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Smythe. "Many Americans to Candaians were not fans of MJ" seriously?? Really? is that really true in your world? I dont know what side of the country you live in currently but thats a load of bull crap. And I'm sure many of the net boards you visit are the end all be all of information. Well on the net boards I'VE been on people are talking about how upset they are and how they have to comfort their children because this news was upsetting to them.

And of course they make fun of MJ, not new people, hell many a comedian and musical artist have made fun of good ole mike and how he's trying to be white or his weird looking nose so I dont see how that sums into your theory about not many being fans. How the hell were his upcoming shows sold out and him not have many fans?

I'm sorry but reading through all these comments reminded me of why I quit coming here, I know many of you have no love for MJ but for the people who loved him dearly this is shameful and disrespectful. The man is dead. People at least show consideration for them and put into practice what your momma should have taught you when you were younger, "if you don't have anything nice to day, don't say anything at all" SMH....

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