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Posted in: Japan running short of butter See in context

Thank God, maybe they'll stop putting butter where it doesn't belong now! Like on top of pasta and steak.....NASTY!

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Posted in: 90 dogs, cats, birds die in pet shop fire in Saitama See in context

That's really sad. Sounds like it was a really intense fire if it took them 4 hours to put it out.

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Posted in: Memorial concerts for X Japan guitarist hide to be held See in context

DeepAir, hide's name always uses only lowercase letters...that was how he had written it.

This concert is a really nice idea but I think I'll skip out on it. Too expensive (even the crappy seats are the same price as the good ones) and I'm not really into so many of the bands playing there. I'd like to see X, Luna Sea, and DJ OZMA and a few others, but their set times will definitely be short with the massive band list set for this thing.

I saw X Japan at Tokyo Dome and according to my friend, Aji no Moto Stadium is really crappy compared to Tokyo Dome for a concert, there are simply too many seats there that suck where you pretty much can't see a much of anything, even in the arena, and the layout is awkward according to what she told me. But, as it is an open-air venue, one could probably go hang out in the parking lot and still hear the sounds if you wanted to.

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Posted in: 9-year-old professional jazz drummer debuts in Osaka See in context

I saw this kid playing at that small "park" near Sannomiya station with some other jazz musicians a few years ago, when he was only 7! Amazing...the thing that struck me about him wasn't just that he could play jazz drums, but he had a good sense of dynamics and could utilize both loud and soft and everything in between...something that unfortunately, a lot of non-clasical musicians seem to forget about these days.

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Posted in: Cheap Trick looks for Japanese reviewers of 1978 Tokyo concert See in context

That's really cool of them to search out these people again.

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Posted in: X JAPAN to perform at Madison Square Garden See in context

What's with all the hating on X Japan? They're plenty talented, and unfortunately I can't think of many current bands that are actively producing the caliber of songs that they have and continue to make.

And they are well-known around the world, don't underestimate their selling power. For their shows in Japan, a certain number of tickets were set aside for people coming from overseas. I'm guessing that some of those were in the "kankeisha-seki" because I got some last minute kankeisha-seki myself and a few rows ahead of me were some people who came from Brazil to see the show. Saw LOTS of international people at the Tokyo dome actually, especially Europeans and Americans. They weren't giving away tickets, the show sold-out well in advance. They DID sell off some kankeisha-seki about 2 weeks before the show, I'm guessing they might have been tickets that were originally set aside for international orders that didn't get sold by a certain date. It was hard though for some people who bought extra tickets and intended to sell them to do so in some cases though because the tickets didn't arrive in the mail until only 1 week before the show, making it tough to do internet auctions. But the Dome was packed.

A number of famous musicians and celebrities attended the show at the Tokyo dome as well, including some from overseas. YOSHIKI has lots of friends and connections in the music and entertainment industry around the world and you can bet this will be a big event when they play internationally. I wish them good luck and I hope that I can see X Japan again in the future. I also hope they keep using that badass hollogram effect to recreate hide on stage as well! But it would be nice if they got someone like Taiji back in the band (on guitar this time) or Sugizo to handle the 2nd guitar.

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