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Posted in: Japan's Nikkei closes at all-time high, breaking bubble era record See in context

This only means that the rich are getting richer, while the rest is getting poorer by day...

Meritocracy is a bliss.

Work h̶a̶r̶d̶e̶r̶ smarter.

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Guy seems to be a predator but there were also some good points brought up here.

If someone punched me, stole from me, vandalized my car or worse, I'd go to the police the next day, or within the week/month if the trauma was too big to recover, regardless if I had any evidence or not.

Imagine going to the police station tomorrow to report someone you know broke into your car in the summer of 2012.

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Actually the whole humanity will be helped with this.

Mice, keyboards, screen tapping or even individual screens for that matter will be a thing from the past.

Just remember no book or sci-fi movie ever predicted our current smartphone assisted lives and in 2007, boom. Humanity changed forever

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Posted in: Children are expensive – not just for parents, but the environment − so how many is too many? See in context

The nonsense repeats.

The way these 'people' view and treat human beings are beyond me.

We are not little bolts, or cattle, random numbers.

The Human experience is above every thing else, there is just no discussion.

It's actually a bit offensive and plain nauseating to read these nonsense while holding a newborn in your arms.

Every alien civilization out there had their share of suffering, resource depletion and preventable death before they finally managed to reap the fruits and become a Type 1 civilization.

Mr. Michio Kaku expect us to achieve that within this century or the next.

Don't need to end your lineage "for the planet", we will manage this.

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Posted in: French mayors face violence and intimidation from xenophobic far-right groups See in context

French mayors face violence and intimidation from xenophobic far-right groups

Sounds more like citizens concerned for their communities, culture, and safety.


"Racist" / "Far-right" are the new "Counter revolutionary", a slur used in China to shut people up, a hat that fits all. This is a replay of the cultural revolution that 'cancelled' the whole pre-communism China civilization.

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Posted in: Man arrested after assaulting man who tried to get into taxi ahead of him See in context

There was no line. You don’t have to punch the person. He might have been mistaken assuming taxi stopped for him if he didn’t see the other guy hailed the taxi. He just needed to confirm with taxi driver that taxi was stopped for him.

The "mistake" could have probably be solved with a sumimasen but I assume the 'victim' here probably just stared at his phone while pulling the japanese 'not hearing/seeing you' phoney face.

They know they can do these kind of thing everyday because no one will do anything in fear of getting arrested for even shoving the guy aside.

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Posted in: Man arrested after assaulting man who tried to get into taxi ahead of him See in context

The 'japanese way' sometimes is mind-boggling.

In any other country these nasties only pick up a fight or disrespect someone if they can own it.

In the japanese way, the scum bark out loud or cause a road rage incident so the minute you get closer they put out their phones and threat you to call the police.

We need more details but I can kind of picture what happened here.

Witnessed the same disrespect a 1000 times before.

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Big Boy, Bronco Billy, Steak Gusto.

Pay 1.500~3.000yen for the most delicious steak you can have in Japan.

If I was to pay 8.000yen for a little serving of steak and leave still hungry I'd rather cook at home.

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Posted in: Domino’s Pizza apologizes over viral video of employee touching dough after picking his nose See in context

Again? How these people can possibly connect "repulsive" = "funny" is beyond me.

Even toddlers would be too disgusted to do this kind of thing on purpose.

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Posted in: GOP-led House impeaches Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas — by one vote — over border management See in context

They are finally starting to believe

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Posted in: Scientists breed 1st pigs for human organ transplants in Japan See in context

It's also much better than what China does

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Posted in: One girl dead, one injured after jumping from building in Osaka Prefecture See in context

So sad. I have junior high school girl and a high school girl.

I am haunted by the idea just to think about it one second.

Please discuss it at school everytime and give real positive outlook to life !

Well, I might be wrong but I dont think this kind of problem affect kids with foreign roots, especially Westerners.

It's a completely different mindset, we actually talk with our kids, and they trust us as one of their best friends.

I cant picture a foreign kid jumping into train tracks after being bullied at school or a young European deciding to jump from a building over changing jobs.

Besides, how can a parent cannot notice if their kid is worried, absent, depressed? Mind-boggling.

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Posted in: Frightening video shows Japan’s stop-and-listen-for-trains driving rule maybe isn’t so silly after all See in context

Driving everyday around Tokyo I see many drivers that simply stop right before the gate so they dont get fined and then proceed without checking any side. So many traffic accidents could be avoided if people weren't overly confident, it almost seems like the longer they drive they "graduate" the rules they believe it was created for newbies. This is very dangerous especially in a place like Tokyo where you drive through the city surrounded by hordes of totally clueless pedestrians/cyclists.

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Posted in: More Japanese women buying Valentine's Day chocolates for themselves See in context

It's their reality. They don't seem to be attracted to the local men.

I still remember one of my 1st cultural shocks in Japan: going out in a busy shopping area and barely seeing any couples, let alone couples holding hands. Instead, hundreds of very beautiful, slender, very well dressed girls shopping, going to the karaoke with their girl friends. You watch from above and see 1 or 2 couples among dozens of groups of girls enjoying themselves.

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I just hope they conduct at least a basic training on the language and culture for these people before they come, walking around Tokyo, or Fujisan, Hakone, anywhere, 99% of the times something random bothers me its people from other Asian countries doing rude things that are completely acceptable and even normal in their countries, like talking loudly, standing in the middle of a narrow bridge to take 'selfies' while people wait for ages as if its nothing, etc. basic education is needed to alleviate these cultural clashes.

