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Posted in: Genetics technology could lead to more crops, fresher food See in context

I would guess people against gene edited crops volunteer to starve once we can't produce enough regular crops anymore then.....

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Posted in: Honda says he wants to play for Japan at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Honda doesn't have the physicality to play full games at the WC level anymore, but he can still kick that ball like few others, that was clear to anyone watching the world cup. Getting subbed in in three games and getting one assist and one goal, as well as that wonderful free kick against Belgium that almost won them the game, you have a super substitute. Honda has been a great player for Japan, possibly the best ever and letting him play at the Olympics, which generally is not regarded as an important tournament but will have an amazing atmosphere would be a great sendoff for one of Japans great footballers.

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Posted in: England beats Sweden 2-0 to reach World Cup semifinals See in context

I think England winning the world cup would be a shame for football since they would then benefit from losing their final group match on purpose against Belgium to get an easier route to the final. That would be a shame for the sport. Any of the other three teams winning would be fine though.

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Posted in: Belgium eliminates Brazil from World Cup to reach semifinals See in context

A correction for the article, it is not the third time the semifinals has been all-European, it is actually the fifth, it also happened in 1934 and 1966.

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Posted in: Forsberg, the quiet heir to Ibrahimovic, delivers for Sweden See in context

People here thinking Sweden would actually be a better team with Zlatan says a lot about the posters' knowledge of football.

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Posted in: England beats Colombia in penalty shootout See in context

This game was pretty dirty to watch, Colombia not being there to play football, headbutting opponents, committing bad fouls, not leaving the penalty area so Kane can take the penalty, even messing up the spot, England also making plenty of fouls and also diving all over the place.

Some would say this match was a disgrace to the sport, but I suspect not on this site since Japan didn't play in it, and that's what they really care about. I'll say England has been a pretty unimpressive team so far though, losing on purpose vs. Belgium to get an easier path and then barely scraping by Colombia in a game full of cheating where they could only score a penalty.

Hopefully Sweden will knock them out.

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Posted in: Ref duped by Neymar play-acting, Mexico coach says See in context

I think it should be made clear that shameful displays like this does not happen in all football, if you people saw Belgium - Japan last night you'd realize that stuff like this most certainly isn't ingrained in the sport, nor something everybody does. They proved its entirely possible to play fairly and play well at the same time.

As for this, we just need the refs to start stepping in and booking players when they do this. A simple yellow card for Neymar would have banned him from the quarterfinal, and been a great punishment.

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Posted in: Stunned silence in Tokyo as Japan's World Cup dream ends See in context

I can't help but wonder how happy all the bitter and hateful commenters in this thread are with their lives. They must have been gravely disappointed when Japan didn't fail completely in the group stage as they undoubtebly all hoped they would.


How is being sad about a loss bandwagoning? It's being sad about a loss for chrissakes. They had real hope that Japan, which have been one of the most entertaining teams this WC, would pull of a real upset, but in the end it didn't work out. And no, only people like you who hates the national team will consider the Poland game to be Japans legacy from this world cup. The rest of the world, insofar they do remember RO16 exits (and occasionally, they do), will remember them for what has been the best game of the tournament so far, and one of the most fair played (no diving, no harsh fouling, no complaining to the ref from any of the teams)

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Posted in: Fans relieved Japan advances but tactics disappoint some See in context

And the fair play rule was introduced to decide that but, as we have seen, this rule is being abused by teams, so the GD from World Cup qualifiers should be used instead. It would stop teams already qualified for the tournament from sitting back.

Extremely dumb idea, the qualifications in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas are vastly different in style, and this system would just favor teams who defeat crappy teams like Timor LEste og San Marino 10-0 in the first round of qualifiers instead of anything else. Yellow cards are at least part of the tournament.

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

Another thing I want to mention is the godlike save by Kawashima, I've had my doubts about that keeper but that just might end up as the save of the tournament.

Also, @saitamaliving has a point. I'm more ashamed of by birth country Denmarks performance against France, as that was more clearly a truce with two teams benefitting too much from a draw, and I'm very disappointed Denmark didn't all out attack in the last ten minutes when it was clear we were going through.

