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No one blames the US any more, but just blames all kinds of atomic bombs all over the world. 

And you know exactly why? Because they can't! There is no "villain" in this a-bomb history because they are too embarassed to point out why they were bombed, so every year they keep pitying themselves over Hiro & Nag bombings without even discussing the whys, almost as if it was some kind of tsunami-like natural disaster or something.

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Insist Koreans to "get over it" still keep pushing this pity a-bombed Japan year in year out?

If this was an ocasion to protest what the J-gov put its citizens through out of pure greed, that would be another story..

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Maybe you should ask the Malaysians here in Japan first why they came here

definitely not for a “better life” or to get $$$ like many of their southeastern neighbours counterparts.

Every single Malaysian I met here came to appreciate the culture, work style or to improve their skills and go home, 90% of them speaking fluent japanese. Over a decade working for the immigration and only met a single malaysian overstayer. Malaysia was supposed to be the paradise for any muslim from anywhere, yet they decide to go to countries with culture 100% different from theirs, very hard to understand.

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It baffles me Muslims of any nation would pick up Japan to live when looking for better conditions.

Lived a while in Malaysia, which is a mix of China, Arabia and India, and where you find AEON Shopping Malls, Daiso, and other big J-entertainment venues, many christian places especially in the beautiful city of Malacca. Very mixed country where everyone has its own space, holidays and way of living. Every muslim wishing to come to Japan should have a look at Malaysia first, such a beautiful country where you won't have any issues with burial, food, customs etc...

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Posted in: Scientists revive microbes from 100 million years ago See in context

Has anyone seen The Thing...?

Or the 2017 "Life"?

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I don’t care about his sentencing, this guy should be banned from driving for life!

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2 weeks ago I was driving a 2-ton truck around Tokyo with two other friends. Was around to turn left, no more pedestrians, when I see this guy rushing from the right with the green light already blinking, turning red with the guy still half way the crossing. Waited patiently while chatting with my friends but when I released the brake pedal God must have whispered in my ear to check the left again (for big trucks like that impossible using the mirrors only) when I saw a 60 something obaachan in her bicycle starting to cross with her arm up and a “chotto matte” smile in her face.

Your whole life in Japan is over because of this kind of people that not only trust their lives to a traffic sign, but also feel entitled to be on the road anywhere, anytime because “cars will stop for me”. pheeew

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The problem falls most on international visitors.

Going to a country (especially with your family ) to spend weeks watching games while travelling around isnt something you can plan on spot, it takes months to even an year or 2 in advance.

Japanese politicians are hoping corona goes away by this year and Japan opens up to the World, just a few months before the opening ceremony.

Too much rush and uncertainty... I would definitely give up the Olympics if it was held in a foreign country distant from Japan.

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I would like to counter argue Trump on this but the reality is, try to ask the question below to any democrat/Biden supporter and see what they have to say about the person they want in charge of the USA:

Without mentioning Trump, why do you support Biden?

Besides, I have to say Biden disgusts me a bit, despite the media blackout on his persona.

"if you don't vote for me you are not black"

"Poor Kids" Are Just as Bright as 'White Kids"

How about the countless footages of the old man fondling/molesting children in public?

2020 US elections are nothing but a joke. With such a weak candidate to fight against Trump I would say the election is already over.

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East Japan Railway Co are working together to make it easier for people to pass between the areas around Shinjuku Station, particularly west and east of it.

Thank God! Shinjuku Station is a massive maze. It doesnt take me more than 5, 7 minutes to go from West to East exit of any train station in Japan (even the massive Nagoya and Kyoto Stations) but in Shinjuku... I doubt anyone can go from one side to the other in less than 20min during peak hours.

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Posted in: Tokyo enlists nightclub workers for Q&A-style videos to fight coronavirus See in context

I take it that they meant to say the safe distancing between fellow customers, else what is the point of visiting hostess clubs with all these restrictions in place?

Many industries are desperate these days.

They scam their customers into keep using their services even when it turned into a complete different scenario. One example is the "online wedding ceremony". Unless there is an aging relative or emergency situation, what is the point of holding a ceremony right now with all the guests celebrating through a small screen?? Nothing but pure greed from the wedding planner, who fought hard to keep its reservation by tricking the customers with this silly idea.

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"This is being called 'Japan risk' among foreigners living in Japan ... This residence status-related risk has prompted many foreigners to think twice about settling here and to look seriously into moving to other countries," he said.

many foreigner residents if not most fail to realize how thin, fragile is the line that supports their whole lives in Japan. In our minds, we are tax paying citizens. In the japanese eyes, temporary guests allowed in out of clemency. This after 10, 20 years in Japan. We are not citizens of this country as we want to imagine. Go protest something on the streets and have the same fate of Ronald McLean.

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I see people driving around wearing a mask. Meaningless. They are worn too much.

This until you get cyclists, riders, pedestrians and even other drivers coughing and sneezing right next to you.

After so many of these encounters I only drive with the windows up. For people who want to save on AC, masks might not be a dumb option.

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In general, it's very frustrating that people in the West are making wearing a mask a dogma and, here in Asia, they are making it a social harassement not wearing one. I see people here wearing a mask in situations where it just makes no sense. People outside and not in a crowd (often even alone), walking, ridding a bicycle, driving, etc wear a mask, this is ridiculous. The virus is not hiding behind a tree ready to jump on people. Masks make a great sense and ARE proven to be useful in confined place with a big crowd where social distancing is not possible. But otherwise there is no scientific evidence that wearing a mask outside for example makes any sense. But Japanese just for some silly social pressure wear them all the time and like to be miserable since the season is not the best one to wear a mask all the time.

