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Posted in: Fewer people on streets of Japan's major cities amid stay-at-home requests See in context

Just quit your complaining and !!!!!!

ok. You win. You get the award to accurately counting how many people was in the popular spots throughout Japan

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

Flute fute

cdc just recommended wearing masks

keep the anti mask campaign going. You and 1 more idiot

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Posted in: Japan to keep hospital beds for severely ill; use hotels for mild coronavirus cases See in context

sometimes, the easy choice is not best choice, using hotels for mild symptom patients, what happens when the patients become seriously ill, when every second is critical ,

do you have time to move them to the hospital ? when is not single numbers but 1000s like New York,

hotels are for quarantine purposes, not for semi-hospital , unless they bring needed equipment to the hotels which is unlikely.

This why these critical decisions have to be made by the experts, not politicians or bureaucrats who knows nothing about patient care.

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Posted in: Fujifilm starts Avigan trial to treat coronavirus See in context

there are 100s country who would rush to get their hands on this drug.

Hey Fujifilm, this is the time to be slow and conservative, get this pill out to the world ASAP!!!

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

why are you foreigners ( i am a foreigner too ) fighting about wearing a mask? if i hear some idiot say mask don't help, i will.........

Now CDC is changing their tune about masks in U.S,

just wear the ....mask,and do the other necessary stuff to get your family safe and other folks safe too.

is that too hard? or you are going to fight this to the end, maybe your end,

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context

Don’t mention California If you never put your foot in CA soil. Not everyone has big yard and pool Much be watching too much TV.

it’s not lock down, it’s shelter in place which mean you can walk around your neighborhood, walk your pet, go to super market or hospital

but you can not hangout in the park , beach which idiots were doing before police get involved

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Posted in: Tokyo records most new coronavirus cases in a day as pressure for lockdown builds See in context

The politicians and JMA trying to spin is not working.

mass testing doesn’t mean you can just go there anytime you want. Even in Korea , you need to have been contacted with the infected or have underlying symptoms or visited a place where the infected stop over

yes It will put pressure on the hospital This is pandemic

this will be the biggest mistake by a Japanese government and JMA past 100 years

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Posted in: Abe, Aso to avoid same meetings as precaution against virus infection See in context

people mocked this photos in Sweden, but they got the job done, every country except Japan is following this country's lead, I don't need to mention the name of the country because it's very close from here, very close,

you two, wear a mask in the meetings so you can both be in the same place, at the same time,

no you guys are not batman and robin, not even close,

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Posted in: Abe, Aso to avoid same meetings as precaution against virus infection See in context

why don't you wear masks in the meetings so that this kind of stuff don't happen here, avoid each other, if it's a critical meeting such as saving lives, maybe, just maybe , you guys need to think about the nation first , your safety second,

this is really a disgrace, i never saw this kind of comedy act anywhere, only in Japan, only in Japan,

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus death toll rises past 3,000 on deadliest day; New York governor begs for help See in context

that was last week news, you have anything new, now people getting fined.

also unlike other countries, states have much flexibility during this type of emergency situation,

they don't need to wait for Feds for testing kits or medical equipment, many states are not waiting for Feds,they are acting first.

yes, governors already know, they can not wait for the president,

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Posted in: U.S. coronavirus death toll rises past 3,000 on deadliest day; New York governor begs for help See in context

don't worry about U.S, they started late,but is testing as many as possible, lock down in place, and is sending needed medical equipment to New York and rest of the states.

unlike Japan which has the capability but not doing anything now, i would be more worried about Japan than U.S

not testing is not a plan, it's form of stupidity

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Posted in: Germany bets on S Korean model in virus fightback See in context

people are dying here. Who cares about which countries it is. If it works , just do it , copy it , follow it.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill neighbor over noise dispute See in context

it takes two to party, but living a large apartment complex has it's drawbacks,

you got people around you up, down, side by side,

we don't know anything, if the hammerhead try to reason with him for years, or he just flip.

maybe it's the middle somewhere,

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context

Look at Korea they test everyone. Even at the airport every passenger coming into the country is tested and monitored

but they don’t have lock Down . Shelter in place except Daegu

in Seoul, you can move freely but if you don’t wear mask, people will tell you or yell at you to wear one. They will probably give you one. You can get 2 masks a week from pharmacy there

so you idiots think you can go anywhere without a mask , like New York or Milan, think about how the virus is spread. It’s you talking. Sneezing coughing in public , leaving viruses on the surface.

masks don’t work. Ask Korea why test anybody everybody , why then they wear mask. Ask them.

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Posted in: Japan to set up coronavirus task force; no state of emergency yet See in context

better late than never is for things not life threatening.

They could of made this beginning of the year,but we had Olympics back then.

They could make this 20 years ago after SARS but it would been waste of money and valuable resources.

so after 1000s of meetings, they came up with special task force group.

isn't this what typical Japanese companies do also, after many meetings, they must develop a " special task force team"

so what now, uh,,,,,,,

stay home,

keep away from other people including your own family

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Posted in: Koike urges Tokyo residents to stay at home at weekend See in context

when I see Abe and her, it remains of the movie " Dumb and Dumber but hard to figure which one is which.

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Posted in: Japanese airlines could see ¥1 tril revenue fall on virus pandemic See in context

who care, J government will bail them out again, let's focus on the common people here.

