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bottom line is that Japan was not prepared, is prepared and will not be prepared with current PM Abe group.

who knows what's coming next,

is Japan prepare for next virus ?

ask yourself, you commentators been here many years as I am, although I started the comments again in past February with the cruise ship mess.

simple question, look at the countries who has been somewhat successful against this virus, what are they doing that Japan is not,

handing out these cotton mask is not one of the bright ideas, I rather wear my scarf which cover more areas of my face.

PM Abe saw what happen to China and South Korea when they are #1,2 in infection numbers , he had a front row seat , what those countries were struggling with which is same thing Japan is struggling now. not enough masks, medical equipment, lack of ICU, Korea ramped up testing with zero barrier so any companies who made the kits went overdrive manufacturing the kits.

if you had a 4 month ahead start, you need to do things right, not make the same mistakes over and over again.

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Posted in: Researchers double U.S. coronavirus death toll forecast to 135,000, citing eased restrictions See in context

who are these experts, are they the same experts who predicted hot summer will naturally kill the virus?

or we don't need masks at all even going outside, we are fine with washing our hands only,

now, we need have masks on all time outside, anything scarf, ski masks, homemade masks,

this virus will stay with us for while?

Don't take Advil, take Tylenol

what the heck, where did you get your degrees I wonder,

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Posted in: Workers, parents feel strain as state of emergency extended See in context

i am talking about Japan,

you are comparing to New York, how about South Korea?

when you test many as possible, and separate the infected vs non-infected,

and trace all the other possible infection, Korea results happens,

it's not Gestapo tactics, there is no name or other vital information open to the public,

If Japan is suppose to be the leader in Asia, act like one, instead trying to make excuses,

you and Abe are the same, always making excuses,

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Posted in: Workers, parents feel strain as state of emergency extended See in context

this is 100% fault of PM Abe, this guy had so many chances to control this virus

it's easy for him to say, stay home, close your businesses, close schools,

He didn't do his job by increasing testing capabilities in Japan, setting up testing outside of clinics and hospitals,

This guy is so inadequate for the job, he will be one of the worst PM in history of Japan.

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Posted in: ICU doctor expects long battle against coronavirus See in context

both the government and the medical establishment are fault here,

doctors, nurses , medical staff including ambulance staff is on the front line of fighting this virus.

Unfortunately, due to incompetence of both the government and the medical establishment,

these brave people have to deal with this virus with less than adequate materials/equipment,

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Posted in: Many prefectures fear coronavirus influx from big cities during Golden Week See in context

yes, they should be worried.

the medical system in those rural areas are bare minimum.

sometimes, people need to think about others, this is the time.

do you really need to go vacation during this pandemic ?

if you miss one golden week, is it so terrible.

these people need to wear " I am with stupid" t shirts

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Posted in: Cases of patients turned away by hospitals up fivefold over virus See in context

as some of you said, hospitals have been not accepting patients for past 20 years, that might be true but this is pandemic which no one has ever seem or experienced before in our life time.

earthquake and tsunami end,this virus does not end, don't know when it will disappear .

so i don't accept that excuse of turning away patients. this blame goes directly to current PM Abe group and the old medical groups.

this is fundamental problem of PM Abe, instead of preparation, it's 100% reaction.

instead of applying best practices, it's fumbling, bumbling, and staggering actions.

Where organization and preparation has been key to Japanese culture, i don't see any here from PM Abe

so when your father is PM,and you get to be PM, had a silver spoon life, this is what happens when

elite becomes a politician, they don't know or understand the common people,

when you never earn a honest Yen in your life, or actually studied anything valuable this is what happens

i hope this costly lesson will awake up common folks to get involved in politics and at least vote...

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Posted in: SoftBank to offer coronavirus antibody tests for all employees See in context

Softbank always took the lead, other companies should follow since government is not doing anything about increasing testing any time soon.

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Posted in: Cases of patients turned away by hospitals up fivefold over virus See in context

some of your trying to spin this story again,again,

this story is about patients being turn away from the hospital ,

the main problem is that Japan has no protocol ( did some say Sweden and Japan set up protocols)

This is were the government and hospital are not on one page,

they don't know what either is doing or don't want to coordinate between them.

why you trying to spin this story?

Japan is not a third world country, no patient should be turn away from hospitals,

this is real shame,

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Posted in: Cash handout program won't start soon in many cities See in context

they need to do one thing right. after mask mess, can those payment those who need it ASAP

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Posted in: Coronavirus infections spread rapidly among Japan's police See in context

they need to have regular c19 test for every law enforcement officers, these guys are at most risk since they not only talk to the public, they have to actually be physical in contact with drunks, criminals,

I don't see them wearing anything special except masks, their uniform is the same, at least, need to wear some sort of gloves , not cotton ones, disposal gloves,

Japan is so unprepared in many ways, it's hard to point to one area.

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Posted in: Essential workers taking risks despite harassment during virus crisis See in context

the essential workers should be looked as heroes during this time.

they are risking every minute they are out serving the public.

and those who mistreat them can go to he.l

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Posted in: Many Japanese defy appeals to stay home to curb virus See in context

when people see , actually see or on TV, bodies after bodies in a meat carrying trucks in their own country including Japan, they will understand .

before that you will have people like here in the comment section talking all , writing a book, reason after reason, your words don't mean sh.t,

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Posted in: 300,000 masks sent to pregnant women may be faulty See in context

why outsource , you can ask Uniqlo to make medical masks, supply them with need materials.

or just buy from Sharp directly, what the h.... are you doing PM Abe,

This is not rocket science, if you let Sharp make masks, you need to tell them , portion of the masks need to go to the government and distribute it to the people.

why this all the clowning around when people lives are stake,

wow, why did you go to school? or be in politics , it's just looking good, going to parties and events,

there are actual work, hard decision/ lift/death decisions you have to make.