You are forgetting the fact that this is virtue signaling, finger pointing Japan. People feel free to pinpoint and harass you for the smallest thing that might go against the crowd rules. Many stories of people getting yelled at by total strangers these days.

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Posted in: M4.7 quake jolts Kanto region See in context

Every single month the same thing here in Tokyo.....

As for Osaka, we only feel anything once every couple of years.

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Posted in: Man arrested after slapping face of 8-year-old boy See in context

Soccer, badminton, street dance etc were supposed to be healthy activities where kids could have a little bit of fun, but as many other activities in this country, it feels more like a military camp with overwhelming rules and pressure, you don't see kids smiling and goofing around, this is a place for discipline and group bonding, and not in the fun way.

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Posted in: 'Help!' cry British musicians, warning of crisis in live music industry See in context


Exactly. Time to show some compassion here with your fellow artists.

One of the silver linings of all this is that it might be the greatest opportunity for some people to think over about their life choices, wake up to the real world and ask themselves if they really have the passion to become a career entertainer or if they are just daydreaming about easy money and spotlight.

Just try to think how many young people might just have found a path to follow, a noble job that really contributes to society in a positive way after finding out they can't put all their eggs in a basket and daydream about becoming another silly 'idol'.

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Posted in: Japan formally asks U.S. to extradite men accused of helping Ghosn flee See in context

this is unprecedentedly funny.

Japan fights so hard to kick people out of its shores every single day, first time I see them so desperate to magnet a foreigner in

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Posted in: Half-Japanese woman hands card to people who ask tiresome questions about her race See in context

Never ending silly questions: reason #1 I decided to be self-employed from year 2 in Japan. Better decision of my life. Can't imagine people answering the very same questions for years and years without any prospect it will change

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Posted in: Yamato becomes Japan's 1st city to 'ban' use of phones while walking See in context

'nagara keitai' at crowded places such as train stations and busy streets is not only the epitome of selfishness and sociopathy, but also a danger to other people's lives as well, just yesterday was inches from running over a sociopath on his bicycle, full speed while using his phone not stopping at the 'tomare' sign. Only God knows where I would be right now if I wasn't ride my motorcycle extra slowly in that residential area.

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For someone who spends half the month in Osaka and half in Tokyo, I can tell you:

we only get anything close to an earthquake in Osaka once in 2, 3 years.

here in Tokyo there isn’t a full month I can sleep without being awaken by a quake or phone alerts.

Just imagining what might be coming....

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Posted in: Japanese reality show 'Terrace House' cast member dies See in context

To you! But evidently not to her, and maybe, just maybe, it was staged by the producers as well.

Terrace House has to be the fakest "reality" show of all, when the members can freely go outside and also decide to "sotsugyou"/leave the show at some point, instead of being voted out. Hence the shock from the outcome of something we might all have thought had been staged.

Unfortunately finger pointing Japan is the worst place to commit any behavioral mistake/ rule transgression in public, where you can get viciously attacked/bullied non-stop over literally nothing.

Her emotions could certainly swing violently, as evidenced by that infamous Terrace House episode where she so vehemently attacked Kai.

Again, she was definitely facing a lot, Kai was sincerely apologizing while she was freaking out "dont you understand my struggle??" "what have I done to you??" and even belittling him with "as you cant make people smile in this house you will never be an artist" "you live your life wandering around so you wouldnt understand what hard work really means". Honestly, I got upset by her words, but would never waste 1 min. of my life leaving nasty comments on her SNS, some japanese have way too much time on their hands and so little going on with their lives.....

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My wife watches this show. Just yesterday she asked me to watch the very same scene that caused the trouble. And a few hours later, the girl was dead.

The problem started when Hana got overly mad and attacked one of the guys because he didn’t realize there was a piece of (her) clothe inside the washing machine before using it, causing it to shrink.

I guess anyone who watches the scene might get the same impression: poor guy, why all this fuss over a piece of clothe?

By the way she attacked him, she had away more trouble going on inside her.


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I never understand these types of reactions from the Japanese people, lack of empathy.

Just as you (us) will never understand some strange, cold responses in lots of occasions, even after living here for a decade or so.

"first world" Japan ≠ white, europe, west

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Posted in: 5 post-apocalyptic anime to watch while social distancing See in context

Saikano. Such a disturbing, beautiful anime.

The first person you start to love is a deadly weapon used in the ongoing war.

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Posted in: U.S. death toll eclipses China's as reinforcements head to New York See in context

And who would be naive enough to believe anything a communist country has to say?

Remember this is the country where people are literally buried and bulldozed alive inside a crashed train to cover-up and save some face.

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Posted in: Japanese comedian Ken Shimura dies from coronavirus-caused pneumonia See in context

Brilliant artist.

"Japanese english teacher teaches foreigners english" was one of my fav sketches on Youtube.


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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 63 new coronavirus cases, a record daily increase See in context

"virus" this "infection" that, to the point it made me literally sick, just some runny nose though. Even my motorcycle is in the garage for weeks, moving around Tokyo exclusively by car these days, no wonder the traffic got worse these days even with relatively less people going to work/school.

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Posted in: 13% of employees in Japan teleworking due to virus See in context

*peak hours

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Posted in: 13% of employees in Japan teleworking due to virus See in context

Been teleworking/self-employed since came to Japan in my 20s. A real waste of quality of life to travel every morning in jam packed trains to go somewhere to do exactly the same thing you could be doing at home/cafe/library/car.

Trains are less crowded here in Tokyo but I guess the number of cars increased during peaking hours, the same destination that usually took me 40min. now is taking 1h

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