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Posted in: Ghosn's legal woes highlight governance failings in Japan See in context

I do not have any qualm about Japan's judicial system since I have never troubled them as a good citizen. Have you?

Oh... You really believe that being a good citizen will keep you away from the judicial system? You think all people, every single person involved in the system guilty? What if say, a person gets pulled into a situation they do not start? What if say, a foreigner gets harrassed by a Japanese person then the police called? Do you really believe the police will approach the situation fairly? Yeah right... Foreigners are foreigners, 外人は外人だけ. Stereotypes are rife. You are guilty until proven innocent in Japan: fact. And the most interesting part: it is forbidden for lawyers to be present in the interview room with the police. You think they write everything objectively? Dream on. If you ever even get close to trouble in Japan, the police will rain on you, and your life may well be ruined, as it does happen, to many foreign and Japanese.

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Posted in: Supporters of foreign workers call for same pay, permanent residence See in context

Confused as to why some people blame the countries, I assume governments, of the immigrant workers. One of the greatest, perpetual issues we face is the incessant falsehoods spread about how 'wonderful' Japan is. That is not to say that some wonderful things don't exist, but it's ignoring, and denying the negative aspects that causes basic ignorance of what actually happens in Japan. If the media insist on focusing on Samurai, Geiko, high-tech blah, and ignore inequality, then the immigrants can't be blamed for not having known the realities of said unequal pay.

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Posted in: What do Japanese think about Trump’s 'I remember Pearl Harbor' comment? See in context

Er... In 17 years in Japan, as a teacher, thousands of adult age students, more than 50% of them don't even know what Pearl Harbor is... Let's get real here: WW2 to most Japanese today equates to one thing, "We suffered two atomic bombs", full stop.

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Posted in: Court upholds male-only right to deny legal fatherhood See in context

Wow, just wow: what the judges think it should be beats what it actually is.

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Posted in: American man arrested for urinating on another passenger on flight to Japan See in context

As long as it happened in international air space, all they can do, and all they should do, is send him back, job done.

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Posted in: Black flag: How to avoid working for a shady Japanese company See in context

'Minority of companies...' Yeah, right;) Very diplomatic, as is why it gets published. In the Eikaiwa business, let's say a plethora are shady or black. Things have changed I am sure, but only because the foreign led General Union hunted down these illegal business practices, not the Japanese out to protect workers. Japan typically gets forced into making changes.

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Posted in: Released memo points to Hirohito's role in Pearl Harbor raid See in context

Japan is thus lucky to have kept its monarchy. Italy, the Italian people were disgusted by their king's complicity in WW2, and his open support to Mussolini. For that, the Italian monarchy was abolished, and the royal family kicked out of Italy. A monarch should have no involvement in politics, but this document supports Hirohito's support...

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Posted in: A reminder of why you shouldn’t be quick to judge who’s sitting in Japan's priority train seats See in context

The biggest issue here though isn't the misunderstanding, it's the inability for so many Japanese people to speak: say something. She could have said politely, "May I sit here?". Nope, Japanese people are so afraid to talk. And they say Japanese people are so polite... Pushing a person out your way rather than saying 'Excuse me' is just plain rude. Expecting people to read your mind is your own inadequacy.

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Posted in: A reminder of why you shouldn’t be quick to judge who’s sitting in Japan's priority train seats See in context

The younger woman sat fiddling with her smartphone... So, the younger woman blatantly ignored the signs and common knowledge that you do NOT use a smartphone in those seats. The 'shouldn't be quick to judge' failed.

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Posted in: Germany most popular country in the world; Japan No. 4: BBC poll See in context

Japan's popularity is based on tourism, and nothing else. Tourists should try staying, working, and living, and then see the reality of Japan - still unable to accept foreigners.

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Posted in: How has Japan changed for the better since you have been here and how has it changed for the worse? See in context

First came in 1992 for a couple of years - Tokyo. Have now been here in Kansai since 1998.

Better: Foreigners are very slowly, and a little more accepted by some Japanese people; English is very slowly, and a little better taught in schools; more Japanese people are getting tattoos which makes it slightly more acceptable for us foreigners with them too; foreign foods are much more easily available making life a little easier for those of us who want it.

Worse: Manners - way worse. Japanese people in general have gotten so paranoid, especially in the bigger cities, that they stay well away from each other, avoiding even apologizing for doing something worthy of an apology. So many people will not even say Excuse me when moving past, opting to just push their way through or even elbow their way through (Osaka); train seats for the elderly etc. - young people sit on them, middle-aged etc. ignoring the fact that they shouldn't be on them - showing a total lack of consideration or care for those who need them; aggression - way back I hardly saw aggression in public, but in recent years, I see it often, Japanese people openly arguing or shouting at each other in public; in the past couple of years, especially after the problems with the island disputes - a growing animosity toward foreigners by many Japanese people - open, anti-foreigner sentiment which I have experienced three times in the past year - 'This is our country, you leave, you go to hell foreigner'.

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

Simple truth. These Japanese netizens are anti-Korean, because what she is doing is the same thing a million Japanese people would do, are already doing, or don't care about if they saw it happen. Japanese people have customs or habits other people find horrible or bad manners like slurping noodles, but we aren't online whining or screaming about it.

The Internet is full of moronic, ignorant, bigoted fools, period.

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Posted in: Foreign staff at Tokyo brokerages find flattery gets them everywhere See in context

A completely believable story.

When I first came to Japan 20 years ago with no qualifications, I was immediately earning more money than Japanese people working probably two or three times harder than me.

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Posted in: Two more arrests made over death of Nepalese man in Osaka See in context


I would be glad to list, with links, criminal cases all over Japan especially those against foreign residents.

