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Posted in: Foreign woman walks into bus at Tokyo’s Shibuya Scramble intersection See in context

That intersection has a much much too short timing for pedestrian crossing for the volume of people there every day. It's barely enough to get across if you're at the front of the sidewalk when it changes and it's busy, let alone someone a few meters back. The timing on the pedestrian signal should be significantly increased and the delay before traffic lights turn green increased, as some taxi drivers there get quite aggressive with stragglers.

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

These guys are absolutely brain dead. This is nothing more than a pure money grab. Unless you're going to hike fares 4-5x it's not going to deter anyone from using the trains on weekends and holidays.

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Posted in: 3 hurt in stabbing on train in Osaka Prefecture; suspect arrested See in context

Minimum 50 years for the evil psycho who did this.

> Just hoping the innocent victims come through this heinous ordeal.

Sadly I don't think Japan has 50 years for anything. It's either death penalty or a lot less. But crimes like this are a social failure. The people who do them no longer care about their own life and half the time openly admit the want to die. Intervention and mental help need to come much earlier when it can still be prevented.

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Posted in: Japan, China agree to operate defense hotline properly See in context

At least we now know they won't operate it improperly.

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Posted in: Japan's MSDF ship to fly rising sun flag at naval drill in S Korea See in context

So just to piss everyone else off? How necessary is this to inflate their Japanese egos? The rising sun flag should have been banned at the end of WWII just as the Nazi one was.

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Posted in: Narita airport to hike user fees for passengers from September See in context

Good way to make Haneda more attractive for both passengers and airlines, lol... Though Haneda T3 is WAY overcrowded now and still growing.

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Posted in: Japan eyes ending COVID border control measures on Saturday See in context

Guess they realize they can't handle the surge of travelers returning the 6th and 7th. Always thought it was ridiculous they'd chose the Monday after GW to change it, suspected it was to intentionally once again punish people who dare to travel overseas. Certainly had enough of that over the past couple of years.

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Posted in: JAL cancels cheap domestic ticket sale after surge in website traffic See in context

Sp they're saying they can't hold sales because they decline to invest in technology that actually works. Both ANA and JAL's websites are a joke in terms of layout and functionality. Time to consult with some bigger foreign airlines how they manage the volumes they receive.

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Posted in: College student admits he robbed taxi driver; denies in court that he was rude about it See in context

Was JT hard up for Japanese pictures? When is the last time you saw a Hyundai taxi anywhere in this country? Pic is from SE Asia somewhere that they also drive on the left... Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

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Posted in: Settlement reached in Osaka suit over malpractice involving birth ball See in context

Exactly my thoughts CaptDingleheimer. It sounds like the (tiny) reached settlement was for the gauze incident and second surgery. I suspect the baby had those issues already and would have passed regards of how the delivery happened.

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Posted in: Japan syphilis cases top 10,000 this year for first time since 1999 See in context

All of you pro condom guys touting safe sex, Syphilis is tbe one that will get you regardless of using a condom or not. You catch it from coming into contact with the lesion which is usually not right on the genitals.

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Posted in: Japan set to ease planned electricity bill hike for households See in context

How about just fighting back against the Dollar? Stop talking and actually take action. Threatening to take action means nothing to the investment community driving this, you have to actually do it. Seems it would solve the majority of the issues we're dealing with.

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Posted in: Japan national police chief to resign over Abe's assassination See in context

The guy looks to be in his 90s. I'd say that was in order regardless. Need to turn this country over to the new generation, and that doesn't mean the 65s-70s.

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Posted in: Japan to pledge human resources investment in Africa to counter China See in context

Little late to the party there Kishida. China has ran free on the continent for decades.

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Posted in: JAL to reassign 3,000 employees as international air travel struggles See in context

Amazing how JAL is still operating?

> The 3rd year for international travel to effectively cease to and from Japan.

> If not for the massive government handouts JAL would not be here!

> Many other businesses in Japan were not so lucky though…

LOL, come on! Other airlines in Asia, especially northern Asia have had business models for decades that was far more reliant on transit passengers going to and from other countries than actual O&D passengers. Japanese airlines didn't compete in that so much because they had strong enough demand here to maintain a healthy O&D business... Well that dried up when it was too difficult to re-enter the country, so guess what, both JAL and ANA pivoted and a huge number of passengers are transit now. Mostly between the US and SE Asia or Australia.

Sure, they are competing on price now with other airlines in the region where before it wasn't necessary, but they are running a healthy business despite Japan remaining largely closed. Unlike China, HK, and Taiwan, which used to host many of those transit passengers in the past, Japan has allowed transit during the entire pandemic while those 3 countries shut it down, you still can't transit China now, but China Southern, China Eastern, and to a lesser extent Xiamen Airways used to absolutely dominate that sector.

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Posted in: Kyoto man arrested for throwing large plastic bottles full of batteries into canal See in context

Interesting most of you mention your city only takes batteries as non-burnable. Shinjuku takes them every week on recycling day, so presumably are actually getting sent for recycling rather than tossed into a landfill. Aside from that though, every single electronics store chain has battery recycling boxes near the entrance. Super easy to deal with, no need to be putting them in waterways or landfills.

