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Posted in: Some U.S. Capitol riot defendants forgo lawyers See in context


I'm pretty certain that the Trump puppets are incapable of learning anything, regardless of jail or not.

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Posted in: LDP most popular; nearly 40% of voters undecided ahead of election See in context

Disgusting, so many people walking around with blinders, lemmings!

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks plunge as new Kishida gov't disappoints market See in context

Haha, love it. Sadly the average Japanese person has no interest in the stock market so as usual nothing will change. Set their pensions on stock market performance like an American 401k and I bet people start making better voting decisions.

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Posted in: Japan's state of emergency lifted as COVID infections decline See in context

Ridiculous keeping the bars and restaurants restricted. Of course few in Tokyo follow it anyway but rural prefectures mostly did. Who wants to go travel when they still have to close at 9?

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Posted in: PM hopefuls rally local support with focus on tourism, agriculture See in context

Certainly no one is going to come here until quarantine is abolished. Certainly hope Kono understands that and gets rid of it ASAP.

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Posted in: Woman chips tooth eating McDonald's burger containing metal See in context

Wow, Japan = Issue a refund... USA = $1,000,000,000 settlement to avoid court

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Posted in: 6 injured as typhoon traverses central and eastern Japan See in context

I was thinking exactly the same thing. But some people think those mamacharis make them invencible.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for assaulting restaurant worker See in context

What's this in % BAC? The way they phrase it here is meaningless to me. BAC is a lot more universally understood.

Certinly not 0.88%, think he'd be dead. So guessing 0.088% which isn't even DUI territory in a lot of places. That's only 3-5 drinks for many people.

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Posted in: Japan's governors call for COVID lockdown See in context

Far far too late. No one cares nor has patience anymore. Unless you can impose jail sentences no one will listen anymore. Get out vaccines and shut up.

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Posted in: Sayonara Tokyo, bonjour Paris: Summer Olympic focus switches to 2024 See in context

Good riddance

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Posted in: 10 passengers stabbed on Tokyo train; suspect detained See in context

After the suspect had left the scene, train crew guided passengers to walk along the tracks to a nearby station.

Does the train driver lack a brain here? This wasn't a train accident, why not drive the train to the nearest station? Instead he makes already traumatized people walk on the tracks, absolute moron.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten border controls on visitors from 3 U.S. states, Finland See in context

How do they know if someone has been to Kansas or Indiana? LOL! Texas I can see, we have flights from Dallas and Houston... but is anyone stupid enough to walk up to the health counter and say they've been to those other states to get 3 free nights in an APA hotel?

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after being hit by truck outside supermarket See in context

Tragedy, but the mother should be the one arrested for gross negligence and child endangerment. I've seen this a million times, very unlikely the truck driver's fault at all, kids come darting out of nowhere unexpectedly, he was unlucky, wrong place wrong time. Japan needs to place responsibility on the negligent parents.

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Posted in: Japan expands virus state of emergency, restrictions to more prefectures See in context

Absolutely pointless, the citizens of Tokyo have already spoken and said loud and clear they intend to fully ignore it, do you honestly think that Osaka especially, or Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitama give a flying f&#@?

Only difference, I went to Enoshima today, beach shacks stopped serving alcohol. So, conbini still sells it, order beach shack food to go, get conbini beer, consumer win, save money. Beach shack mega loose, won't be back under same owner next year because last month of season no one will use it.

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Posted in: New Zealand to accept alleged Islamic State militant, 2 kids See in context

Would assume Turkey doesn't want them either. They haven't been too keen to take up ISIS types

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Posted in: Kono says local gov'ts need to slow down vaccinations due to supply crunch See in context

How about approving J&J too? Supply slows down on what we have, so let's add another possibility?

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Posted in: Gov't under fire for plan to use financial institutions to enforce alcohol ban See in context

More places open and selling alcohol this week than last week. People are tired of it and the bars aren't receiving their promised payments to stay closed. Good luck getting much cooperation this time around.

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Posted in: Japan to issue vaccine passports free of charge See in context

Useless unless they stop requiring us to quarantine on return. Those countries listed already would allow us to travel there without this new document. The point is to get rid of the quarantine in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan to ask tax-free stores to report visitors breaking quarantine See in context

LOL, you can't make this crap up. Not that I've ever been eligible for tax free shopping here but thanks for the warning nonetheless.

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Posted in: Suga declares state of emergency lasting through Olympics See in context

At least they are giving us one last weekend to get drunk and be merry. Fortunately I have a flight tomorrow and the lounge will still be serving beer as usual.

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Posted in: Japan to give 6 mil doses of vaccines to Taiwan, 5 Southeast Asian nations See in context

Don't know anyone who took AZ that enjoyed their 2-3 days of side effects. Good riddance to them.

Though I do feel bad for the people of Taiwan getting stuck with them, that's hardly a second or third world country. Shame their leaders didn't proactively hedge and order a variety in advance like Japan and other first world countries.

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Posted in: Uber Japan referred to prosecutors over hiring of overstayers See in context

How about referring them to prosecutors for driving like madmen on the sidewalks and blatantly ignoring traffic signals?

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Posted in: Tokyo Governor Koike hospitalized due to fatigue See in context

Age cap of 60 for high level government positions?

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Posted in: Tokyo nightlife bustles despite state of emergency See in context

Just let people drink in peace. Give us vaccines and stop the nonsense.

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Posted in: Tokyo nightlife bustles despite state of emergency See in context

It's extremely easy to find plenty of bars at any given station in Tokyo waving an outstretched middle finger to the "restrictions" and I'm happy to support them with my $$.

This crap has gone on way too long. Give us vaccines fast or let us make our own poor decisions.

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing over woman and her 2 children on bicycle See in context

Saw a woman once on one of those baby carrying bicycles come inches from being crushed by a dump truck. She completely ignored the guy with the wand telling everyone else to stop and wait while the dump truck was reversing. These women drive like retards on those bikes, that would have been her own fault, and I bet in this Osaka case she either hit or came too close to the pedestrian causing the outrage.

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Posted in: Overseas investors sue Nissan over Ghosn's financial misconduct cases See in context

Lol, I hope the investors win. Japanese Nissan execs brought this upon themselves with the farce they created to remove the gaijin at rhe top of the company. It's been a sham from day 1 and I hope this lawsuit hurts them where it counts.

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Posted in: Japan extends state of emergency for Tokyo, 8 other areas to June 20 See in context

As usual, inconveniencing everyone for their precious Olympics. Still plenty of bars and restaurants ignoring the 'request' and domestic airfare at least should remain cheap. Discounted AirBNB near the beach in Okinawa sounds like a good idea on the weekends.

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Posted in: Osaka hospitals buckle under COVID-19 onslaught See in context

348 beds in a city if 9 million people. They should be absolutely ashamed how inadequacy they have prepared.

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Posted in: Gov't refers to possible state of emergency extension as Okinawa added to list See in context

Think it's pretty clear they aren't going to lift this until after the Olympics. Hope the cancel protests make some headway. It's purely punitive on us just to have their precious Olympics.

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