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Why 83%? What is your source? Also, how about a percentage of those indifferent, like me?

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You're obviously wrong for forcing sex, but now wrong for adult, concensual sex? I have committed that crime, I confess...

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With so very few cases in Japan, exactly how are they testing this drug? Surely overseas? Personally, I care little for whether it's a vaccine or a therapeutic drug: as long as it helps, fill me up. Besides, Japanese doctor's close relationship with pharmaceutical companies, and the cash they both rake in, has so many people in Japan loaded with drugs: nothing new here but another drug to add to your colourful prescriptions.

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How is this news?! 28 is laughably nothing compared to most other countries. It won't even register on the scale it's so minute.

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Fine, I will take his place. Hook me up to a karaoke machine. But I won't do it for anything less than six figures. Joking aside, why do these wealthy celebs need the money anyway? They must have been offered way more than usual.

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Japan has been making it very problematic for even Japanese people to return before this news: now it's even worse. My wife, before this news, cannot afford to add 10 days to a much-needed return, let alone the expenses required to do so. Returning is becoming a dream only.

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Okinawa, Osprey: whatever happens is irrelevant, Okinawans want it banned.

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Get in line, take a number: girls, boys, men, and women were abused consistently up to the 70s? 80s? This story is nothing but a witch hunt of dead witches.

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Posted in: Tokyo TV station skips ugly controversy over Mako’s marriage; shows 'Blade' instead See in context

Mother refuses to pay back a loan. Wesley Snipes jailed for tax evasion. Fun times!

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The CCP and its tactics are suffocating world businesses and trade, flooding the market with either incredibly low grade products, or entirely unnecessary updated products designed to keep global consumers buying Chinese and destroying the competition. Australia is one of many countries tired of the CCP and its anti-fair trade. Everything may be made in China but I make sure not to buy anything branded Chinese until they cease their stranglehold on the market.

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Close your public social media account? Have someone else monitor your account? She must have read every single bad comment to drive herself to suicide, rather than some obvious alternatives. Give people higher punishment? The courts would love that: they would happily prosecute a person for using a bad emote... The Japanese prosecution system has no qualms with severe punishment if given the green light. Why not lock up a foreigner for 49 days?! Right, the police can:)

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And so the dreamy image of Japan goes on... Well done Japan: only good light shines upon you. But many of us know the dark side of the moon, too;)

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Louis, thank you for the information. Obviously the last thing my wife would want is getting in trouble with the law if she were caught out when supposed to be in (quarantine). However, given the circumstances she would most likely be able to go in a family car, and leave soon after. For now her mother is stable, but obviously close to the end. We are preparing for that, but this whole pandemic has seriously damaged quality of life. Her best friend died earlier this year and couldn't go for that funeral... Still, millions around the world have experienced the same, unfortunately.

The irony though: she is more likely to catch Covid inside Japan with its much higher numbers of infected than bring it with her into Japan - we are experiencing very low numbers in Italy now.

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Recently my wife's mother went into a coma, close to death so I told her to return home (Japan). She told me that Japan enforces a 15-day quarantine on even Japanese returning fully vaccinated. Seeing as funerals in Japan are typically the following day, that is going to be a missed event. Please don't complain when it's the other way round: now you know how we feel.

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Bergamo, Italy: The first and one of the worst hit regions in Europe. Villages saw half or more of their elderly population die in the first two or three months of the pandemic. Full lockdown for 10 weeks saw a dramatic drop in deaths and those effected. Few businesses went bust, many were carried by the government - given strong financial support. The citizens received 70% of their list income, some lost nothing at all. Now, 80% of the region's citizens are fully vaccinated, and business is pretty much normal. Covid numbers sit around 500-600 daily in a population of almost 10 million. Italy remains a very good example of how to deal with the pandemic, and the golden rule: we are in this together, everyone has to sacrifice something for your sacrifice is little compared to the 16k dead so far.

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Any male who punches a woman is not a "man".

Hold on. What if the woman is twice the size in stature and muscle, and she's physically abusing him? Or do you think all women the weaker sex? What if the woman is holding a knife at your throat? Get real, many women are twice as manly as many men: they can give harder than you and take it - look at female boxers or wrestlers. No person male or female should be punched, and neither should we automatically assume all women weak and all men strong. I've seen plenty of girls or women as fighters.