But the point was: Osaka, or any other city in Japan is NOT void of danger like many people would love to believe.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 11-year-old boy in Osaka See in context

I left Osaka for many reasons, one main being: Osaka people have gotten worse & worse over the years.

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Posted in: Osaka assistant police inspector accused of falsifying evidence See in context

Police corruption in Osaka: memories of the Umeda chief of police offering me a bribe to not pursue police harassment....

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Posted in: Two more arrests made over death of Nepalese man in Osaka See in context

After 13 years living in Osaka, no I am not shocked by this news, disgusted yes.

I moved away from Osaka as over the years I have watched people get gradually worse: especially sudden, unprovoked attacks, from the guy that was sticking ice picks in people around Konohana-ku, to the woman cutting people in Osaka station etc.

Some people here can't believe Japan to have danger: clearly your love for the country blinds you.

I could go on about racism here, but I know you'll either deny it, or refuse to believe it whilst reading outside of this country.

Get used to it: Japan is not paradise.

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Posted in: Why did those foreigners who decided to leave Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 disaster come in for so much derision from some people who labeled them with words like 'flyjin?' See in context


You are my hero:)

Spot on. Perfect. Exactly.

Unfortunately there are too many people too (purposefully) blind to agree.

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Posted in: Why did those foreigners who decided to leave Japan in the aftermath of the March 11 disaster come in for so much derision from some people who labeled them with words like 'flyjin?' See in context


Really? Are you sure? Do you really believe it a benefit for your life to work here?

In 15 years here I have learned from working in about six different Japanese companies:

You are a foreigner - so you misunderstand and make mistakes. You should be more Japanese (because the foreign way is the wrong way). You need to smile, be happy, be polite, be 'Japanese' - yet.... You will work with some unhappy, p* off, impolite Japanese people - and foreigners of course. Don't expect your company to follow the law - some will go out of their way to avoid following legalities for YOU the foreigner, and Japanese staff too, but especially you. What do YOU know that Japanese already don't? And even if you think your way better or more efficient or more productive - your way CANNOT be the right way because it isn't Japanese.

When I came first in 1992, I knew little, was told little etc. there was no internet to learn more realities of Japan. I learned the hard way. Now you have a choice: listen to varied people's truths about working/living here, or ignore them and learn the hard way yourself.

There may be some who have not experienced what I'm talking about, but I guaruntee you: there are thousands who know exactly what I'm talking about.

I now work for a foreign company here: it is SO much better. I don't get reminded of my 'alien' status so often.

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Posted in: Karina, AKB48's Yuko Oshima to costar in drama See in context

This is FANTASTIC news!

I am SO happy!


TOTALLY meaningless!

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for stealing from Fukushima exclusion zone See in context


I guess you got a thumbs down from a Japanese/Foreign Japan lover. I thumbed you up because you are right - the truth hurts dude!

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Posted in: Obama congratulates Noda, looks forward to working with him See in context

It must get to a point where the White House thinks: Should we bother with the introductions?

Japan has GOT to sort out its messed up political culture.

No-one trusts them anymore surely....

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Posted in: Pros and cons of Internet dating See in context

I joined internet date sites, and had a few meets, even got two of my ex-girlfriends from sites.

However, there is a lot of weirdness going on too.

Some of the members are constantly members. In around four years of on & off joining, I saw some of the same women constantly active: why? Standard too high? No-one contacted them? Seems suspect to me people would be a persistent member for so long - craving attention with the Smiles?

Some women would send me a Smile, or a message & when I replied: .... Nothing. They'd ignore me.

Some people refuse to show a photo: why? What chance can you possibly have if you refuse to put up a picture. Meeting in public, like a bar - you see each other's faces. I requested a photo sometimes from women that contacted me first, but they would not send it. What are they hiding?

Some women, if Japanese, would refuse to speak Japanese - they wanted an English lesson. This was not a problem with other nationalities - we agreed on whichever language easier.

The two nice (for me) women though, had 'normal' relationships with.

So, though there are weirdos & suspicious people there, you can also find normal, people like you there.

The last woman I met though two years back, the last ever, was awful. She was 15 minutes late, walked up to me slowly busy on her mobile, "Just a minute" she said putting up a finger without eye-contact. I wanted to leave at that moment. The next 5 minutes going to Starbucks was her talking down at me, like I was wasting her time for meeting her. So for the next 20 minutes sitting outside Starbucks, I got my revenge: I talked the most uninteresting rubbish I could think of, non-stop, then promptly said I had to leave. She even asked to meet again as I started leaving, and I replied in my heavy London accent, "Whatever darlin'." with a smile as I left that waste of 30 minutes alone.

There are good & bad on dating websites, like meeting in a bar. You just have to use care & careful consideration.

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Posted in: Comedian Shimada quits show business over reported ties to yakuza See in context

Some people here don't 'see' the part about him beating & spitting on a woman.

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Posted in: Pros and cons of Internet dating See in context

I stopped at the part he mentions he was looking for an Asian woman. The first paragraph.

Sad, sad little man.

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Posted in: Ebi-chan, 2 other models star in Samantha Thavasa ad See in context


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Posted in: Osaka police arrest man over dumping of body parts in park See in context

People making sarcastic jokes here need a reminder:

If this were your wife, or your girlfriend or someone close to you, CHOPPED UP & dumped in various pieces.

Would you STILL be making jokes?

Low class, clearly.

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Posted in: Osaka police arrest man over dumping of body parts in park See in context


Murder (though seemingly not to you) is a 'horror' in itself.

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Posted in: Comedian Shimada quits show business over reported ties to yakuza See in context


Any other Japanese Celebrity do any giving out there?!

Yes, a LOT. And they don't spit on & beat people.

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