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its really sad that people dislike their country as much to want to destroy it by supporting an obviously mentally unstable man. They really need to get help and most just need some education instead of indoctrination

agreed, the end of quote repeat the line guy has been embarrassing the US for the entire world to see from day 1, it's been literally facepalm-worthy gaffes week in week out

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Happy for the guy if he was really persecuted in his home country, but lets not fool ourselves, many (if not most) japanese people would vote for no foreigners in the neighborhood if they could, especially those with non-east asian faces, the empty seat phenomenon is the prime example of their uneaseness. Life is already hard for those who studied hard japanese culture and language for years before coming, refugees should choose very well the area they might want to settle in, otherwise it will be a life of loneliness and ostracism.

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How about the hammer and sickle, the prime symbol of intolerance, mass human suffering and death?

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In threads like this, I usually skip to the most downvoted comments to go to real facts and common sense. Comments on top are just stalking nonsense. CCP did a great job brainwashing whole masses into hating their most dangerous enemy. This is a fact. Go ask anyone why they hate the orange guy. B-because he's a (insert a media parroted insult here)

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Although people who do not find learning to be a rewarding experience usually have negative opinions regarding population reduction

besides just look at the government stats and you realize most foreigners arrive in Japan for their 1st time to live in Tokyo area and most just stay there, so they never really have a chance to experience a Switzerland-like, relaxing, friendly, clean and high-quality Japan, which is unfortunate.

Go live in Toyama, Kanazawa, Yamagata and you'll have an image of what a population-reduced Japan looks like.

These smaller japanese capitals have everything you need, probably except for big event venues (you have to go to Nagoya etc. to watch those big live music events). You can explore the whole city cycling on the spacious walkways. Free parking everywhere. Most supermarkets close by 9pm (some even by 8pm) but it doesnt really matter as everyone is out of the office before 6. Look up "World's most beautiful Starbucks" and you have an idea what an afterwork evening looks like for the people living there. Obviously the city is too big to know everyone, but everyone is friendly to each other, there is no comparison with driving around Tokyo/Osaka. As soon as you step into the city you're automatically part of the very united foreigner community, monthly FB/Whatsapp group invitations for sleepovers/house parties pop up as soon as you register yourself as a resident at the city hall, no effort, you get to know more people living for 3 months in Toyama than living for 3 years in Tokyo. And yes, absolutely no one has those zombie/dead fish eyes you only find here. Japan will definitely not end with less people.

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So be it. Nothing wrong with a little slowing down in daily life. Japan is not going to “cease to exist”. Japan doesn’t need factories churning out lunchboxes 24h or fathers catching the last train and only seeing their kids on weekends. I lived in a small japanese capital of half a million people and I really miss those days, would live there forever if it wasnt for the snow.

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BlacklabelToday  04:03 pm JST

So this is the next 4 years thing?

2026: “They still haven’t announced what they found in the raid! Any day now orange guy is going from the White House to prison! For sure!”

2028: "Walls are closing in"

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Again, elections do have real world consequences.

What a pathetic state of things.

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Clock is ticking, they're desperated. Animatrix's World Record explains exactly what happens with these kind of people who hint defying the system. Waaay too many distractions these days. People are blind, unfocused, dependent, powerless. Guess who's behind all this?

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Sorry for stating facts but the main culprits of Ratnayake's death are the 99% of detainees who frequently fake illness in hopes to get a 仮放免 (provisional release, you hear this word 10x whenever you meet one), some even fake health problems just for a quick ride to the hospital, then they are promptly sent back by fuming doctors and immigration officials. What a big waste of time and taxes.

As stated in my previous post, I feel bad for the 1% of actual overstayers who dreamed about making a life in Japan, the rest are ex-convicts that only caused harm to the country, they are the ones who fooled officials into not taking better care of this women with their fake unwellness every single week.

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I used to join the Critical Mass (leftist movement that demands more bikes less cars on the roads) in my teens, these people demand everyone to cycle 5km to work, or else you're pure evil. Communists finally realized they cant win so they've been pushing pretty hard to make the West implode from within

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Dont disagree completely but there are also many "kind , helpful, honest, polite" people who were born, grew up, spent most of their lives under communism and later immigrated to other countries. Living under such a regime does not automatically make one un- kind, helpful etc. But I do get the point you are making.

Definitely, these people are nothing but victims of this inhumane terror that looms over their entire lives, I've been to communist Korea, Russia and China and the reality is thats everyone for himself. You have to trick your countrymen, your community, your own family members to stay alive. Defector Yeonmi Park sheds let on what really goes on. Again, you have to be corrupt and apathetic to survive. Singapore is 70% chinese and its one of the cleanest and safest places on earth.

