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Posted in: Angry Ford dealer in South Carolina blasts Japanese imports in ads See in context

That's because Ford is cr@p.. They make lousy cars which breaks every month. What's the point in buying American cars? I owned an American car and had to take it to the shop almost every month. How my American cr@p for a Japanese car and never had any problems.

Maybe, if they made more effort into the future (hybrid, etc.) they wouldn't have had this sort of problem.

Now they are asking for a bailout and they arrive to beg the Congress flying on their own private.. Have they ever heard about flying commercially? Bill Gates flies on commercial airlines, are US executives too good to fly on commercial airlines?

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Posted in: Asada, Abbott win gold at Grand Prix finals See in context

Actually, Mao Asada relies on her technicality, and Ms. Kim relies on her beauty.

Like I said, doing something like 2 triple axels is not an easy thing to do and only Mao can do it. Kim had to challenge her by skating with beauty.

I wonder if Sasha Cohen is serious about 2010, because I have not heard anything about her. Doesn't matter, 2010 will be Mao Asada vs. Yu Na Kim. Unless one of them gets injured...

Mao's technical beat Yu Na's elegance, and technical won because Mao landed 2 difficult jumps, which Yu Na can not do. Mao did fall, and Yu Na had to skate perfectly.

This is only the Grand Prix, not the Olympics. So they still have a long ways to go. I hope it turns out Asada vs. Kim in Toronto...

I think Mao has an advantage, because it looks like Kim is still growing. At this sport, it's like gymnastics, you are in a disadvantage when you are still growing. Mao does not seem to have that problem, because she is fully grown. Yu Na seems to be growing physically as of late.

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Posted in: Asada, Abbott win gold at Grand Prix finals See in context

Too bad Mao Asada was a victim of that stupid 16 and under rule which prevented her from winning the 2006 Olympic gold.

Technically Mao was doing more difficult stunts. How many female skaters can nail a triple axel twice?? Yu Na Kim had to skate with perfection in order to beat Mao. She knew it and she crumbled, because her routine is not as tough as Mao.

This is going to be a very interesting rival between Yu na Kim and Mao Asada.

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Posted in: Tabloids focus on Ai-chan's love life See in context

The way stupid Japanese press is so concerned about her stupid love life, I guess she is not allowed to fall in love. Nor is she allowed to have sex... Did Ai-chan commit a crime??

Jeez, this is such a stupid story. Maybe the authorities should lock Ai-chan behind bars for holding hands with some tennis dude.. Kissing is also a crime too, for Ai-chan's world. She is only allowed to play table tennis..

There are more important stories to talk about, but the pathetic Japanese media has to focus on some table tennis player's love life.

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Posted in: O.J. Simpson gets 33 years for armed hotel robbery See in context



OK, all kidding aside, as much as he is a fellow alum, I think OJ lost it.. He got away with the 94 incident. Wow!! It's been 14 years since that incident... I was still a student at USC and we watched the verdict on live TV, and I remember everybody cheering!! It was a bit complicated. OJ's lawyers were like celebrities and every athlete wanted Johnny Cochran to represent them.

I guess OJ never learned his lesson after 94. Then again, why should he. He got away with murder. Not as if Ronald Goldman nor Nicole were saints, but murder is murder. I still don't believe Ron and Nicole were just friends. Maybe bed friends...

Did you know that Bobby Valentine was a backup to OJ Simpson? After OJ went on to the NFL, it was Bobby's position to lose, but he chose to sign with the LA Dodgers.

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Posted in: Avoiding blame in the auto industry crisis See in context

It's obvious, the US automakers are by far the biggest criminals in the face of the earth.

They are asking for a government financial bailout and they come to D.C. on their private jets. Is it too difficult for them to fly on commercial airlines?? So the suits from U.S. automakers can't cut their cost on their private jets?

Bill Gates flies on commercial airlines, why can't the suit from the US automakers do the same thing?

The US government should never hand out money to such human trash.

To answer Asara's question, US automaker only care about 1 thing. That is PROFIT!! They don't care about the environment. When LA was about to run public transportation 40 years ago, like subways, did you know that the US automakers bribed the government to prevent them from making a subway system. The ironic thing is that the US automakers did not benefit from the bribes, it was the Japanese automakers who benefited from the bribe..

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Posted in: Tabloids focus on Ai-chan's love life See in context

This has to be the stupidest story ever reported...

I don't why such a stupid story would ever be posted.

I could care less about Ai-chan's relationship which is her own business.

I don't know why Japanese press is so obsessed reporting such a stupid story.

If she wants to shag some dude, then that is her business.

So she likes a tennis dude, who cares??

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