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Posted in: U.S. tells pharmas to make COVID boosters targeting BA.4 and BA.5 See in context

By the time those are rolled out, the world will be on BA.9 already. Besides if we're not doing boosters anymore, then it doesn't matter much which variants are targeted as most people willing to be vaccinated already have been 3 times.

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Posted in: Employee of Japanese fast-food chain Sukiya dies while working alone See in context

Great solution for the labor shortage in low wage jobs... plenty of people from South and Southeast Asia willing to work those jobs and one only needs a very basic level of Japanese to do them. Convenience Stores have already embrace this concept as has McDonald's, Burger King, etc. There's no valid reason to whine of a labor shortage when you can easily support visas for people quite willing to do the job.

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Posted in: Nearly 80% of Japanese think Okinawa's U.S. base-hosting burden unfair See in context

Japan would be in just as much jeopardy as Taiwan if the US military weren't here. They should be extremely grateful. Japan is incredibly weak militarily, China or North Korea would be happy to show them if the US wasn't involved.

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Posted in: Japan's bid to address weak yen sidelined by G20 rift over Russia See in context

Because they're not interested in fixing it. Big Japanese companies imaginarily benefit so they'll let it go to hell, may as well be pegged to the Russian Rouble at this point.

The whole BS about Japanese companies benefiting when repatriating profits only holds water when the dip is temporary. Long term sustained weakness is going to hit them just as hard, they aren't exporting 100% domestically sourced en products.

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Posted in: Ukraine evacuees to get up to ¥2,400 a day as living allowance in Japan See in context

Holy cow, 2400 a day? Are they expected to eat only cup ramen and tofu for protein?

I spend at least 4,000 just to go to the bar after work. That used to be 5 nights a week. Let's hope they also don't need to pay for electric, gas, and water in their donated apartments. I'm shocked how they can be expected to basically leave everything behind, come here with nothing and live on that. Shameful.

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Posted in: Tokyo stock market revamped in hope of attracting foreign investors See in context

Crappy stock market and dying yen aside, they keep uttering this buzzword, new international financial center in Asia. Never going to happen under this tax system. Both personal and business taxes are way too high to become any sort of financial hub. Sure a lot of those people and businesses may well leave Hong Kong but they aren't coming here. Most will end up in Singapore, maybe some in Bangkok too, heard they are looking to do the same. Can't imagine Thailand's tax system could be worse than ours.

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Posted in: Japan to allow up to 10,000 arrivals daily from April 10 See in context

How about eliminating the pre-departure PCR? It's expensive and in some places hard to get with the MOFA form.

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Posted in: BOJ chief sees no direct impact from market operations on yen movement See in context

Incompetence at it's finest

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Posted in: Tokyo, 15 other prefectures facing power shortage See in context

How do they think we can ever switch to all electric cars if the power grid is so fragile that it can't handle an earthquake and a few plants going offline? Clearly there is nowhere near the redundancy and oversupply needed to even toy with the idea of charging more electric cars.

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Posted in: Marriott Bonvoy and American Express launch 2 cobranded cards in Japan See in context

These are pretty bad deals compared to the cards available in the U.S. It would seem that the credit card market is less competitive in Japan, despite users' propensity to thoroughly research card benefits before applying.

Pretty useless to compare it to cards issued in another country considering that most people in Japan can't get a card issued in the US. Actually in one way, the Japanese card is better, it earns more points per 100 yen (dollar).

Sign up bonuses are almost never as good outside the US in any country but it's irrelevant since few foreigners can apply for US issued cards.

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Posted in: ANA to streamline documentation needed on international travel See in context


How many passengers are flying without checked baggage?

Before living in Japan I did most of the time. Now I'm bringing large amounts of things back TO Japan when I travel due to the absurd price discrimination we have on many things here, or lack of them in the market at all. If I were willing to live purely off the domestic market then I'd still be traveling with a max size carry on + PC bag.

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Posted in: Health ministry approves Pfizer's oral COVID-19 pill See in context

No one else noticed they are only planning to buy 2 million by year's end? Seems a very very small number. That's enough to prescribe to everyone who gets infected in the next month perhaps... Lol

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Posted in: Kishida says gov't working on accelerating COVID-19 booster shots See in context

Countries around the world are already demanding boosters to enter with the least restrictions (no testing for example). We're already behind the 8 Ball because those countries are assuming boosters ar available to everyone already (Europe and N. America). Thabks Japan for being so slow that we can't even get a booster yet overseas, let alone here. I tried getting one in America, but only 5 1/2 months since #2 and absolutely no-go... So had to travel around the Caribbean getting tested constantly (at my expense) because of Japan's incompetence. The faster this happens now, the better for those who choose to travel outside these borders.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 9,468 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 50,030 See in context

The only number that even matters anymore is severe symptoms in hospital. It could be 1 million per day, if virtually no one is in hospital dying then about time we declare a win and call it over.

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