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Whatever the Russians say they haven’t done…..they’ve done.

Whatever the Russians say they won’t do….. they will do.

They have lied from the first and will lie to the last…. you can take that to the bank.

Communism is a tragedy that corrupts the very soul of the great russian and chinese people.

You have to be out of these 2 countries to meet these people in their pure state. Ethnic Russians in northern Europe, kind, helpful, honest, polite chinese people in Singapore and Taiwan. There is just no comparison. All you have to do is to meet these people born in other normal countries to change your mind about them. Communism is a cancer.

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Rambo 4's main villain actor got his family imprisoned because of his role in the film in which he agreed to take part to raise awareness to the genocide going there, this place is no joke

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living free rent forever it seems lol

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2 foreign countries arrange a meetup to discuss prosperity and partnership.

A random country gets infuriated, fires lethal weapons above the foreign country as a "show of force".

Communism is nothing but a real cancer to the human race. It's been way too long humans allowing this bizarre tumor to grow and ravage through its civilization, hindering and jeopardizing all human progress.

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very "menacing"

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It's August 2nd and I yet have to experience a truly uncomfortable summer day, no idea what these people are talking about, its cool outside

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meanwhile just this morning I saw a woman walking to work while pulling the mask away from her face.. go figure

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North Korea is preparing to conduct its seventh nuclear test, Iran “has either been unwilling or unable” to accept a deal to return to the 2015 nuclear agreement aimed at reining in its nuclear program, and Russia is “engaged in reckless, dangerous nuclear saber-rattling” in Ukraine.

because you know, elections have real world consequences

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It's unfortunate, I really feel sorry for her, from my experience with the japanese immigration detention system, she was the 1% detained for actually overstaying her visa and wanting to stay in Japan to work and be a member of society.

This is no joke, 99% of the people detained for more than 3 months in Tokyo or Osaka (not sure about the other centers) are ex-convicts, coming after spending years in the harsh japanese prison (reason they are totally fine being locked up in the immigration center for months, a heaven if compared with keimusho), some petty criminals coming from the detention house on their trial day when they receive their suspended sentence, some cleared from police stations (but not undetected by immigration).

Ex-convicts demand daily cleaning to be done by everyone in their shared room as soon as everyone wakes up, doors to the communal hall only open by 9:30am but these people demand everything to be spotless by 7:30am as soon as lights are up as this is how they spent years in the real jail.

Again, we have to learn to sift the 1% wheat from the chaff.

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Enduced by the end of telework?

Just look at the picture, you can wear 10 masks still it won't prevent you from touching everywhere. An alcohol dispenser is the first thing I see when I enter home and I don't even ride trains

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The company has also started selling "naming rights" where people can name bus stops for a monthly fee of 11,000 yen, as it aims to make the on-demand bus service profitable.

"your next stop is....五面尾金内 gomen okanenai"

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And there are still some people who don't believe that communist is a threat to the whole human race.

Russians pulling out from this joint effort to get out of here might give it a hint to solve Fermi paradox, you can only imagine that in other entirely communist worlds out there civilizations get stuck on the same rock forever until some event seal their brief existence in the universe.

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in a country where people value their own lives so poorly, the death penalty might actually be an incentive to commit these rampages

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日本で初確認 欧州から帰国 30代男性

A japanese man in his 30s just back from Europe

Does it really say a "Japanese" man?

I don't read the language very well.

they use the verb 帰国 which means to return to someone's original country (not country of residence), it can't be used for a foreigner resident coming back to Japan or a japanese going back to Europe, etc, in these cases they use 戻る instead

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They did not say the nationality of the man. But the rule of thumb is if they omit the nationality, it is a foreigner.

Japan should release the nationality of the man.

日本で初確認 欧州から帰国 30代男性

A japanese man in his 30s just back from Europe

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Thank god I'm atheist

Good Lord you're funny

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'hierarchy' in this place is a true nightmare, japanese think they can do whatever they feel like to other human beings simply because they are 6 months older in the job or they're in charge of a group activity that meant to be fun. So much time and energy wasted walking on eggshells in this place, I thank God everyday I'm out of the rat race and will make sure my son will have a happy, carefree childhood as I had. Our house has always been filled with smiles. Put up with daily abuse from total strangers because they are your "senpai"? you gotta be out of your mind

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many JAL stewardesses have been relocated to their call center in Ikebukuro at the same building I visit a few times a month, you can tell the difference from other average call center staff

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