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Posted in: Abe warns Japanese to prepare for prolonged coronavirus battle See in context

let's focus on Japan.

i don,t see other countries asking for test kits from Japan,

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context


Mask helps both transmitting and stopping viruses. if you don't think so, just look at U.S , 100k now, not a mask culture there,

People in Japan and Korea have been a mask culture for long time , do you understand this in basic level, it doesn't take CDC , WHO to understand if you are sick, wear a mask so you dont spread whatever you have to other folks,

and wear mask, any sort of medical grade , doesn't have n95, n99 level, will block majority of viruses coming at you. yes, it's better than nothing.

ok, since you mentioned Korea, let's talk about them,

Korea was prepare from day 1, when Wuhan started, they the government, ramped up productions of test kits, or stopped all mask export, legal or illegal , They had experience from MER and has a special virus/disease Dept. /a minister level, ( not in Japan) to handling all future viruses such as SARS, MERS, and C19.

Also using their highly developed IT infrastructure and developing a mobile app to monitor infected people and also monitor their movements to other people and places they visited, using both locational app. and video surveillance , they, the government was able to track people's movement who they met, where they visited. This type of infrastructure can not be building in a year, they have been developing and refining this type of program past 20 years, after the SARS events. so all the positive comments about Korea's handling of this virus was not a great idea, quick turnaround, this is a 20 year program, they developed...20 years.

For now, the Japan,

do you think, they going to speed up testing because you ask them to or you screamed, i don't know if you know anything about this administration , they will not listen to anybody, they will not ask for help, they will not bend, they will not listen to their people, other countries, especially foreigners living in Japan.

They will handle this mess as they see it, do you think they really care about common folks, do you?

In fact that the bureaucrat is leading this fight against C19 tells you something, they don't want to hear from the experts,

they don't have special dept./minister level, virus/disease for past 20 years, they just made a special group now,

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context

Japan has been very lucky because its mask culture and social distancing except in supermarkets but people behind was wearing masks

not like in US or Europe where they mock people wearing masks

who is the real idiots now.

Korea is a mask culture too but there numbers spiked up because of the cult group who didn’t practice social distancing but their numbers

so all of you who said wearing mask don’t work were dead wrong. I mean dead wrong

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Posted in: Japan finds 15 clusters of coronavirus-infected people See in context

i don't know where I am anymore, is this really what Japan is all about?

is this what this administration has worked hard for past 10 years.

I see some of your comments and see the brainwashing and feel really bad/sad for ya.

This is not Japan pride, when you hide behind your corrupt and rotten culture,

this scenario feels like the movie " Wizard of Oz" more recently Rome or Spartacus dramas,and yes, history does repeat itself when corruption and deception is the guidelines for the ruling party.

I just feel bad for the common people for natives and foreigners who will be suffering the consequences

of your corrupted leaders and groups.

On this issue, i don't need to argue because i just feel so bad for you all. all of you.

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Posted in: Confirmed new coronavirus infections in Japan now 1,528, including cruise ship cases See in context

the pot is boiling, you can not hold the lid any longer,

if and when you have these super active virus carriers in Japan, it can go from 50x , 100x matter of week and so on.

in pandemic world, there is no such thing as luck, you will not be lucky in Casino and you will not be lucky with this virus.

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Posted in: Abe tells Trump Japan preparing for Tokyo Olympics as planned See in context

this tell me that this PM does not care for his people, like his father and other leaders before him, they really do not think of the common folks as human being, they see them as resource in time of peace and war.

people glorifies Samurai culture, if they really knew what Samurai did to the common people, they see them as resources also.

basically, he is playing God with people's lives here, to think about the Olympics before fighting this virus, it's a criminal

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Posted in: Trump first foreign leader to call for postponing Tokyo Olympics See in context

you .... don't know Trump from jack,,,,,

Let me explain to you slowly, like Japan always need a fall guy, it's South Korea, whenever, something is wrong, his rating is down, he messed up, he cheated, there is my fall guy, South Korea. last action is ban ....

Now Trump is in trouble , shooting his mouth off, and not prepare for this virus thing spreading in U.S,

he needs a fall guy, well, his best buddy, PM, Whenever Trump is in trouble, he can count on the PM,

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Posted in: Abe requests event cancellations for 10 more days See in context

i don't need to show you crap, PM needs to start testing more people, stop the red tape, unless you test more people with symptoms , you will have your own pandemic in Japan where you have large population over 60.

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Posted in: SoftBank's Son criticized for offering free coronavirus tests See in context

once you are infected, the chance of survival improves on early stages of the infection period. longer a person waits, lower the chances for survival.

Maybe Mr. Son knows something already, there are 1000s of infected people but they can not get tested because of the red tape.

He offers free test for entire Japanese population and this is the reception he gets.

What if he was an American, what kind of reception would he get, if Bill Gates or Warren Buffet makes the same offer. ... I wonder. ....

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Posted in: Abe requests event cancellations for 10 more days See in context

there are lots of expert comments today,

the problem is that this virus doesn't care who you are, countries, nationalities,

the problem does not go away, if you don't have aggressive testing, or slow testing.

so crossing your fingers and wishing will not help you.

longer you wait, those people with infection will be too far gone to recover.....

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Posted in: Mask resellers could face 1 year in prison, ¥1 mil fine under new ban See in context

Yes this is just PR stunt, I will believe it when they actually arrest someone

it will be good start to make an example of that low life politician who made a killing auctioning off his masks first

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Posted in: Politician apologizes for ¥8.9 mil face mask price gouging See in context

if he was a regular joe, we would call him a jerk,but as a politician, a public officer, he has moral code to serve the public, not his pocket, i would compare this guy to a pimp , using women to generate revenue,

with politician like this, who needs gangster, wow, this is low quality , very low.

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Posted in: Gov't set to revise law allowing Abe to declare state of emergency over virus See in context

so he didn't do anything before, now he has power to do something? what's he going to do?

Is he going to declare marshal law and closed down Chinatown and Koreantown?

Close down schools, neighborhood? companies?

ban foreigners now,

what's he being doing past month?

where are the testing kits? how many do you have over 100 million people, how many kits do you have man?

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