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The "Bread and Breakfast" would surely catch on. (But where will your visitors sleep?)

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Years ago, outside Shinkansen station (Kobe) I needed directions and I asked (politely in perfect Japanese) a policeman standing nearby, looking bored.

First he told me where to go then HE ASKED ME IF I HAD MY GAIJIN CARD !!

I was shocked - there was no reason for asking (maybe he was bored and saw a chance to hassle a foreigner without English problems.)

I didnt have my card, so I made some excuses and he said OK, but carry it next time.

Maybe it was a one-off case of abuse-of-authority, but the memory still pisses me off.

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It would be good if JapanToday mentioned at the start of the article that it is mainly for a foreign country, not Japan.

Moderator: The advice can be applied to any company in any country, including Japan.

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....... you said.... they forget that the UK has the British commonwealth, 

well let's see then...

Australia already told the Brits they cant just join the TPP, since they are located in Europe not the Pacific.

Canada wont/cant let the Brits become part of Nth American free trade area.

Maybe India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc will come to rescue their former colonial masters?

....... you said.... The English have long memories. 

So do the Irish. And the French. And all the 27 EU countries.

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I believe you usually catch a cold by touching something with your hand and later subconsciously touching your face (mouth, nose, etc.) Masks may be useful for preventing the spread of germs/viruses in this way.

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How ironic.

Britain was quite happy to rip many other countries apart, e.g, when 80% of Ireland wanted independence in 1921, Britain decided it had to respect the wishes of the 20% (descendants of British colonial planters) in north-east Ireland , and ripped the country apart, causing decides of strife.

Britain also ripped apart the Indian subcontinent and several African colonies, imposing artificial borders.

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"Good Start" when they lose 4-2?

What's a bad start then?

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a good cause... but why focus on breast cancer which has a very high survival rate, instead of pancreatic cancer which has a very very low suvival rate?also why not focus on a cancer that affects both women and men.

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Why not put pressure on China by telling them that Taiwan would be given nuclear weapons if things don't change... and that S Korea would likewise be given nuclear weapons when/if they want them?

To avoid such a scenario, China would be requested to promptly make N Korea a client state of China - effectively placing its nukes under direct Chinese control.

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