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Posted in: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the first bisexual Superman See in context

Yuck. Wouldnt mind if they come up with 2 lesbians teasing each other every now and then, but 2 muscle guys hugging and kissing? Gross! Who would enjoy reading this crap

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Posted in: North Korea's Kim says U.S. is 'root cause' of tensions See in context

Communism is a crime against humanity

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The reason I escaped the J-corp is pretty much the same of any self-employed person I know: cultural differences (and this comes from someone who's been studying 日本語 since I was 15 and came here 5 years later). Fed up with the ningen-kankei bs you have to put up with everyday at the office. At one point I felt pity for all the people around me, who seemingly had nothing much going on in their lives, no religion, parental love, interest in romance and the opposite sex in general...have you ever wonder why everytime someone asks you to do a small task, say, put some beer cans in a box, they will stop you and show how you can use both hands to grab 5 cans at once instead of 2? As if the world is going to end or something. At first I thought omg do you want a trophy?? But after so many similar experiences I realized thats the culture here, of having very little going on and channeling all your life energy trying to do something better/faster and nothing else. No other human thoughts to fog your goal. You are a robot, an ant.

I dont have any advise outside of working 3 days/week in your company (if you can) and eventually asking them to work from home. That was the jump start in my life.

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Posted in: 'Squid Game': South Korea's latest cultural phenomenon See in context

oh, and the constant allegories about what we have to put up with to earn the idolized pennie$ everyday,

the realities of the kind Pakistani migrant worker also resembles what happens in Japan.

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Posted in: 'Squid Game': South Korea's latest cultural phenomenon See in context

Just started watching yesterday, after some Youtubers talked about it. In reality what reality binged me to it was the great resemblance of the main character with Fukuyama Masaharu

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Posted in: Report touts benefits of second jobs for workers, firms See in context

Last time I worked for a japanese company (ages ago) I was told I could not do any other work/part time job outside of the company. I was also forced to take the tuna-packed trains despite having a car/motorcycle and securing a parking spot near the company, "you cannot commute by car", commuted by motorcycle almost everyday though.

Now I must have some 5 or more jobs, none which I have to work for anyone, waste my time on stupid reports or constantly being told what to do by crazy control freaks, I have a life, my own time, and I own them. Dont have to beg to a stranger everytime I need a day off. The best decision of my life was to start working 3 days/week for my previous company (bold decision) and spend the rest of my time focusing on what I really wanted to do. It was a jump start in life.

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Posted in: Uniqlo outfits might become Saitama high school’s official uniforms See in context

60,000 yen for kids’ uniforms?

Just another reminder how this place is a great scam trying to take every penny out of you from cradle to grave (literally), it works with the japanese who've never been abroad, they are indoctrinated to buy these ripoffs because the whole herd does without any objection, god forbid you dont want to stand out do you? No wonder whenever salespeople are talking to my wife (pushing 80.000 yen baby strollers, among other absurds) they literally flinch when I arrive at the scene

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: ‘Am I missing out?’ See in context

Race realism is a bliss. You will never have a real life if you are the non-asian westerner. Understand your race and your place in the world. Dont be the forever racially confused guy complaining he will never be "accepted" in one of these East Asian countries after spending years and mastering the language. Especially if you are white, understand you will be the embassador for the West in these far-away asian countries, regardless of your nationality.

As a teenager, I've studied the language and culture of this place for 5 years before moving to Japan shortly after turning 20. But it really doesnt matters. Everyone leaves at some point. And the brave people who stay here longer, either lives in the foreign bubble or those who say they are happy among japanese people accept their fate of being the ethernal exotic guest/pet gaijin in a small/middle sized community outside of the big cities.

Japan is for Asians. Filipinos can live a very normal, fulfilling life here. Not the same for the Western ambassadors. Going home is not an option for many of us especially if you never had one.

Japan is truly wonderful, I have total peace of mind while I'm working, knowing my wife and son are just alright exploring some new places in the city, safety is not an issue. Japan is wonderful in many things, except personal relationship with locals. If you are fine without those, you will be fine.

