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Posted in: Edano says Japan's corporate governance on par with U.S. See in context

What he means by saying "corporate governance" is that corporations govern you!

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Posted in: China presses for FTA with S Korea, Japan See in context

The US and Chinese governments are both currency manipulators, you know. The US is no saint either, but that is a different issue.

Trade agreements like TPP provide the most benefits for the countries pushing them by giving their industries an edge over the domestic ones. Who knowd how it could affect Japan's economy.

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Posted in: China presses for FTA with S Korea, Japan See in context

Say no to all trade deals until Japan can get it's economic house in order.

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Posted in: Key conservative voices back Cain See in context

Cain is no politcal outsider, he served on the Kansas City Federal Reserve during years before the Dot com bubble and his positions are very similar to typical politicians. Most people who support him don't really have much of a clue what his positions are and he has proven to flip flop or dance around the issues. The only reason I can see why people support this guy is that he like a black Chris Christie- meaning he talks big but lacks substance. All you'll get from this guy is more broken promises when what the US needs are someone who will actually provide results.

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Posted in: Gov't approves plan to send GSDF troops to South Sudan See in context

Lousy cover story.

How is it in Japan's best interest to to be helping build another country's infrastructure when the the country itself has been hurt by numerous earthquakes and a tsunami?

Do you really armed Japanese military forces to assist in the rebuilding of a nation? Why not hire private contracters to do it themselves,

This is part of the scheme in the reconquest of Africa. Troops are being sent already being sent to Uganda, soon Libya, now Sudan.

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Posted in: Japan passes law to create entity to pay damages to nuclear victims See in context

The government has agreed to help TEPCO compensate evacuees and other victims, conceding in the law that the state is partly responsible because it has promoted nuclear energy for decades.

Good the government is acknowleging it's involvement, but putting the taxpayer on the hook is reckless. I mean, this is just a move to save TEPCO. In short-term, you will cheer and be happy that the government is going to help, but longterm, the price to pay will be astronomical. So, foresee major tax increases on the struggling economy.

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Posted in: Norway killer's manifesto praises Japan for not adopting multiculturalism See in context

I hope no one is taking what this nut is saying seriously.

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Posted in: Rabbit season See in context

Looks delicious. I just want to eat it up.

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Posted in: Man broadcasts own suicide live on video streaming site See in context

Ok so its the internet thats screwed up not the people using it?

That is implied...

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Posted in: Man broadcasts own suicide live on video streaming site See in context


People were aware of what he was doing and sat there and watched him do it with out contacting the police or some other authority or atleast counselor or something????? I can't believe people could sit and watch this happen without doing anything. Japan society really is screwed!

I would say the internet is screwed up. For a lot of netizens, bullying and suicide are jokes until something actually happens.

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Posted in: Thousands of UK students protest tuition fees hike See in context

cleo at 09:28 AM JST - 11th November

these people like to call tea party participants violent and unhinged...

Excuse me, you have any evidence that UK university students have made any kind of group statement about US politics? Who are 'these people'?

I have no real proof, but my lib dem friend believes the tea partiers are "white christian racists." Not saying hes the voice of the the left, but I believe that he shares the same feelings as those students.

The students are darn right to protest.

Yes they have the right to a 'peaceful' protest, not breaking windows and destroying TVs. You shouldn't take these people lightly either, they're union thugs. They'd rather keep their precious benefits, even if it means collapsing the UK economy.

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Posted in: The freefall of Japan’s anime industry See in context

Anime like art is a reflection of it's time and audience. Anime in the 80s was heavily influenced by American pop-culture such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and American films, because much of the Japanese youths were really into American stuff.

Nowadays, it's more uniquely Japanese. Anime is more geared toward adults(otaku) who watch it as an escape. Shows paint a more exciting picture of life that is prettier than the hard work-loaded, Japanese adult world. This is why most westerners who got into anime a decade ago are turned off by the new stuff- it lost it's western appeal. So anime in the west is certainly on the decline, but anime in the east is still remarkably going strong. K-ON! and Haruhi still selling tons of merch tells me that...

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Posted in: U.S., Australia condemn Myanmar elections See in context

Where was the US condemnation of Iran's election with all the youths rioting?

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Posted in: Clinton pressures China over territorial disputes See in context

As usual you have it wrong. United States good. US Allies all good. US adversaries bad. Get it?

Let me get in the game. China bad, US "world police" funded by China also bad. There are no good guys or bad guys here. Both pose threats to Japan's sovereignty and are putting a strain on each others relationship. The GOJ shouldn't be playing "choose or die", and just maintain good relationships with everyone so they can focus on internal issues.

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