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Posted in: Apple, IBM to shed light on apps, alliance next month See in context

Innovation has nothing to do with how many R&D dollars you have. When Apple came up with the Mac, IBM was spending at least 100 times more on R&D. It's not about money. It’s about the people you have, how you're led, and how much you get it.

Steve Jobs, 1998

It's not the same world as it was in 1998, is it?

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Posted in: Kiso Town: Stuck between a volcano and a hard place See in context

It was a tragedy, but the town depends on tourists. Can't blame them for trying to rebuild their lost revenue source.

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Posted in: Microsoft plans to launch smartwatch within weeks: Forbes See in context

cough Apple Newton.

True dat. Although Newton was so early, I'd count it in the PDA category, with Palms and iPAQs (starting with a lowercase i, but not affiliated with Apple).

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Posted in: Microsoft plans to launch smartwatch within weeks: Forbes See in context

Technologies that Microsoft did first, but Apple or Google did a better job selling:

The smartwatch Mapping service: TerraServer in 1998, MapPoint application 2000 Tablet, called Courier, never went live Commercial multi-touch screen, in a Surface table

Just wait for Apple to do a giant iPad table and claim "First!".

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Posted in: Is it time for Japan to get over trying to connect your personality and blood type? See in context

Intellectual laziness, all of it. Pigeonholing and pre-judging people's personalities into 4 blood types, 12 zodiac signs, or whatever rigid set of templates based on arbitrary and semi-random things like birth date, blood type, or even - skin color, country of origin or even gender.

PEOPLE ARE COMPLICATED damn it! Meet them, get to know them, judge them by what they say and do, don't be satisfied by two bits of information.

I refuse to give my blood type to anyone, except for medical reasons. Not because I want to keep it a secret, but because their question tells me something about the person asking it.

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Posted in: Neil Patrick Harris to host Oscars in 2015 See in context

That means "Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" is not getting an oscar.

Still hoping for a sequel.

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Posted in: Bono apologises for free U2 album on iTunes accounts See in context

Et tu Brute...?

You too Bono?

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Posted in: Google tries to upstage Apple with latest devices See in context

Looking very good, but I can't help feeling like the battle between Google and Apple reached a point where both sides are trying to catch up with the other and be just one small step ahead. Even the color selection of the Nexus 9 is white, space gray and (kind of) gold.

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Posted in: Obama: Ebola monitoring must be 'more aggressive' See in context

Passing through American airports will now get even more annoying. Carry-on luggage x-ray, belts, coins, bottled water and drinks, shoes (because there was that one case), pat down, and now - compulsory thermometer. I hope they get infrared cameras or those laser thermometers.

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Posted in: New York appeals court to decide if chimps are 'legal persons' See in context

There's a price that comes with personhood.

Put them in the wild, but buy out the land from under their feet because they never pay rent.

Make them earn their bananas by working 8 hours a day - and make them beg us to give them work.

Declare their infants citizens of the country they happen to be born in and if they happen to cross the imaginary line we call a "country border", require passports, visas and health checks.

Lambaste them for not wearing clothes, not celebrating Christmas and not eating meat. What a bunch of godless hippies!

Welcome to personkind, Chimps!

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Posted in: Latest iPads, Mac system expected at Oct 16 event See in context

The amount of pixels in a retina iMac could create a singularity and cause the universe to collapse on itself, leaving only a mosaic of elementary particles.

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Posted in: Apps re-invent smartphone keyboards to reduce typing frustration See in context

@Amidalism, @Papi2013 the article doesn't say that Apple is re-inventing, but APPS are reinventing the keyboard. Apple just gave up and allowed for these apps on iOS. The fact that it's not really news, since these apps have been on Android for years is another thing.

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Posted in: Clooney marries human rights lawyer in Venice See in context

She's the Wikileaks lawyer! Splendid. Muchas happies George and Amal!

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Posted in: Windows 10 tries blending new with familiar See in context

Windows 10 users will be able to use COPY and PASTE in the Terminal (called Command Prompt because "Terminal" sounds too negative).

LOL. I switched away from Windows in 2002. Forgot how developer-repulsive that system was. I only eve launch it to - sigh - patch my work for Internet Explorer bugs.

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Posted in: 101 elementary schools in Hamamatsu closed due to bomb threat See in context

I worked on the same floor with a small cram school. Several times a year, the cram school was evacuated and police would knock on our door asking if we had seen anyone plant bombs or bomb-like devices.

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Posted in: Murata to roll out film-like temperature sensor for smartphones See in context

Apple watch isn't out yet, @titaniumdioxide. Too soon to complain.

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Posted in: Indonesia to censor 'pornographic' Japanese cartoon See in context

Oh... I thought that was his face.

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Posted in: Robot cheerleaders showcase sensor technology See in context

One-wheel scooters coming up!

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Posted in: Pink Floyd sets Nov 10 release date for new album See in context

"High Hopes" stuck in my head now. Good. It was Nickleback until now.

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Posted in: Complaints on 'bendy' iPhone, software bugs dog Apple See in context

Hello Apple. Welcome to the situation Microsoft was in back in 1990s. User base growing, software complexity exploding, hardware platforms multiplying, expectations that can't be matched.

Smooth move adding a function-packed watch to all that. Good luck.

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Posted in: Apple unveils smartwatch and new, larger iPhones See in context

Thus, presently we are witness to the birth of the Apple Watch...the most uninspired piece of technology from this company.

Really? You're not including Pippen, then...?

Or iPod Hi-Fi: a rather ugly speaker, priced $350.

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Posted in: Microsoft to introduce new Windows software September 30 See in context

I'm curious as to what they come up with. With Satya Nadella at the steering wheel, Microsoft is changing, accepting that they don't control all of technology anymore. Could be a standart-compliant UNIX-based OS this time.

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Posted in: Black burgers See in context

Cannot imagine anything less appetizing looking.

Just wait a year or two, they'll come up with something.

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Posted in: Yahoo describes surveillance fight See in context

In 1984, I lived in a place that was just like the novel (doublethink etc). America was a distant paradise where people didn't have to fear their government. Less than 30 years later, an American citizen who was doing a job not unlike Winston in 1984, has to flee to Russia, of all places, because he said "this is not right". How times change...

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Posted in: SJ4000 HD DV Sports Camera See in context

Maybe there it was better left unmentioned?

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Posted in: Chibatman called in by police; receives their official approval See in context

Will they get a Chibatman floodlight to call him when they need him?

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Posted in: Pulling the plug: Apple's Watch a boost for wireless charging See in context

Geoff Gordon has a good point about Star Trek. In Star Wars (which take place "long long time ago"), you see droids charging with cable. Cables are a thing of the past.

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Posted in: Core fan makes his own 'Apple watch' See in context

I'm guessing it can last about as long as the real thing: "about a day".

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Posted in: Visually impaired school girl kicked from behind in Saitama See in context

Okay, Saitama, you've done it. You crossed the line. We're turning you into a parking lot.

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Posted in: Apple unveils smartwatch and new, larger iPhones See in context

I stayed up to watch. Half the transmission was a test pattern or Chinese translation. The other half was about a wearable device that stops working when the iPhone runs out of battery.

Oh well, the first iPod required that you use a Mac. Only understandable that they push their new product to established audience first.

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