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Posted in: Interactive DVD for shy people See in context

Where do I sign up for the world where all "strangers" you need to learn to interact with are cute young women.

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Posted in: Hotel rooms still available for Beijing Olympics See in context

I wonder how many people who had reservations have canceled because of the brutal suppression of the Tibetan people, which also makes it impossible to combine a visit to the Olympics with a trip to Tibet. Or the risk of earth quakes and the potential collapse of the hotels. Or just plain outrage at the scandalous arresting of parents who try to file lawsuits against corrupt officials who ignored the building codes of the schools in which their children died.

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Posted in: These days, on trains, for example, we often see people who have little sense of public morality. See in context

On short trips it's not such a problem, but if you're on a train for 3 hours it can really ruin a trip if there are a bunch of salary men tanking up and talking loudly when you're trying to catch some Zs. I also get annoyed by the stench of bento boxes and farts whenever taking a train around lunch time. But I believe such considerations are more part of Western sensibility.

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Posted in: Ex-figure skating coach arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting 13-year-old pupil See in context

I dread to think how many times he made that same "mistake" in the past and charges were never made.

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Posted in: Porn producers look for more daring locations See in context

I suppose as an employer you wouldn't be too thrilled if the workers were distracted by a porn shoot visible from the office windows. And as an office lady the usual glances of the ojisans at their mini skirt uniform might just feel a bit more uncomfortable.

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Posted in: Shuttle Discovery docks at space station, delivers new lab and new occupants See in context

The world's most expensive capsule hotel.

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Posted in: Dior issues Sharon Stone apology for 'karma' remark over China's earthquake See in context

It seems the Tibetan people can go to hell as far as Ms. Stone is concerned as soon as her lucrative Dior contract is in danger.

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Posted in: Flasher pushes woman onto railway tracks in Tokyo See in context

Very disappointed that in the multitude of onlookers there was no one who felt compelled to make sure that jerk didn't get away.

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Posted in: Police raid 'blind-date cafe' in Tokyo, taking 31 high school, college girls into custody See in context

Most likely the Ikebukuro decided to take action because the place had become a hotbed of venereal disease. Besides the moral wrongness of girls this young prostituting themselves their ignorance of the risks to their health and the pressure the men put on them to have unprotected sex leads to all kind of nasty issues. Not least rendering these potential birth machines unable to do their patriotic duty and conceive at a later age.

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Posted in: Are young males losing interest in commercial sex? See in context

“culture of pleasure” = male dominated society which views women as sex toys.

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Posted in: What is causing the global food price spike and what should be done about it? See in context

George Bush is the single most significant cause in crippling the world economy. Billions of Americans tax payers money are funneled to the American Army, who are being misapplied to achieve unattainable badly thought out goals. Because this money doesn't go into the economy, growth slows down, inflation takes hold and prices start to rise.

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Posted in: Cat hired as station chief brings passengers back to debt-ridden train company See in context

I bet it's employer doesn't pay it's pension insurance.

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Posted in: Do you consider the word "gaijin" racist? See in context

In my opinion it is fine when people you are familiar with shorten gaikokujin to gaijin. However, if someone I didn't know would address me as gaijin that could be an indication of a hostile attitude. It depends on the situation really, I wouldn't say it's a racist word per se.

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Posted in: NASA spacecraft lands on Mars See in context

If there is water there may be life. If there is life there may be terrorists. If you cut NASA funding you are supporting the terrorists.

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Posted in: TV announcer Ako Kawada found dead in car in apparent suicide See in context

Maybe no one ever took her problems seriously because she happens to be good looking and successful. Whenever a celebrity case like this comes along it really should remind people also of the thousands of cases that go unreported. Where the victims also had a right to, but failed to get, adequate mental health care.

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Posted in: AIDS spreading via dating sites: fact or fiction? See in context

Typical, he develops an obsession about “the AIDS woman” and he never contemplates any remorse about the possible infections he himself may have caused. It's such a backward notion that women are the containers of AIDS and they entrap innocent men who out of good faith don't use protection as they take a vacation from their marital responsibilities.

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Posted in: Hostessing an honorable profession, young women say See in context

I'll never forget that guy looking all stressed out standing outside a shinjuku hostess club in his dog suit catching a quick smoke before going back in to be an obasan puppy again. Often reality doesn't turn out quite as glamorous as it's made out to be.

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Posted in: Japan enacts 1st law allowing for military space use See in context

Let the building of giant robots begin. Gundam FTW!

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Posted in: Dealing with stress in the office See in context

I think what jobs in Japan lack more than anywhere else in the world is a sense of responsibility. Most people in the west motivate themselves for their jobs because they believe that what they are doing is the best way to get the result they aim for. In Japan it usually comes down to completing a task that someone else set for you which is not very motivating and thus stressful.

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Posted in: Seibu Railway employee held for molesting woman on Seibu line See in context

I would love to see this woman also take Seibu Railway Co to court as I have no doubt sales rookie Sawatani was tanking up in the line of duty.

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