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Posted in: Japan booed as it advances on yellow cards despite losing to Poland 1-0 See in context

Is this the first football match you people have seen in your lives? Playing to hold a result that gets you through to the next round isn't matchfixing or disgraceful, it happens all the time and is part of the game. If anything its Polands behavior that is questionable, they had nothing to play for except trying to take Japan out, and they didn't do so. That's their problem, not Japan.

The real controversy here, as miss_okawa said, is why on Earth Nishino fielded such a bad side making Japan perform far worse than necessary, and give up first place in the group for no reason. A tactically bad match for Japan, but by no means bad sportsmanship or disgraceful, claims like that is completely ridiculous. Who was the victim of Japans bad sportsmanship exactly? Senegal? They could just have drawn their own game and not cared. Poland? They were out anyway and apparently happy to go out with a win, THis so-called "disgrace" is a pretty victimless crime.

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Posted in: Nishino names Japan squad for World Cup See in context

People in these comments are speaking of Honda, Okazaki and Kagawa as if they are relics of a bygone age. Honda and Okazaki are 32, Kagawa is 29, they are still in an age where they can perform in their range, and as it is, they are the greatest strikers Japan has. Also, while their performance was embarrassing in Brazil, it was still Honda who was the most dangerous Japanese player; also recall their successful world cup in 2010, even if that was a long time ago.

In Japans group they can qualify with a bit of luck, though they are probably one of the weaker teams in that group.

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Posted in: Could you do it? Trips that ban cell phones, even for photos See in context

I don't join travel companies that tell me what to do with my travels. If I feel like using my phone I'll use it, if I don't I won't. Really no reason to join a tour like this.

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Posted in: Job-hunting season begins for Japanese university students See in context

I don't really get the negativity in these comments. Sure, this might seem strange, but in many ways this Japanese system is benefical, since it helps secure college students, no matter their level, a fine job (not a great one, but a fine one), once they graduate. The model in Western countries is that students are kicked out on their own in their final year, possibly with no marketable skills, possibly with a bottomless debt, and completely on their own with possible unemployment or underemployment for years. Is that reall preferable to this? I don't really see it.

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Posted in: Martin Luther King Jr's near appearance on Nippon Television 50 years ago See in context

An article that was rather more interesting than the headline suggested.

Its usually the other way around, so I'm not complaining.

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Posted in: Koike's economic policy mix dubbed 'Yurinomics' See in context

I suppose the next program will be yaoinomics.

Here¨'s to hoping someone gets the joke.

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Posted in: Anime 'your name.' to be remade as Hollywood live-action movie produced by JJ Abrams See in context

I wouldn't mind American remakes of anime and manga if it wasn't because it turned out horrendously bad every time. if it was just ordinarily bad then fine, but its always toe-curlingly horrible, like Dragon Ball, Death Note, and also the Avatar TLA film, though that wasn't an anime. I don't really care about whitewashing, however i don't get why they keep trying this out when it becomes horrible everytime.

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Posted in: Was Hefner oppressor or liberator? Women debate his legacy See in context

Whenever I purchased a Playboy Magazine, it always depended on what the other contents were regarding interviews, satire and news topics. The pictures were nice but not never my main reason for purchasing a copy.

That's what they all say........

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Posted in: Sea creatures 'hitchhiked' across Pacific on 2011 tsunami debris See in context

This form of species movement has been happening for millions of years. Tsunamis and currents have been pushing critters around for eons.

This is true, but even natural dispersal like this is relevant for humans, since it could make nasty mussel parasites like the one mentioned in the article spread to mussel populations in America, and I don't think mussel fishers whose livelihood will be destroyed will care about what means the new parasites arrived, they will care about what to do about it. Also, in this example that spread was artificially helped by providing plentiful human debris for the critters to cross the sea with, while in earlier times, they would have to latch onto logs to do the crossing. Which could probably happen, but would be less likely.

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Posted in: Miyagi to remove PR video amid sexist criticism See in context

I remember that Masamune chibi from when I visited Sendai last year, I never expected it would turn out like this for him.

On that note, you have to wonder what old Masamune himself would have thought of being used as a commercial for the city he founded like this..... I'd like to know definitely.

