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Posted in: Japanese anime industry earning more money than ever, almost half of it from outside Japan See in context

The title of the article says it all.

Very satisfying to see more and more shops and industries appealing to the foreign audience.

Plenty of opportunities especially to foreigners already living in Japan. 2 keys to success and independence in Japan:

・export Made in Japan goods/services

・supply goods/services to foreigners in Japan

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy dies after being hit by car driven by mother See in context

The driving test needs to have a driving with toddler section added.

I might be wrong but I guess the current driving tests already require you to go check the surroundings of the car before getting inside. I remember even checking if there wasn't anything under the car to secure those points. The problem is when drivers get way too confident and forget/neglect all these 'pesky' details that cost points during your test but they are there for a reason.

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Posted in: Most people in Japan know acronym LGBT but understanding limited: survey See in context

Here we go again....

I have a feeling people would be more respectful and open toward LGBTXYZ people if they didn't make this 'a cause'.

Different from my country Japan is not a country gay ppl have to 'fight' and/or fear violent assaults.

Last time I saw there was even an option to search for "LGBT-friendly" apato/manshons...

What the heck does that even mean to your landlord/neighbors??

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Posted in: High school student 'forced' to quit school sues Kumamoto Prefecture for a single yen See in context

I feel sorry for these kids.

I feel sorry for people working at 100% japanese companies (ALTs and such included).

Japan is such a pleasant place to live but the working environment is horrible, there is constant stress in the air you can even smell it. The practices and customs are pretty hard to understand, even if you come to the country already speaking N1 japanese. You are eating and laughing with your colleague, as soon as you step in the office, the smile vanishes and they treat/speak to you in such a cold manner, almost as if they are angry at you (what the??).

After more than 10 years in Japan and 2 failed attempts trying to fit in the japanese working culture I decided to be my own boss. Best choice ever.

This pupil can see through all this bs, guess he will run away from Japan at the very first chance he gets!

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Posted in: Japan plans harsher road rage penalties after high-profile incidents See in context

people using cars as a weapon to threat others should be dealt as people using kitchen knives to threat others

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri admits to using MDMA, other illegal drugs See in context


I guess this difference you pointed out is more a matter of gaijin/nihonjin than talented/talentless artist.

Talented or not, any japanese "artist" will be hammered nonstop for weeks for simply taking a picture with a gang member, offering their entertainment show (doing their job!) in a small party with the attendance of a small scam group, evading taxes or god forbid smoking a joint in the privacy of their homes.. meanwhile stuff like "smashed the papparazis' cameras " "took hard drugs in the past" are just a 3sec. small detail when introducing a foreign artist in a talk show etc

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Posted in: Actress Sawajiri admits to using MDMA, other illegal drugs See in context

I hate drugs of all kinds but this place is a big circus and I'm not talking about wasted taxes on these cases.

How ridiculous all this massive mob bullying from the same society who says it had enough with ijime.

Not 1 or 2, but hundreds if not thousands of people taking their time to call every single TV channel/movie company/advertiser the actor/actress is related to, and demanding they cut all relations with that person. They literally want to destroy someone's life over a joint.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands attend event for emperor's enthronement See in context

they had to bring Arashi for that number though....

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Posted in: National Police Agency mulls revoking driver's licenses over road rage See in context

Can't wait!!

Start revoking licenses and prosecuting people threatening to hit your car as intentional harm/murder and all this nonsense will stop within a week or so.

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Posted in: Rihanna blasts Trump in new Vogue interview See in context

such a relief to have an entertainer to offer us some insightful opinions on real world politics

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Posted in: One-person seclusion tents let you turn part of your home into your private kingdom See in context

I would love to try it, despite already owning a small outdoor tent.

Perfect for people who cannot afford to be distracted during a work but also that love the family too much to spend hours in a secluded area of the house.

