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Posted in: Activists fight Tokyo gov't over historic Jingu Stadium demolition See in context

one of the city's greenest neighborhoods

Setagaya, Adachi, Nerima, Katsushika, etc.: am I a joke to you?

Just like most foreigners I happen to know, author obviously thinks Tokyo 23-ku is just Shinjuku, Shibuya and its surroundings.

Look it up "Todoroki Valley", or "Nanushi no Taki", "Koishikawa Botanical Park" or even "Mizumoto park" which is totally out of Harry Potter during the 4 seasons.

But surely that little single line of trees in Meiji Jingu is definitely the greenest area in Tokyo, ok.

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Posted in: Why do people spend so long in jail without going to trial in Japan? See in context

Worst example to shed light on unjust jail time.

It was also learnt that three of them worked for a demolition company

Typical. Rot in jail for a few years and learn to respect life.

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Tokyo was home to the most foreign workers with 500,089 people

But dont forget 99% of these people are other asians, you stumble upon dozens if not hundreds of them everyday and dont even realize.

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Posted in: Thousands rally for 'Invasion Day' protests on Australia Day holiday See in context

Apparently, some people just hate themselves for no reason.

Hopefully you might come to realization while feeding your 1 month baby and looking him in the eyes.

This is my life in flesh. Should my son be responsible for anything that ever happened hundreds of years ago?

How early he can start giving reparations to strangers in his future school/workplace?

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Posted in: 18-year-old arrested for stabbing deliveryman in the back See in context

but has so far given no motive

"wanted to know how does it feel to stab people"

Usual motive, just like the bunch of other weirdos in this place.

Now imagine if these people had access to guns.

Never let your guard down.

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Posted in: Thousands rally for 'Invasion Day' protests on Australia Day holiday See in context

Forget human rights.

Yes, aboriginals had 3 options:

Southeast asian muslims

Han chinese

The British

Should thank their gods for hitting the jackpot!

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Posted in: Thousands rally for 'Invasion Day' protests on Australia Day holiday See in context

Nice pic, but I'm just curious about what that apparently angry muslim is doing there. What does she have to do with aboriginals, indigenous people, anything?

I'm starting to guess all these people are bound by the same thing.

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Posted in: Thousands rally for 'Invasion Day' protests on Australia Day holiday See in context

I wonder how well the aboriginals would be doing today if left on their own?

They should be the first ones celebrating!

Ha! Australia was said to be occupied by Aboriginals for 65,000 years, but there was not a single city, town, village or even a permanent building standing when Cook walked ashore at Botany Bay in 1770. Fire was the very outer limit of their technology.

Indeed, do they really think that if the British had not landed that the Chinese would have left the place alone?The fact of the matter is that there has only ever been one reasonably benevolent empire in the history of the world, namely the British Empire.

Our enemies try to rewrite history in order to instil guilt where there should be pride, because those who feel guilty do not act in their best interests.

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Posted in: Thousands rally for 'Invasion Day' protests on Australia Day holiday See in context

Very curious trend worldwide.

Only whites protest against themselves.

You can see huge crowds of 90% white people defending a black/native criminal shot down but I fail to see even 5 people of colour protesting for a white victim of violence/hate crime anywhere, never.

Unfortunately or not this is us.

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Posted in: North Korea locks down Pyongyang over 'respiratory illness' - report See in context

NK cringier everyday

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Posted in: Heavy snow warnings issued for parts of Japan; flights canceled See in context

Thank GOD I decided to leave the motorcycle and commute by car yesterday.

8pm and I witnessed multiple mini tornadoes wreaking havoc in Tokyo roads, every muscle focused on keeping the car under control. Everyone was doing 20km/h while crossing a big bridge, just crazy

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Posted in: Japan planning to establish zones to give vacant homes new life See in context

 Some 3.49 million properties are left unoccupied for long periods.

J-TV could help by not broadcasting Tokyo 24h a day, whole Japan wants to move here (even people from Kobe, Osaka, etc.).

For as little as 70.000 you can rent a 80m² 3LDK top floor suite on 7th-14th floor (parking included) 10min. from a train station in most japanese capitals.

