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Posted in: Energy costs, weak yen push Tokyo inflation at fastest pace in 30 years See in context

Imported food and drinks rising much higher than a few percent stated in this article and as an example I heard that Coca Cola is up 37% to bars !

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Posted in: Unification Church followers in S Korea protest negative Japanese media coverage See in context

Moonies = Loonies

Time now to examine their tax free status.

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Posted in: Japan reports 137,859 coronavirus cases; 17,884 in Tokyo See in context

Time to downgrade the threat of this virus and treat it like the flu and that way we can stop counting infections and get on with our lives.

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Posted in: China cancels bilateral meeting with Japan after G7 Taiwan statement See in context

Time for the world to stand up to China and be smarter and not so greedy. We dont need their tourists or their cheap products.

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Posted in: Charges dropped against immigration officials over Sri Lankan woman's death See in context

Disgusting news but to be expected as Japanese prosecutors have no shame.

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Posted in: Bitcoin plunges as major crypto lender halts operations See in context

I dont feel too sorry for those who lost as so much greed in the world.

If its too good to be true then it usually isn't.

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Posted in: 64% of Japanese unhappy with gov't response to rising prices: poll See in context

get ready for more price hikes and no increases in salaries.

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Posted in: Yen slides to 24-year low against dollar See in context

as usual the average person will suffer with higher food and fuel costs and if you like imported stuff then get ready to pay even more again. Japan inc and the governments buddies will all benefit and wont pass on the gains to the workers.

Time to vote these clowns out for once.

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Posted in: Nissan reports first full-year net profit in three years See in context

I will never buy from them again. Shameful company.

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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

I see you people being searched all the time around Roppongi with police standing on corners in two's looking for the right looking people to harass and it seems to be Japanese and non Japanese all with a similar look. On the other hand I am a bald white guy who dresses neatly and have never been searched so they are profiling.

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Posted in: Beijing COVID spike prompts mass testing, panic buying See in context

If they continue this strategy then they will have to keep locking down and keeping closed borders for ever which for the rest of the world might not be a bad thing.

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Posted in: Nissan seeks ¥1.4 bil damages from ex-exec Kelly over Ghosn pay See in context

Another reason not to buy a Nissan car ever

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Posted in: COVID quasi-emergency to completely end on Monday: Kishida See in context

Good news and about time !

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Posted in: Prosecutors appeal verdict in ex-Nissan executive Kelly's trial See in context

Typical disgusting behavior by Japanese prosecutors trying to save some face.

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Posted in: Japan eyes lifting COVID quasi-emergency next week as infections fall See in context

Great news.

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Posted in: Putin puts Russian nuclear forces on increased alert as fighting spreads in Ukraine See in context

After this is over Putin should be charged and punished as a war criminal.

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Posted in: Gov't considers extending COVID quasi-emergency in Tokyo, 9 prefectures See in context

I guess they just want to be seen doing something when this action really doesn't work and wastes so much money.

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Posted in: Trump calls Putin smart; indicates he'll run again for president See in context

Lets hope he doesn't become President again as the world is still paying for the terrible job he did the last time.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 8,805 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 51,987 See in context

Time to finish this latest quasi SOE in March and lets start to live with Covid as we do the Flu.

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Posted in: Shionogi may apply for oral COVID pill approval next week in Japan See in context

one more thing to help get life and business back to normal.

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Posted in: Japan to decide COVID quasi-emergency extension in 1st half of week See in context

Stop just picking on bars and restaurants !

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing mother-in-law See in context

This country really has some issues with family members killing each other and the number of suicides. Very sad state of affairs that should be looked into and help offered to people so desperate they resort to this.

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Posted in: British PM Johnson denies lying about lockdown party See in context

He has always been a liar and I was amazed my fellow Brits voted for this loser so they deserve what they got.

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Posted in: Japan's daily COVID-19 cases top 30,000, setting new record See in context

Over reaction as always. Why do coffee shops have no restrictions ?

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Posted in: Japan looks to expand COVID quasi-emergency to Tokyo, 10 other prefectures See in context

Lets just live with it without stupid alcohol restrictions and bans. I just got the symptoms yesterday and will get tested today and so far not as bad as a cold. Not looking forward to isolating for 10 days but best to do so.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,051 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 22,045 See in context

so what, no one is dying.

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Posted in: Japan extends entry ban on non-resident foreigners until end of February: Kishida See in context

OldNormalToday 07:35 am JST

I and my 3 children have been forced in a tiny hotel room because of 3 positive pcr test with no symptoms. We were told we must stay here for 10 days or until we can all have 2 negative test in two consecutive days starting after the 6th day.

on the third day they required my negative ten year old to take a pcr test. A woman in full hazmat suit came to our door and woke us up to tell us he is positive (again no symptoms). We will now have to stay for 10 days starting the clock again.

this is hell. Japan has lost the plot and we are being punished for it. After this is over, I will make plans to sell my house and move back to America. There are no human rights here and they treat foreigners and healthy children like lepers.

my children want to see their mother and they need to get out and move around. We are at our wits end. They said if we leave without authorization I will be imprisoned for 6 months.

Sorry to hear but you chose to travel and take your kids on a trip when this could always happen. For the most we are quite lucky to live here when the rest of the world has been in an extreme lock down.

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 1,414 new coronavirus cases; 922 in Tokyo See in context

No one is dying or getting sick so no need to panic

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Posted in: Djokovic's detention becomes political issue in Australia See in context

Serves him right for being vocal about not wanting to be vaccinated. Should have kept quiet about his views.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 76 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 501 See in context

To be expected as the colder weather has come and all the crowds out at Christmas in the capital.

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