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Posted in: Authorities say Nigerian died of starvation after immigration hunger strike See in context

There's no indication in the article that he was seeking asylum or in fear of being sent back to Nigeria. He may have just been a standard foreign criminal trying to fight a deportation order after serving his sentence.

Just came back from the Immigration here. Visited a few detainees this morning. 90% (or more) are people who once had a visa and all the opportunities to succeed and make a life in Japan but instead chose to commit crimes, such as robbery, scamming and other minor drug offenses. It's extremely rare to meet a real asylum-seeking refugee and I go there every couple of months.

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring woman who was texting while walking See in context

I feel sorry for people commuting by train in Tokyo every single day.....

I take trains a few times a month and I couldn’t bear avoiding those totally disrespectful inconsiderate zombies on a daily basis....

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Posted in: Driver appeals 16-year prison sentence for ramming motorbike from behind, killing rider See in context

Laws or lack of them is what creates these monsters that terrify other drivers on a daily basis.

The japanese are terrified of even picking up a bag/wallet/coin dropped in the street because they know very well this might become a case and they can get arrested for theft.

Meanwhile these people are given green light to do whatever they want on the road because they KNOW there is nothing the law can do about it.

The day drivers start getting punished and having their licenses revoked by other drivers presenting their dashcam evidence to the police all this nonsense stops.

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Posted in: Typhoon pummels Kanto region; one reported dead, 40 injured See in context

Rode an Adiva 300 and a Piaggio MP3 during blizzards and typhoons, no problem at all.

Better than getting stuck with thousands of other people or having a hard time to find accomodation.

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Posted in: Digital nomad workers in Japan move freely, with no fixed residences See in context

I’ve been in that lifestyle when I was single.

Paid 15.000 yen/month for a comfy 6-jo studio in Osaka but spent most of the month going around Japan in a Smart car or an Adiva 300, working while enjoying the most beautiful sceneries I could find, good times.

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Posted in: Cathay flight attendant says she was fired over Facebook posts on HK protests See in context

They should become independent, just like Taiwan.

Communism surely knows no limits... once they got the power, it is almost impossible to retrieve the free, peaceful state of things, and they are capable of doing literally anything to stay in power.

I've been from Venezuela to Vietnam, it's always the same thing. In Vietnam, the local looking people are stopped at the entrance of most of their international airports and you wonder why.

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context

People wondering how a child of a Japanese can lose its visa....

Guys this is just the name of this Visa that puts foreigner spouses and children in the same category for convenience purposes.. I have yet to see a child of a Japanese national (born overseas or in Japan) without Japanese nationality....... besides children in Japan can hold 2 or more nationalities so what's the point of being child of a japanese in Japan with only a foreigner nationality?

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Posted in: Over 3 mil freelancers in Japan amid rise of flexible working styles See in context

Eat your breakfast somewhere in Osaka, meet a client in Kyoto, have a lunch in Kobe, meet a business partner in Yokohama, dinner in Tokyo.

Freelancing is not for everyone.

I love this lifestyle but sometimes I envy those people who go every single day to the same place to earn their money. Google Maps dries up half of my battery everyday.

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Posted in: Record 832 foreigners in Japan lose residency status in 2018 See in context

I wasn't going to comment but...

After all I've seen, I would prefer to give my children dual citizenship than making them live in Japan with any kind of visa.

Absolutely anything can happen in the future and you can even get your seemingly untouchable 永住権 perm residency and your decades-long life in Japan in a blink of an eye.

1 example:

Japanese salarymen working away from the family (単身赴任) = pretty normal, erai erai

Foreigner working away from the family for a couple of months = very suspicious, probably fake marriage etc...

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Posted in: Road rage suspect arrested after dashboard camera records assault See in context

Good! But the way cops deal with things in this place, I was really worried the cops might somehow make a case against the victim punched, as he loose the break pedal and hit the car in front while being assaulted. As everyone knows, if you rear end another vehicle here you are the culprit, no matter the circunstances. Hope it won't be the case this time.

