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Posted in: Japan’s newest fashion trend: Dressing like a Zen priest? See in context

Nice idea to mix up style and tradition, but if to speak of priests, they are the image of tradition.

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Posted in: Could the way we behave on the train reveal our true personality? See in context

After reading this all I can suppose people are similar - the land doesn't matter in this modern world :) Each situation describes types of passengers I can see every day. May be their personal features should not be judged so severely :) We are all human beings. We can be tired or full of joy and behave different :)

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Posted in: Is the Japanese word for 'thank you' losing its meaning? See in context

I think each nation has it's own words for "thank you", may be even different forms for different situations. Those words have their meaning, special energy and they have been used for ages. IMHO, such words should be used with great respect.

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Posted in: U.S. early-warning radar system to be installed near Kyoto See in context

It's good and bad at the same time. As for Japan - no questions, it's good. As for Korea - it is one more circumstance to feel distrust for two countries.

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Posted in: And they're off See in context

No matter where on Earth, but Africa runs and wins :D

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