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Posted in: Iceland ships 1,700 tons of whale meat to Japan See in context

further proof that japan's need for resuming the whale hunts are not linked to any scientific purpose.

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Posted in: Blooming row over cherry blossoms splits China, S Korea, Japan See in context

He cited a Japanese monograph on cherry blossoms which stated that the flower originated in the Himalayan mountains of China and did not arrive in Japan until the Tang dynasty more than 1,100 years ago.

interesting. i would point out though that the usuzumi sakura in gifu is over 1,500 years old and the jindaizakura in yamanashi is 1,800 - 2000 years old.

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Posted in: Japan pitches nuclear restart in tightly controlled town hall meetings See in context

i would love to see any member of abe's admin or any exec from any power provider live anywhere near one of these "safe" nuclear sites.

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