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Posted in: April car accident victim likely devoured by bear See in context

I could be wrong but do bears actually eat people?

Its not common, but definitely happens, especially if the human is already dead. A few years back there was a man-eating bear in Akita that killed and ate four people collecting bamboo shoots.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's engagement to be announced on Sept 3 See in context

Isnt this like the fourth time it has been announced that this will be announced? Are they just postponing the announcement to make new announcements for the announcement or what?

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Posted in: Whaling towns of Taiji, Denmark's Klaksvik to become sister cities See in context

Fun fact: Recently our statue of The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, a national icon of Denmark, was painted red (vandalized) by anti-whaling activists because of Klaksvik:


Other than that, as a Dane it is also funny to see Faroe Islands being considered a part of Denmark, since they are actually functionally independent apart from foreign policy, so the Danish police doesn't have anything to say in this matter, it is firmly a Faroe Islands issue.

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Posted in: Scientists dim sunlight, suck up carbon dioxide to cool planet See in context

We seem forget that the current level of CO2 in the atmosphere (400 ppm) is a fraction of the average level over the past 65 million years (2500 ppm). CO2 levels have been as high as 7000 ppm, and yet the world did not end.

And you seem to forget that while the wold didn't end back then, a double-digit percentage of all life on earth went extinct within the course of a few thousand years each time one of these fluctuations happened. This isn't a matter of making the world into a barren wasteland, but making enough changes to disrupt fishing and agriculture, leading to millions of deaths. Try to see the big picture please.

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Posted in: BOJ policymaker praises Hitler's economic policies See in context

Hitlers economic achievements were far from as sustainable as they are often praised for - the upheaval was based on borrowing money he couldn't, and didn't intend to, pay back, as well as capital confiscated from wealthy Jewish families, all with the intention of starting a massive war he didn't stand a chance of actually winning. That isn't a long-term healthy economic approach.

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Posted in: Bankrupt Takata faces angry shareholders See in context

Next, they'll be asking the government for financial compensation. Ah, the mind of the Japanese shareholder.

To be honest, this seems to be a mentality of shareholders all over the world. Way too few people realize that they take a risk when buying stock, and think its just a way to get free money that somebody else will have to bail them out of if they fail.

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Posted in: Japan's oldest partial human skeleton found in Okinawa See in context

I've never heard of anyone who seriously believes that humans just magically popped up in different locations at one point. Its fairly well established that we all descend from the populations spreading out of Africa, what I said was that Japan was one of the first places that was offshore but which humans made boats to sail out to and colonize. And also, modern Japanese most likely aren't descendents of these first arrivals, several waves of colonizers have arrived since, the Yayoi people from Korea and China around 200 BC being the most recent major one. At least, thats a popular theory.

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Posted in: Japan's oldest partial human skeleton found in Okinawa See in context

These comments are trying too hard to politicize a 30.000 years old skeleton, I don't think anyone is pushing a political agenda with this kind of stuff.

Also, even older artifacts of stone made by humans have been recovered in Japan, even in mainland Japan, so this is not the oldest sign of human habitation found in Japan, merely the oldest actual human. Japan was actually one of the first offshore archipelagos to be inhabited by people as far as we know, only Australia was older.

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Posted in: 'Silence' proves Scorsese's faith in passion project See in context

@gokai_wo_maneku I think it's true, as far as I know The Last Samurai was shot in New Zealand for the same reasons.

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Posted in: China cautions Australia over defense cooperation with Japan See in context

When did Japan criticize Aussie? Japan never invaded Australia. How could Aussie liberate Australia from Japan when you are the invader yourself?

I don't think anybody anywhere ever claimned Japan was cricising Australia. China is criticising Australia for dealing with Japan which everyone on this forum finds ridiculous. I am merely protesting against your racist idea that white Australians are not "natives" of a nation they are born, and have lived their entire lives in, as well as their parents' entire lives. And nobody said Australia liberated Australia from Japan, they helped liberate Asian nations such as Indonesia (and later helped Indonesias war of Indepence against Dutch colonialism.) Australia was subject to a few bombings during World War II though. I don't think we really disagree on the main point though, but you are seriously jumping at ghosts....

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