Try hard and you can get a 45m² 2DK without elevator 10min. from the station for the same price in Tokyo. (+15.000 yen parking with luck)

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Posted in: New shootings rock California as police probe dance hall killings See in context

More guns = more good people to save others from bad people with guns.

What a flawed line of thought.

Meanwhile I fear being target of a projectile here as much as being struck by lightning.

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Posted in: Much of Japan to see heavy snow from Tuesday as winter storm arrives See in context

wind speed of 72 kph in the Kanto-Koshin area on Tuesday.

Was about to dash off with my motorcycle when I saw the forecast on my phone.

iPhone windy mark never fails. Commuting by car today.

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

125,000,000 is more than enough!!

Other nations of 5,000,000 are doing just fine, you don't need to be a super power working your people to death.

↑this! even excluding the elders, Japan is still a highly populated nation, just imagine while you're sleeping there is a whole army working 24h in combinis, lunch box factories, in the cold repairing roads still in perfect conditions, I've seen all this in my work.

Japanese people (and even foreigners living here) are tired of this way too fast pace, try living at any japanese capital with half a million people and you can truly enjoy a very pleasant Japan, 4:30pm and you're back home to your family.

Honestly, why have a child if both parents spend the whole day outside to pay all the bills? This is crazy, unnatural, not even life in my opinion.

"Brink of social dysfunction" = please churn out more tax-payers for us please

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

There's always immigration ...

Hell no!

Only people with the slightest interest in the japanese culture and language should be allowed in!

Not a Japan die-hard fan, just someone who can actually understand what kind of place they will live in.

Came to Japan already speaking fluent japanese (JLPT N1 ) and knowing the basic customs, and even then things were difficult.

If someone can't even read or write basic japanese it means this person can be replaced by a robot.

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Posted in: Commentator Dokic hits out at 'fat-shaming' trolls at Australian Open See in context

The liberals that tell you that we have an epidemic of obesity in America and we need soda taxes and restrictive laws and regulations on food are the same liberals telling fat people that it is OK to be fat and to love yourself. Typical.

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Posted in: Australia to speed up purchase of sea mines to boost maritime defense See in context

advanced sea mines to protect its maritime routes and ports

The more you study the wonders of astronomy and let your mind elaborate on the thousands of possible kinds of life-harboring environments and its civilizations the more you realize how primitive are the most intelligent species of this little piece of rock. Still a long way to go.

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Posted in: 43-year-old bosozoku biker arrested for reckless driving See in context

Have you ever seen these types really close?

90% of them either have big lips, weird shaped faces or very small eyes, you dont find any average looking japanese male in these groups.

I'd say inferiority complex plays a great role here, taking pride in waste time being obnoxious while doing absolutely nothing!

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Posted in: Japan to allow unlicensed electric scooter riding from July See in context

I imagine in 6 months we could collect enough fines just from cyclists running red lights to pay Tokyo's annual budget.


These people dont even know what a stop sign is, they think its just a street decoration, and I'm not even joking, there are actual people like this.

The worst of the worst is when you're driving straight and a cyclist comes full speed from a perpendicular road and turns left to show up just in front of you, without checking anything as if its nothing, making a whole line of vehicles to hit the breaks.

I see this every week.

If only people where encouraged more in the schools to get any kind of license (even 50cc scooters) they would get a grasp of what kind of world they actually live in, and get to know basic stuff like you can't ignore stop signs while in your bicycle (especially in residential areas) or turn left without checking incoming traffic first.

You can only be a more careful driver if you understand and acknowledge the fact people around you need to be actually taught about these kind of things.

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Posted in: Japan to allow unlicensed electric scooter riding from July See in context

I look forward to seeing the police enforce the rules 

I look forward to seeing the police fining and taking peoples' licenses away when shown dashcam footage from other drivers. I hate snitches but I hate even more arrogant, aggressive, sociopath Tokyo drivers. I witness almost every month some driving that could get someone thrown in jail if done in front of a police car.

I even relax as soon as I start seeing plush toys and other crazy decorations on peoples' dashboards, it mean I'm north/south enough somewhere people dont commute to Tokyo, somewhere peaceful outside of the metropolis sociopath driving bubble where 100% of the drivers are respectful and considerate, where its even shameful to be otherwise.