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Posted in: Foreign firefighters stifled by Japanese gov't bureaucratic restrictions See in context

I used to say that for the sake of your visa and life in Japan, you are only allowed to save a japanese in cases of fire, natural disasters etc. where it doesnt involve a perpetrator. Now not even this.....

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Posted in: Snowfall leaves more than 130 injured in Tokyo See in context

Surprisingly enough everyone was well behaved on the roads yesterday despite everyone doing like 25mph, was expecting a sociopath come rushing to show everyone around "how to drive on the snow" any minute but that didnt happen, everyone kept a respectful distance from each other. Wished Tokyo had just a little bit more of snowy days, every time is just the beautiful snow one day, slippery ice the second day and everything is gone in 3 days.

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Posted in: China named as hypothetical enemy for 1st time in Japan-U.S. exercise See in context

China is in no way an hypothetical enemy. 

Communism is the enemy of the entire human race!

Japan wouldnt have to spend a dime in Self Defense weren't the threat of 3 socialist dangerous thugs in their doorstep.

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Posted in: Teachers on leave for mental illness in Japan hit record high See in context

Apologies, wrong link

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Posted in: Teachers on leave for mental illness in Japan hit record high See in context

I tried teaching out of college one year in West Philly but gave up on it as my junior high class was hard to control and they feel entitled to mock the teacher. Lost any motivation I had for it. Private schools might be better???

Nope, you could simply have moved out of Philadelphia.

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Posted in: Teachers on leave for mental illness in Japan hit record high See in context

My wife´s friend is married to a school teacher and from what I hear teachers in Japan are not that different from prison guards living in the building complex inside the prison.

I mean, they can´t afford to stay away for 2 full days, every saturday the husband is at school again doing some sort of activity, we tried inviting them just so times to short trips on sundays until we finally figured out. Too tired to leave the house in their only day-off which is quite sad especially for the kid.

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Posted in: What you need to know about wintertime driving with an electric vehicle See in context

This is why I will not own an EV.

Same, I will give it 5 years though.

I still remember when my aunt had to recharge her Motorola for the whole night to be able to use it during the day.

EV solves lots of problems especially if you're used to do the maintenance in your car yourself but the mile range is still ridiculous. Mileage enough for Tokyo ⇔ Osaka round trip with 4 passengers and I might consider.

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Why do you thin Musk is desperately trying to get trade barriers set up

Because mainland china is so kind toward everyone else.

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I can't say about the quality of these cars but my experience with chinese bikes made me avoid any kind of chinese vehicle like the plage.

I bought 2 of them, for no other reason than looking a bit different from the others seen on the streets (omnipresent PCX 150, etc).

Almost every month I had some kind of problem, faulty parts, breaking here, leaking there, few months in and I couldnt see a damn thing in the dashboard, the speed every little thing deteriorated was ridiculous. Never again.

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↑valid advice

Speaking fluent japanese, reading and watching tons of documentaries about life in Japan (pre-Youtube era) doesn't prepare you for how things actually work here and this can be dangerous. Keyboard warriors might have a different opinion but truth is you're not allowed to help anyone if the danger/problem involves a third party, you can save people from natural disasters etc. but you can only intervene in a fight/crime if you actually don't mind being detained (over the safety of your own relatives)

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I don't recommend taking a bicycle out of these garbage piles. Who's to know the bicycle wasn't stolen and then thrown out?

Once I stayed in this hotel close to Narita✈ to wait for my flight next morning. It was my 1st year in Jpn and as I was too bored I left my room by 10pm, walked a few blocks, grabbed a rusty bicycle left in the bushes and started cycling around the area. That's one stance how the gaijin ignorance can be dangerous.

Who would imagine I could have been detained and get slapped with a criminal accusation (置き引き、占有離脱物横領) simply for picking up a discarded bicycle on the street?

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Unusual for cars to park there at night, so I get the suspicion. I told them I was blowing off steam after arguing with my wife. Then they asked if they could search my car. I agreed, but felt a little irritated. What would of happened if I refused?? 

Nothing. 2 cops knocked on my window while I was eating my bento in a quiet street in Asakusa, agreed to give my zairyu card (eye rolling) and the smart guy asked if he could have a check inside my car.

I told him hell no as I'm not full to even move an inch out of my seat. They thanked me and left.

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Every Japanese walking by wondering what I did, because the average Japanese won't encounter a random stop even once in their life so naturally they think I must have done something wrong to be stopped.

To be honest I see every other month a japanese being searched somewhere. And they all seem to be wearing the same baggy pants lol

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I barely take trains or cycle through the city so the number of times I've been stopped in almost 2 decades was... 1 ! While cycling through a pitch dark paddy field area in Toyama.

There was one time I was sitting on a pedestrian guard rail in Osaka when 2 cops approached, before they said anything I pointed to the bike shop in front of me with an unamused face and said "waiting for my bike " and that was enough to make them wave without saying a word.

Driving works as a repellent against these time wasting situations but its not effective if you're stopped for any kind of traffic violation/warning. 4 times in my case and the only time they didnt ask for my Zairyu card was when I was with my japanese wife and son. Coincidence? Or too ashamed to pull that bs in front of a japanese?

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That’s why there are intermediate companies that do all the paperwork.

Yeah, but I kind of enjoy doing these mundane things by myself, same way I only use self service gas stations.

Besides I came to Tokyo after living in Osaka and Nagoya, where they're not only fast, but also just 1 ride away (20 seconds from the station exit).

How the hell people just fresh off the boat manage to access that island is beyond me, imagine being a bus driver and having to explain the same stuff (how to pay, etc.) to newcomers every single day.

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