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There are clearly 2 standards for justice in Japan: one for Japanese, another for foreigners.

In my 18 years in Japan, I have witnessed multiple times this double standard. It is indeed part of the reason I left, and why I will never live in such a place again. I am human now, no longer Gaijin. It's liberating.

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Posted in: Do you think the Tokyo Olympics will turn out to be a superspreader event for the coronavirus? See in context

No public spectators which means a dramatic cut in people attending.

Face mask wearing mandatory for staff, and athletes unless competing.

Athletes contained in assigned housing, then shipped to and from the events, on separate transportation.

Many people are vaccinated, though the number is unknown to us.

'Superspreader'? No. Spreader? Yes. How much it spreads depends more on the people who live in Japan and their action when a cluster appears.

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Infected people, severe cases etc. remain incredibly low in a country with such a high population. When you're getting 10k cases per day in one region alone, then you know what 'danger' is. 2k in Japan? That is lower than countries who have only just started opening up to more normality.

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Acute stress disorder, or Acute embarrassment?

They were chatting? Drinking? And he went for it? They were chatting, and she encouraged it?

Regardless, without any evidence on top of the fact that this is such a minor incident... Newsworthy?!

Without any facts, withold your judgement.

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So up again!

Up? You think +2k in a population of 127 million up?! It's miniscule.

Japan has never had it badly. The infected/death rates are tiny in comparison to so many other countries.

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I do not find kneeling simple, ever. I do it for something or someone I revere or love. Kneeling to a sweeping group of people who I neither know nor revere will not have me bowing to them. Hand shaking, hugging, saluting, yes I will do these things. Requiring or demanding these things though teaches nothing but the ability to obligate and get what you demand.

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When do we normally kneel to someone? God. Gods. Royalty. Proposal of marriage to show a willingness to serve, protect etc. Every person who isn't the same colour as me is my peer, my equal. To kneel to a person means to regard them as higher than yourself in some way. This, surely, is NOT equality. I kneel to no-one equal to me. If that is racist, then the word racist and its definition has certainly been changed dramatically.

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15 years back? In Osaka the police put up a website for Japanese people to report suspicious foreigners. A similar period I was stopped three times in a week by the same two officers demanding my passport, ignoring me telling them we do not carry it, instead the ID card: reported them to my consulate who spoke with the chief of police - harassment stopped. I have lots of other juicy stories about myself and friends or colleagues harassed by the police, but why bother? The xenophobia was strong enough to push many a foreigner to leave Japan. Yet so many have not experienced this, so for them, they deny said behaviour exists. Oftentimes foreigners protecting their safety bubble in Japan is worse behaviour.

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Back in 1993: VHS videos with Polaroid photos of girls with ages such as 11, 12, 13... For real.

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300... How quaint!

Try 5,000 plus daily in your region. Last year we had 10,000 plus daily in the worst hit town in Italy.

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Seriously this is still going on?! Obviously 75 years on they are strapped for cash so why not indulge the Japanese government run by the children and grandchildren of the criminals...

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Your numbers remain VERY low in comparison to other countries. In Italy we have double the figures with half the population. If you were to hit 10x the number (nope, you won't touch wood, fingers crossed etc.) then you might want to worry. As long as you remain vigilant, you'll have little to fear.

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These people who believe they are losing, have lost, and even believe may never again see freedom clearly have little concept of what a pandemic means. These people clearly rely on general media or social media not medical journals nor the empirical evidence provided by and backed up by medical and pharmaceutical professionals. This strain of influenza is far worse than any other currently circulating, and it is rapidly hurting, damaging, or destroying lives. We are temporarily being told to reduce our freedom of movement, temporarily having to be controlled. If you fear this more than the viral threat to yours, your friends or families lives, then you clearly are incredibly self-centred.

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Posted in: Do you think China made the coronavirus and released it either deliberately or by accident or it wasn't manmade? See in context

One only has to compare national economies: while so many nations are in decline, China's economy has been on the rise for months now. They are profiting.

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