These are the kinds of places (along with smaller capitals) scooters could work just fine.

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Posted in: Japan to allow unlicensed electric scooter riding from July See in context

These scooters would work just fine in smaller capitals like Toyama, Kofu, Okayama, etc. where the sidewalks are wide and comfortable, and 99% of the drivers are peaceful and are not in a rush.

In Tokyo, Osaka etc. please just no.

This is how it works here in Tokyo: if a slower vehicle appears on the left side of the road (bicycles, 50cc scooters), you cant just follow it for a few meters and wait for the best timing to overtake it like in other normal places, as everyone behind will be really pissed, so you have no choice but to either overtake it like a sociopath without securing a safe distance or risk swerving to the right whenever you have a split second of a chance.

Tourists will also be riding these things? Just no.

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Posted in: City in Mie sued after 9-year-old girl left blind in roller accident See in context

article with picture

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Posted in: Kusama installation See in context


she's been living in a mental institution since the 70s by choice

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Posted in: Watch where you're going See in context

Poster is misleading.

It's not only students who are glued to their phones, you have people of all ages acting as if they are the only human beings in the world. I remember when I still rode trains, even turned down/off whatever I'm listening just to focus on getting in/off the train, not that hard but it was a bit disgusting seeing people still glued to their phones (ears/eyes) precisely while hopping on the packed morning train like if its nothing.

I'm in my middle 30s now, just too old (and foreign?) to go around educating people in their 30s on how to be considerate and live in society. Will never catch these morning trains ever again, quality of life 0!

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Posted in: Blanchett slams 'patriarchal' awards shows after accepting best actress prize See in context

As a family loving provider new father, I will never get it how terms lile "woman", "patriarchy" etc. can get a negative meaning. These wackos are talking about the modern Western civilization for gods sake.

Who else watched just yesterday that show with the war zone journalist Hiroshi Sukagawa? (yes, j-tv can have shows that actually make sense once a year). That's what a real oppressive society looks like.

People from all over the world flee from oppression to the US.

"Patriarchal society".... says someone who can't even imagine what is to have your 50min. lunch sitting on a pile of dusty concrete. Give me a break.

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Posted in: More youth tournaments banning angry coaches See in context

Exactly! A simple yell to get ones motivation up after a loss in the locker room or telling players to run laps as punishment for doing something bad is entirely different from the moral/ abusive/ toxic harassments these POS coaches do to their players.

And it sounds all so natural that it makes you think if these people actually waste their poor time thinking about new words to abuse, writing down what to yell to other people and even rehearsing in front of a mirror.

Angry coaches, teachers, bosses or anyone of authority is a fundamental part of Japanese society. It's just that it has become less acceptable, mainly due to the Western movement toward respect and kindness of the individual at all times

Western "movement" lol

This is our nature, our mindset, what we actually are. But you're not one of us, how could you probably understand

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Headline is kinda misleading. "Angry" is part of most team sports, can't have a coach too soft.

What we have in Japan is plainly abusive, sociopath people venting their life issues by abusing children, I guess it was last month, they showed on tv how a group of some 20 parents all allowed their children to be abused by one of those bald, short-legged, eyebrow-less thugs for the sake of team/championship or other nonsense for a long time and all in front of the parents.

He even said to one of the children: 生まれた時からダメなんだよ、生み直してもらえ (you're worthless from birth, ask your mother to birth you better next time!

This phrase is what it took to snap the parents back to reality.

I can never understand how some japanese can get so wicked, evil, for absolutely no reward at all.

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Posted in: Shooting fallout: Metal detectors in U.S. elementary schools? See in context

why does the US have the highest gun homicide rate in the G7?

Why is the US so violent?

Same reason why heavily armed Switzerland is so peaceful. Most gun killings and mass shootings in America are commited by blacks.

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Posted in: Shooting fallout: Metal detectors in U.S. elementary schools? See in context

These parents, I cannot even imagine. Their lives are (in my opinion) over. 

Yep, definitely not something that goes away like that.

And reocurring school mass shootings don't help either, I would guess its just another stab on the never healing wound in these parents.

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