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Posted in: On Japan's stretched frontline, doctors and nurses face long fight against coronavirus See in context

so when you have this type of administration , this is what happens in pandemic

first deny that they have a problem,

second, they have everything under control

third, they are doing everything possible, shortage of medical masks, medical equipment for hospital staff, equipment for ICU, testing kits, and 1000s more.

fourth, they are doing things special for their people ( free masks)

fifth, they are asking people to sacrifice for good of the country , stay home

finally, if you are sick, best of luck to you. hope you can find a hospital,

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Posted in: City in Aichi reduces water and sewage bills for four months, easing residents’ financial strain See in context

OK, Tokyo you are next, where is your plans for helping common folks

i don't need those government issue masks, i rather wear my scarf. It's cleaner.

Electricity , Gas, Water, or something?

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Posted in: Osaka to name and shame more pachinko parlors defying closure request See in context

this is really pitiful, oh really name and shame,

do you really think people associated with gambling business care about being shameful .

these people will sell their family off for profit.

only thing they care about is money,

unless government is ready to fine them heavily .

nothing else will work. just don't waste your time.

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Posted in: Japan faces bed shortage in ICUs if pandemic peaks: study See in context

did some idiot just say Japan is doing a good job?

good job for what?

using tax payer money to buy defected masks from your friends, making your friends rich and giving rest of us a dirty masks.

people with virus waiting to get tested but they are dead from waiting too long.

still waiting too long, too difficult to get tested.

can't find any good masks anywhere,

if your neighbor is doing a good job and it's about saving lives,

stop your samurai pride, and follow whoever is doing a good job,

is this simple enough for you to understand!

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Posted in: 72 new coronavirus cases in Tokyo on Sunday; lowest daily tally since April 1 See in context

this and other news media needs to talk about what needs to be done, instead of just reporting the numbers,

stop being a sheep,

times like this it's ok to be wolf once a while,

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Posted in: 60% of small firms can survive pandemic if it ends in a few months: poll See in context

instead of talking about business failure, they need to talk about stimulus plans for small and medium size companies,

let's talk about how the government can help the mom and pop stores instead of how many will go out of business.

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Posted in: Low-tech Japan challenged in working from home amid pandemic See in context

Most of the established J corp. never accepted both technology and trend,

yes, old school folks,

this is what happens when pandemic or natural disaster happens, and business has to still operate,

if you are still doing paper and scissors , how do you compete with global companies ?

oh i forget, we are in Japan, we do everything Japanese way, only way, no way. no how.

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Posted in: Loyal customers try to keep their local eateries afloat during pandemic See in context

supporting local business is global, not just in Japan, whether in Shibuya or in Bay Area, I try to support local businesses much as possible.

kind of surprise by the all the negative clicks, must be some Nikki 100 folks in the comments area today.

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Posted in: Japan faces bed shortage in ICUs if pandemic peaks: study See in context

you want to not burden ICU, test now and test early so that infected know who they are and they are quarantined according to their condition.

outside testing facilities are only way to go, building 1000s now, get private companies involved with incentives, go buy more testing kits,

yes, you need to make a call PM Abe, i use the word, PM very loosely , even Trump called Korea to get testing kits,

yes, it's not easy things to call President Moon, but you need to do this for your people,

unless you are so proud and willing to let 1000s die.

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Posted in: Olympic delay and coronavirus add fuel to Abe-Koike political rivalry See in context

after this event, i am hoping that young people will get involved in politics by way of voting,

this is what happens when you don't care about your country.

you get these turn of the century old birds trying their old stuff on the new world.

I said i was hoping, lets see what happens.

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Posted in: If you haven't already been tested for the coronavirus, do you wish to be? See in context

don't spend valuable tax payers money on dirty masks, with that money, how many drive through or walk through testing locations could been set up, and securing additional testing kits.

this guy is getting dumber and dumber, and people are dying because of his stupidity

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Posted in: Osaka mayor under fire for saying women dawdle at shops See in context

is it just me or Osaka has very low qualifications for being a mayor, this guy is an idiot , the previous mayor, i use this term very loosely, is an another idiot doing TV these days.

and finally, some of commentators here are idiots too

the old boy network, me men, you women, hahaha, what a joke

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Posted in: 2 firms recall undelivered cloth masks from Abe's handout program See in context

NumanApr. 24  11:46 am JST

Is this guy joking? anywhere except for Japan, this guy would be impeached and kick out of the office .

Unfortunately, it is not true. The US elected a conman reality TV star to the presidency.

at least, entertainer didn't ripped of his people by selling them defected masks , whole world now know how crooked this guy is so don't deny it.

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Posted in: Tokyo launches coronavirus drive-through tests See in context

it's little late but still need to hurry up and set up more outdoor testing locations throughout Japan, outside of the hospitals and clinics ,

now hurry up and set up more before it's too late,

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Posted in: 2 firms recall undelivered cloth masks from Abe's handout program See in context

this is a joke, those stupid masks are laughing stock of the world.

Is this guy joking? anywhere except for Japan, this guy would be impeached and kick out of the office .

I am all for wearing masks, except ,this mask would protect me from common cold.

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Posted in: Many pachinko parlors stay open despite state of emergency See in context

it's useless complaining about these types of places, do you think they , the business cares if you live or die, all they want is your money, they don't care about you or their employees.

as long as money comes in, they really don't care about people dying.

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