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FightingViking comments

Posted in: Beach drive See in context

Looks like they're practising driving "on the right" for when they go abroad...

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Posted in: France's king of rock Johnny Hallyday dies at 74 See in context


Just becaue YOU have never heard of him, doesn't mean nobody else has... That's rather a gratuitous sweeping statement...

Adieu Johnny - part of my youth has disappeared.

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Posted in: Gov't to hold meeting Dec 1 to discuss emperor's abdication date See in context

I always thought Emperors were the "head" of the country, surely he should be able to choose for himself when to retire ?

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Posted in: 3 killed in crash in expressway tunnel in Mie See in context

That's why I'm sticking to my Toyota Auris... (although my son says it would be cheaper to run a smaller K-car...)

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Posted in: Time for dinner See in context

I thought the "mini.skirt" went out of style many years ago... but that dress doesn't look any better...

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Posted in: Tottori flies after foreign investment with Tokyo event See in context

We love Tottori with it's beautiful blue sea, delicious "nashi" (pears) and crab as well as going for a ride in the "desert"...

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Posted in: Oriental look See in context

Must be a rebuild... Doesn't look anything like the "Oriental Hotel" where we were married...

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Posted in: Snow cap seen on Mount Fuji for first time this season See in context

That's a stunning photo !

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Posted in: Japan’s top 10 dog names for 2017 See in context

Just wondering how many of these pooches live indoors with the family and how many are still chained up outside (whatever the weather) ?

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Posted in: 87-year-old woman in wheelchair dies after attack by swarm of hornets See in context

I was stung by one recently... Luckily only one though ! Nasty creatures... The "sting" lasted a long time and I still have the "scar"... Poor old lady, I know what one feels like - being stung by so many, how she must've suffered...

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Posted in: Kumamoto memento See in context

"Misquoted"... Il est battu par les flots... (meaning is the same...)

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Posted in: Kumamoto memento See in context

They have certainly had more than their fair share of catastrophes in Kumamoto... and they're still being battered by the elements... They should adopt the Paris motto : "Il est battu par les vagues mais ne sombre pas..." (Rough translation : "Battered by the waves, she doesn't sink")

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Posted in: Gang leader's bodyguard shot dead in Kobe See in context

We used to live in Kobé... right near the BIG Yamaguchi boss's house... but hubby used to say that that made us "safer"...

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Posted in: Japan wanderlust: The joy of getting naked See in context

I absolutely ADORE thos hot springs !

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Posted in: 40 passengers, driver escape bus fire in Aichi See in context

Must've been pretty scary !

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Posted in: Kyoto city deals with doggy doo problems on its streets using nothing more than chalk See in context

My dog NEVER pooped on the pavements, only on the earth in the parks where I buried it and the trees and flowers "thanked us" ! (Must've been his "Police Training" !)

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Posted in: Gov't approves rule change to vary school summer holidays See in context

Oh those two-and-a-half-month summer holidays at my school in Switzerland ! The three weeks at Christmas and Easter ! What nostalgia (although I probably didn't realize it at the time !)

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Posted in: Jump in my car See in context

Looks vicious ! But beautiful !

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Posted in: Parents find older babies sleep better in their own room See in context

Both my babies (two years apart) slept in their own room as soon as we got back from the hospital...

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Posted in: Life cycles See in context

Top left hand corner...

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for stealing wallet handed in at koban See in context

Bernie O'Mahony

They even know what a "Koban" is in France...

Not everyone who reads JT knows Japanese or what a koban is.

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Posted in: Temporary police box opens in whaling town ahead of hunting season See in context

Traditions come, traditions go.. Stop useless killings of innocent mammals. Is it just to show your skill ? Please ! Wake up ! STOP the useless slaughter !

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Posted in: Japanese singer Matsuyama provides musical surprise on delayed plane See in context

Thoughtful guy !

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 86-year-old mother See in context


This is why many prefer to put their old parents in care centers.

...of which there are not nearly enough and those that do exist sometimes don't take such good care of their residents...

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Posted in: Scissors double as box cutter See in context


I don't even have to "open" my 100yen scissors... the "outside" of the blades is as sharp as the "inside" !

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Posted in: Wish upon a star See in context

I thought Tanabata was on the 7th July ?

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Posted in: Actress Mariko Ishihara not likely to be indicted over shoplifting See in context


If I go to the same store, and steal the same thing, will I be let off the hook?

If you can prove you're really hungry, and without means to pay...

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl riding bike hit and killed by truck See in context


RIP young girl.

I wonder however what is the age for driving license here? I know in US is 16 and thought here is 18 or am I wrong?

The young girl was on a BICYCLE... there's NO age limit for that...

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Posted in: Two quakes jolt eastern Japan See in context

I wondered who was "pushing" my bed... at 02 in the morning - it's pretty scary !

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Posted in: Damp, moldy homes tied to adult respiratory problems See in context

Personally, I would have given the title as :

Adult respiratory problems tied to damp, mouldy homes

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