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Posted in: New streaming apps could boost citizens' journalism See in context

I hope you realize the irony of your comment, @Kaerimashita.

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Posted in: 5 men sickened after eating poisonous puffer fish See in context

The fish in the picture looks compassionate about their upset tummies.

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Posted in: Don’t want to pay your NHK TV license fee? Beat Takeshi agrees with you See in context

I feel bad for not paying. I like their radio news in English and Japanese courses.

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Posted in: Polish visitors See in context

Interesting symmetry in that picture.

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Posted in: Android dominant in two-horse smartphone race See in context

Imagine you just woke up from a 10 year coma and read the headline. "What is this about robots sounding smarter than horses on the phone?"

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Posted in: Two clocks keep time for 16 billion years See in context

I agree with M3M3M3. The hyper-precision is of little use for daily life, but necessary when machines have to work together on very precise measurements. Satellites, astronomical observatories spread around the world, particle accelerators. Clocks have to be synchronized and even adjusted for effects of relativity.

"they are so precise that current technology cannot even measure them" means that we can theoretically estimate the range in which the clock can be off, but that calculated range is so small, we don't have devices capable of detecting it.

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Posted in: Dole develops world's first edible wearable device for Tokyo Marathon See in context

This is totally bananas.

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Posted in: Juggling too many remotes? Try this touch screen See in context

A touch screen is a really bad idea for a remote. It's convenient for the maker to be able to add or change the functionality with software updates, but very hard to use when you can't feel the buttons under your fingers.

I had a projector with a touch panel on its case. To adjust settings, I had to tap virtual direction keys on a flat glass surface, while looking at the menu on the wall, 2 meters away.

Also, it was the reason why I got rid of my Chromecast.

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Posted in: Now someone can manage your Facebook account after you die See in context

If this becomes mainstream, we'll be questioning if the "friends" we're interacting with on Facebook are alive or not. Metaphorically speaking, we can start questioning it even now.

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Posted in: Japan to sell talking robots that won't try to make sense See in context

“Voice recognition has always been very difficult for robots,” Ishiguro said. “Human beings should instead adjust to what robots can do.”

We've made great progress in voice recognition (speech to text). It's understanding the meaning that machines have a problem with.

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Posted in: Haruki Murakami to be online agony uncle See in context

Quick Google search comes up with this website:

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Posted in: Do you think time travel will ever be possible? See in context

As long as we watch out for fixed points in time and don't stumble upon Daleks or Cybermen, it should be possible.

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Posted in: Sundown See in context


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Posted in: Ex-pet shop employee arrested for dumping dead dogs in Tochigi See in context

Well, I hope the Police know what to do with him.

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Posted in: Sound no barrier for 'world's fastest' pianist See in context

When we make music we don't do it in order to reach a certain point, such as the end of the composition. If that were the purpose of music then obviously the fastest players would be the best.

--- Alan Watts

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Posted in: Japan's smartphone 'zombies' wreak havoc on the streets See in context

This article is so offensive! Don't call us zombies! We're not undead hordes. We have superhuman attention skills! In fact, I'm typing this comment as I'm walking. I'm aware of everything. The light is green... I got a new like on facebook... Bicycle passing... Two new emails, probably spam... See? I know everything going on arounnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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Posted in: 18-year-old Japanese sets record for fastest 100 meters on all fours See in context

Somewhere between the headline and the article body, it was his birthday.

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Posted in: Real Estate Japan Investor Seminar See in context

Ah, missed it!

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Posted in: Scientists build 'mini-stomachs' in lab See in context

good things come from Cincinnati

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Posted in: Yahoo! Japan starts simple and easy genomic analysis service See in context

First DeNA, now Yahoo...

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Posted in: GPod: Start-ups in Japan See in context

Good one.

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Posted in: Gourmets get taste for 'raw' chocolate See in context

Raw chocolate is good

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Posted in: Google buys travel guide app startup Jetpac See in context

Another Googly purchase

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Posted in: USB warming bento box pouch See in context

Looks useful

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Posted in: Microsoft patches two-decade crack in Windows software See in context

Gotta love the humor: "crack in ... windows". They must have suffered drafts for many winters.

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Posted in: Nintendo to develop device to track sleep, fatigue See in context

Having extensively tested in Tokyo, Nintendo will begin seeking subjects who are NOT constantly fatigued and sleep deprived.

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Posted in: Christian Bale to play Apple's Steve Jobs See in context

...and he wasn't even the first one to play either. There's someone in Hollywood going:

"Hey, we need to make this sequel / reboot / prequel movie, but make it cool. What do we do?"

"Just get Christian Bale. Never fails."

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Posted in: Pensioner arrested for dumping 200 kgs of porn in park See in context

Yup, whatever the content, a park is no place for garbage. There are pretty simple procedures, even if the garbage in question is of the unmentionable sort :P

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