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Posted in: 5-year jail term finalized for 90-year-old over fatal crash See in context

I understand it can be quite harsh to put someone in their 90s behind bars, but suspending the whole sentence would be too cruel to the husband who cant wake up and go to bed without his family in his thoughts. He should spend at least 1 year kept away from society, no one wants to lose his whole family for nothing.

Besides, where is this old guy's family in this story?

This is Ikebukuro, not the countryside, no one in their 80s, 90s needs to be driving around in this chaos, if you are unable to walk grab a taxi like everyone else.

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Foreigners in China are being shunned and mistreated by locals for fear of spreading corona virus, just how ridiculous can be that? And you want to hold an international event in that place? CCP is the enemy of the human race

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Posted in: More than 30 California children still stuck in Afghanistan See in context

always spot on

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Posted in: New York Gov Cuomo resigns over sexual harassment allegations See in context

These people that usually virtue signal the hardest do so to hide their horrible characters, they always accuse others of what they do

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Posted in: Official: Belarus sprinter receives Polish humanitarian visa See in context

Well handled, Haneda cops.

> Good for Japan.

So much for them being heartless about those seeking asylum.

You silly..

Do you think Japan suddenly became an altruistic, understanding, compassionate white country?

World's eyes are on Japan right now, in other circumstances, she would've been persuaded to enter into that plane, or forced to stay at Shinagawa Immigration Detention Center until they calm her down and find her the next flight available. Kind japanese cops sheltering a foreigner in distress seeking asylum, ha!

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Posted in: Sneaking a peek: Fans find creative ways to glimpse Olympics See in context

Received a VIP all pass to enter & park at whichever venue I feel like, but never watched full 10min of single game since the Olympics started (including the Opening Ceremony).

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Posted in: School volleyball coach arrested for assaulting student See in context

Sport brings the worst out in people.

Couldnt be more true, left contact sports for solo/team work activities (cycling, climbing, tennis, kayak etc) after witnessing so many times nice people turning into childish little devils arguing, pushing, shoving with all their strenght for the only purpose of winning a silly weekend ball game, never again.

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Posted in: Olympic medalists get OK to pose for mask-less photos See in context

Im vaccinated but I keep wearing the damn masks out of pure social pressure. Immediately pluck them off my face whenever I realize Im still wearing them after got into the car/home

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics boast equal gender participation for first time See in context

Please. Don’t force women to do jobs/sports they don’t like just because of a handful of angry not so feminine feminists demand you to do so in name of ending the “patriarchy”

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Posted in: CNN to ramp up streaming as viewers quit cable See in context

CNN was one of my first sources of info when I wanted to wake up and have a quick glimpse on what was going on in the world. Stopped checking their website when they closed the comment section back in 2014.

Got even more disappointed a few years later, their hatred for Trump (like him or not!) poisoned their credibility to a point of no return, it didnt matter what time of the day I checked CNN online or on tv somewhere, it was always about bashing a single individual day and night, every single time I turned on the tv the screen was split in two with anchors trashing the same man, countless articles you swear it was written by school children (never read past the title or the 3rd paragraph), there was just no news about the World anymore.

Truth is, people are aware of their true colors and there is no one to blame but themselves.

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Posted in: Police find missing Ugandan weightlifter in Mie Prefecture See in context

Things must be pretty bad back in his home country to have to take this risk. Maybe we all need to understand this man and why he resorted to this option.

This was an act of desperation. I'm white, came to Japan over a decade ago after studying the language/culture for many years, was independent from day 1, still the life had been very difficult, at least until I become self-employed, breaking free from all the tiresome interactions with the japanese.

Now imagine you being black, no japanese language skills, no visa...... the guy should have waited until the Paris Olympics, but again, this was an act of desperation.... poor guy didnt have a clue this is not one of those pathologically altruistic white societies, the guy got literally hunted down like an animal

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Posted in: Japanese gov't backs 4-day workweek, but experts split See in context

For all people saying here, you can pretty much live your western life in Japan and unplug after 5pm, chill 2, 3 days a week while earning a decent salary. But from my experience in this place, this is bit difficult when you are the only foreigner in a japanese company. You will be crushed by the rules, customs and practices that are simply incompatible with the white man's lifestyle. You love your free time, your family. You're not an ant.

