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Posted in: Doctors: Radiation not biggest impact on Fukushima residents' health See in context

suddenly this remind me of the case happened in Malaysia during 80's, where the Mitsubishi set up a rare earth refinery plant at a small region named Bukit Merah in Malaysia, right opposite the plant that's a small village with around 5000 population. Thru out the 10 years plant operation, there're more than 10 cases blood cancer of children found almost in the same time, instead the region became the world's highest blood cancer discovered rate during that particular time, beside that the rate of abortion for pregnancy women and deformed new born baby are also extraordinary high! But then a group of medical expert sending from Tokyo to carry out a processional study on this phenomena, and the result? Yes.... cannot be linked to the refinery plant. Karma...

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Posted in: Germany urges Japan to deal honestly with WWII past See in context

Enshrining and worshiping the WW-ll Class A War Criminals making Japanese "The most shameless nation of the world"...

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Posted in: Voter support for Abe rises to 72% See in context

Right wing ideology always the best medicine for desperate nations...

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Posted in: S Korean small businesses urged to boycott Japanese goods See in context

Korean are slowly replacing Japan world's no. 1 ranking in global electronic high end productions, follow by automobile and computerize field, soon Japan will need to bow to Korea...

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Posted in: U.N. expert: Fukushima not as bad as Chernobyl See in context

Ya rite, the Japan govn settle it by pouring all the radioative waste water into the ocean, selling all their contaminated goods and foods to third world country, and let the wind blow thier polluted air to Korea, China, SE-Asia, USA and the less of the world, very soon Japan will be as clean as last time before earthquake. Now they already serving those import from Japan "high quality" beef at many Vietnam and Laos high class restaurant!

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