smoke, if makes visibility almost impossible. I guess that combined with panic and heat, made the building a death trap. Is there any other fire escape other than going on the rooftop?

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Posted in: A 'shy, talented artist' - mourner remembers friend lost in arson attack See in context

I wonder if they have fire extinguishers at ready and whether the employees knew how to work it.

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Posted in: 'An attack on all of us': Anime fans reel after deadly fire See in context

"The suspect is not a KyoAni artist. He did not work for the company at all."

Jenni I think what Lamilly said by except for one, it was in reference of the arsonist. KyoAni spread joy to everybody except for him.

I hope those who injured to get well soon.

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Posted in: NZ gov't to announce gun reforms within 10 days See in context

how about gun control AND cultural diversity classes/programmes for ALL. Regardless race, religion, sexual orientation etc. All these started with fear, and hate and guns, knives, cars, trucks, poisons, are just tools to execute the hatred.

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Posted in: Japanese woman finds out fiance she met when he 'found' her lost phone actually stole it See in context

why can't he just ask for her number in the first place instead of stealing her phone? this is as scary as stalking

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Posted in: Here’s what Japanese people really think about Marie Kondo See in context

there is no way I would keep only 30 books.

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Posted in: 4 men arrested over online romance scam See in context

if they said they are in Military, or some engineer for oil and gas industry or their whole family died of some illnesses or in accidents, they are most probably scammer.

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Posted in: Zushi City ordered to pay compensation to man whose wife was killed by stalker See in context

How gullible the city hall staff could be. The PI posed as her husband but it doesn't occurred to them that why would her husband ask for her contact details unless the person might be a poser. And even if we give them a benefit of a doubt that maybe they were separated, if her info is being flagged, wouldn't it make sense for them to check with her first to verify the person before they could give out such a vital information? And USD10K for their severe imcompetency, to me, is an insult.

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Posted in: Babysitters in great demand amid daycare shortage in Japan See in context

I wonder if Japanese companies have in house daycare to take care of staff's children? the very least workers could work in peace, knowing their children are nearby and they could get to them in no time should there is emergency.

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Posted in: Cheers for cherry blossoms See in context

I hope I would be in time for this in the future. Went last year during autumn, too cold for SEA tourist like myself.

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Posted in: Classical music manga 'Nodame Cantabile' getting first new chapter in over five years See in context

much awaited Nodame. Yay

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Posted in: Small shops and big park in Tokyo's Kichijoji neighborhood See in context

Sounds interesting. Am planning a trip to Japan in Nov and this is some place I would love to visit if time permitted. I wonder if the place has halal option places if else fresh fruits and coffee could sustain us while here.

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Posted in: The top five Ghibli sequels that Japanese moviegoers would like to see See in context

how about Howl's Castle?

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