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Posted in: Woman cyclist killed in hit-and-run with motorbike See in context

in Japan (or pretty much anywhere else in the world, but especially here) you have to drive for yourself and also for the others.... driving safely and respecting the rules..its simply not enough... you have to constantly put your 危険予測 risk prediction skills to use... I drive in Tokyo everyday and while in residential areas I usually slow down/stop at every small intersection, many cyclists have absolutely no idea this 止まれ stop sign even exhists, they think its a rule for cars, and here lies the danger.

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Posted in: SoftBank's PayPay surges ahead in Japan's digital payments race See in context

Why should we have to move money from the bank, in to a 3rd party, in order to use electronic money.

It was much harder some 10 or 15 years ago when no supermarkets/small shops accepted credit card at all.

Now I use my Visa card pretty much as a Debit card, for groceries, restaurants etc. but yes, it was weird arriving in the futuristic Japan just to realize they don't accept debit cards at all.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing girlfriend’s 1-year-old son See in context

Mothers of little toddlers shouldnt have "boyfriends" to begin with.

How awful circumstances might be to make people break up within 1 year (or earlier) the child's birth, depriving the kid of all the parental love he/she deserves. Perfect recipe for a resentful, inconsiderate, sad human being we have to deal with on a daily basis.

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Posted in: Stationmaster cat dies in Oita after being hit by car See in context

Certainly, in Japan, where all life and nature is universally held as ‘sacred’

not true at least here in Tokyo, where stressed out drivers play with your life (tailgating your car/motorcycle) for absolutely no reason, multiple times a week, no respect for human life at all.

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Posted in: Crackdown on illegal maid cafes making maids rarer sight on streets of Akihabara See in context

One of the cafes connected to the arrests, for example, was found to be charging customers as much as 7,000 yen for a bottle of cola that would cost only about 200 yen in a convenience store

Not many violent crimes in this place, but "legal" scams like this are rampant in Japan. I refuse to pay lots of money for a little thing/meal is not even worth it and make someone's day. Many japanese who've never been abroad fall for this because they dont know how absurd it is. No wonder some clerks offering services etc to my wife are clearly uncomfortable when I'm around, they know that we can see right through their bs.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after asking police for advice on how to deal with smell of son’s corpse See in context

a Japanese man was found to have cut up the body of his father, who had passed away in their home, and hidden the pieces in his attic, having been hesitant to report his death.

seriously.. why????

they walk among us

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Posted in: Study finds Asians largely 'invisible' in Hollywood's top films See in context

The US movie 'Crazy Rich Asians' had a 100% asian cast and was praised for it's diversity, let that sink in for a minute.

of course. “diversity” = code word for anti-white/less whites

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Posted in: Study finds Asians largely 'invisible' in Hollywood's top films See in context

The whole world takes movies etc. made by whites in a majority white country for granted as “world’s entertainment”.

Can’t whites have their own movies, musics, awards, schools, culture without someone barking about how “inequal” they are by not having other foreign ethnicities blended in?

Next they will point out the inequality of european statues and paintings from the middle ages with no blacks/asians at all.

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Posted in: Can’t have a pet in your home? This purring cat cushion is the purr-fect substitute See in context

japanese people are always so creative when trying to make up for the total lack of affection/skinship from their partners/family..... lap pillows, cat cushions, tiny robots/anime holograms programmed to ask you how was your day... japanese people are so lonely and desperate for affection.

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Posted in: Man ordered to pay damages for tweeting insults over late 'Terrace House' star See in context

This article made me watch the video that lead to her criticism again.... slander the dead and say mean words is not good, but I kind of understand what the japanese felt watching that episode. Japanese or not, everyone here is tired of people snapping, getting angry and shouting mean words at you for abs nothing. I was tempted to leave Japan once because of situations like this, it almost felt to me as if some japanese are waiting their whole lives to “catch” someone doing the smallest mistake just to abuse and curse. A bicycle parked on the “wrong” spot for 5 minutes etc might lead to someone popping up from nowhere and start shouting at you and make a scene, virtue signaling with an angry face about the “trouble” you are causing to others..

”Nihon dayo koko wa!!” Sadly there is just too much people like this in Japan...

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