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Posted in: New Trump rule targets poor and could cut legal immigration in half, advocates say See in context

New rule based on income to prevent vagrants and professional welfare recipients from reaching the US.

NILC: "the rule was racially motivated"

For the 100th time, how so? Unless you are the racist here to think only non-whites can be poor..for gods sake

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Posted in: South Korea detains 6 for illegally entering Japan consulate See in context

78-year-old South Korean man died after setting himself on fire near the Japanese Embassy in Seoul.

just how sad, bitter or brainwashed someone has to be to live 78 years and torch himself for nothing

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Posted in: Trump defiant as lawmakers blast his 'racist' attacks on 4 congresswomen See in context

some words like 'racist' 'nazi' 'concentration camps' etc are way overused and counter effective, also offensive and very disrespectful to people who have witnessed the horrors of any war.

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Posted in: Hokkaido ski resort tackles growing tension between Japanese, foreign residents See in context

As someone has pointed out, japanese trash rules can be a big pain in the ass.

I come to Japan for the first time with an advanced knowledge of the language, it wasn't enough to not be puzzled by the so many days and rules to every single item in the house (what a pain to throw a single 1.5L pet bottle away!) but I agree if you are a resident or at least someone coming to Japan every few months you should put some effort to learn the language and local customs.

I can't imagine myself moving to Germany and demanding everything to be in my own language, etc.

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Posted in: 630 cases of violence against train station employees reported in fiscal 2018 See in context

When divided by age group, people in their 60s accounted for the highest cases of violence (25%), followed by those in their 50s (20%), and passengers in their 30s (18%). By gender, 92% of the perpetrators were males.

Kids moving out and not bothering to visit their parents until they fall ill, old people unable to make friends or join activities for the senior, wandering the cities with all their frustration with the world.

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Posted in: Kao's #beWhite campaign leaves firm red-faced See in context

Popular actresses in many countries such as Thailand are well-rounded and white, not slim and dark. 

I lived in Southeast Asia for 1 year. It doesn't matter the country, from CD covers to billboards and commercials on TV, 90% or more of the people is very fair skinned, and by no means it represents the vast mixture of colors of the said country. Same can be said for India, Africa, South America, places I witnessed the same trending to achieve a fair skin no matter what.

I particularly love white beauty, regardless of the race. It's a shame the word 'white' became almost a curse word these days....

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Posted in: Kao's #beWhite campaign leaves firm red-faced See in context

someone should tell this company it´s ok to be white

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Posted in: Japan grapples with traffic jams, visitors' manners amid tourism boom See in context

I have visited/lived in a handful of other asian countries and I have to say, sometimes there wasn't a week (or sometimes even a day) I wouldn't be baffled by the total lack of manners and consideration toward others in those countries if in comparison with Japan.

Everybody here have this love & hate relationship with Japan but no one cant say japanese arent one of the most considerate people on earth, be it by their own character or by social pressure, what I don't judge it wrong, I prefer to be watched by the society and pressured to treat others with consideration than to not have these invisible rules and sigh everytime I go out and have to face hordes of impolite, ''me first'' ppl everywhere, everywhere.

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' comedian Ryota Yamasato marries actress Yu Aoi See in context

More people talking about Terrace House than the actual couple. For people that dislike TH you guys sure do talk a lot about it in the comments.

I confess I watched the whole Terrace House Aloha State with my wife, purely out of curiosity about the mindset of "halfs" and how they cope with life in Japan and overseas, almost all of them so open minded and easy going it made me wanted to watch the next season... just to find it unbearable.... as someone pointed, totally dull, unnatural and very japanese, people anxious 24/7 about what the others might think about them and planning the smallest actions in the house so not to 'disturb' the others. There was a whole episode revolving on an 'argument' when one of the participants tried to virtue sign telling others not to sleep in the common room.

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