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Posted in: Panasonic orders 10,000 employees to buy its products by July See in context

you guys are complaining about " Buy USA" program and do the same stuff in Japan. very disappointed,,,,

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Posted in: S Korea, China, Japan show unity at first summit See in context

This meeting took more than 60 years later. It's a great achievement just have 3 head of the country meet for the first time officially. Although, the process will be difficult,even small progress ( steps) will be positive.

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Posted in: What's your recommendation for helping Crown Princess Masako recover fully from whatever is ailing her? See in context

It's easy to assume the worst,but it's a difficult environment for anyone to be in the public eye for so long. I think she is handling it best under the circumstances.

What she needs is more positive support from the public

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As a foreigner living in Japan, I am very glad to hear that they stop the tourists from coming to the fish market. If you don't have or show respect for people working at the fish market, no one should be allow to visit there anymore. This is their work place. Will you be happy if you have tourist coming to your office every day,few of them drunk,loud,and acting a like idiots?

It's just unfortunate that few idiots are making rest of 99% suffer.

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