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Posted in: Hot water: Pressure to move Olympic open-water venue from Tokyo Bay See in context

How do they plan on moving all that water from Tokyo Bay to another location? What’s next?

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Posted in: Democrats take big new step toward impeaching Trump See in context

Dem witness George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley told House Democrats that by attempting such an ill-founded impeachment they are the ones abusing their power.

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Posted in: Robert Redford warns of 'dictator-like' Trump See in context

Anyone promoting a movie? Say some BS about Trump. Guaranteed MSM coverage and a movie plug to boot. Dictator? Whada sad lefty.

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Posted in: Bloomberg launches Democratic presidential bid See in context


The Dems are panicking. I guess a REAL democrat like the anti war Tulsi Gabbard has them double checking their under the table Ukraine deals.

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Posted in: Coldplay no-tour plan highlights growing climate awareness See in context

I know one of their songs. The chimpanzee one. Saw them during the Super Bowl....meh.

So, their brilliant idea is to have people sit in front of their computer screens? Wow.

Why not have it on a barge floating around the huge plastics islands in the Pacific?

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Posted in: Men in UK and U.S. seen growing less comfortable with women leaders See in context

One female boss in my life. Rich fat husband married the town princess(in mind, not body) both late 30’s, he forked over the money to buy the state franchise rights for a new pizza corp (terrible pizza BTW), and the starter store, and she was in charge. She ran off with the pizza delivery boy. Lol

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Posted in: Group riding bikes through underground shopping mall in Osaka cause ruckus See in context

I dare these cowards to go to one of the many gorges in Japan, with permission of course, and ride their wheelies up and down the path with a 30 meter cliff at their side. Not much different than the men-child with their loud motorcycles or a can of spray paint in their hands.

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Posted in: Rock'n'rolling stock: Rod Stewart creates his own downtown train See in context

Singing and 8 kids, trains are not his only hobby.

Saw him live in 85, poor guy lost his voice later in the night.

Grand life

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Posted in: Hong Kong police storm university held by protesters See in context

why is the campus so important? Apparently, “Hong Kong’s internet center which handles 99 percent of the city’s internet traffic is located inside the CUHK campus.”

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Posted in: 'Beverly Hills Cop' back on the beat in new Netflix sequel See in context

I’ll watch it if I have Netflix. Murphy is great! Go back and watch some of stand-up stuff, SNL “kill my landlord! kill my landlord!”

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Posted in: Hyatt will remove small bottles from hotel bathrooms by 2021 See in context

Of course the water bottles is a no brainer, but they could switch to small waxed paper packages for the bathrooms. People aren’t gonna like this when they charge premium prices for their rooms.

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Posted in: N Korea calls Biden 'rabid dog' that 'must be beaten to death' See in context

No other President has attempted to bribe another

blah blah blah

How the heck would you know?

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Posted in: Democrats vow to insulate impeachment inquiry from 'sham investigations' See in context

Democrats vow to insulate impeachment inquiry from 'sham investigations'

*Democrats vow to insulate themselves from the sham impeachment inquiry investigation*


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Posted in: Bolivia battles to restore stability as fallen Morales reaches Mexico See in context

Morales’ last words were “I’m not gonna crack”

Not surprising that both story’s posted here on JT have avoided the Lithium part of the starry at the heart of all this.

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Posted in: Hyogo man arrested for creating biohazard zone with his 'own' pee See in context

i like guessing games. Checking out the color of the full 1 liter bottles of piss along the highway trying to guess how healthy the truck driver is.

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Posted in: Music by the numbers: Scientists reveal a secret to great song writing See in context

Interesting, and it did give me a chuckle as I’ve always and absolutely hated UB40's "Red red wine" while absolutely loving ABBA's "Knowing me, knowing you."

And why Jack Black?

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Posted in: James Dean 'cast' in new movie, 64 years after his death See in context

The book tells the story of U.S. military dogs that were deployed and later abandoned in Vietnam.

Bhwa! Ha ha ha ha

This is it? Of all the crap that went on during that time, not to mention before and after, this is it? A story about abandoned Vietnam vets..uh vet dogs? Are the dogs transgendered or something?

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Posted in: Trump attacks whistleblower anonymity, but won't utter name See in context

*Ukraine's lead prosecutor S***hokin said in a sworn affidavit "I was forced out because I was leading a wide-range corruption probe into Burisma Holdings, a natural gas firm active in Ukraine, and Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was a member of the board of directors."**

Forced out by who? Why Vice President of the US daddy Biden, that’s who.

There’s a new sheriff in town. Safe spaces with crisis puppies are still available.

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Posted in: Drug cartel gunmen kill 9 U.S. citizens, including 6 children, in ambush in Mexico See in context

America isn't their only market. The Sinaloa cartel is also the largest drug provider to most of Europe.

Please refrain from bringing up inconvenient facts while we’re trying to take easy pot shots at America and Americans this morning.

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Posted in: Gov't kicks off Warm Biz energy-saving campaign See in context

Currently remodeling my house, you can’t even FIND good R10 or higher insulation unless you use eBay which ironically is almost priced the same after shipping as the R2.2 soundproofing insulation you can buy at the local home center. The 20 year old insulation we tore out was 85% useless. Now I know another reason they put a cover around a new house being built. I will be installing a wood burning stove as my part to warm biz.

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Posted in: What are your suggestions for dealing with the growing problem of "over-tourism" that some popular destinations around the world (Kyoto, for example) are facing? See in context

Massive billboard campaign in tourist areas with say William Shatner or Albert Einstein’s face telling tourists to “get a life!”

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Posted in: Threat to U.S. elections not limited to Russia in 2020 See in context

The only threat to America is Tulsi Gabbard.

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Posted in: Threat to U.S. elections not limited to Russia in 2020 See in context

Threat to U.S. elections not limited to Russia in 2020

There was never a “threat”. Fake news like this is the threat.

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Posted in: House Democrats plan 1st formal vote on impeachment inquiry See in context

And now Hannity and the numerous other useful idiots pushing nationalistic authoritarianism have Tulsi Gabbard as their latest messiah.

I just don’t get this. What are you thinking? That a clear anti war candidate is a bad thing?

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Posted in: House Democrats plan 1st formal vote on impeachment inquiry See in context

This is great!

foot meet gun

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. forces cornered IS leader in dead-end tunnel See in context

Prior to Bush, American law forbid the American army target individuals for execution

So naive. Not surprising. So just overthrowing a country like Iran or Hawaii is OK in your book of morals as long as you don’t assassinate them?

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. forces cornered IS leader in dead-end tunnel See in context

Trump's triumphal juvenile crowing about all the death he brought to the bad guys was so devoid of presidential gravitas that he must have been tethered to the podium to prevent his floating up to the ceiling. His fake narrative of Al-Badaddy and ISIS, his absurd, rambling comments and cringe-making self-laudatory grab for his acolytes' approval, all delivered with the aplomb of an automaton must make any reasonable person wonder how on earth such a caricature of a leader came to be POTUS? Wait, what was that story by Hans Christian Andersen?

Oh please.....US presidents have been dealing death since our countries conception, no reason to pick on Trump, the humans leading most countries are pretty much idiots, so what do you expect? But that’s where we’re at, so the why don’t you give up your car and stop heating or cooling your house in protest?

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven Japan to end some 24-hour operations amid labor crunch See in context

Seems to me 7-11 followed in the footsteps of McDonald’s and became a real estate company as well as convenience stores. It’s the only thing that makes sense when they’re so close to one another, along with the Ctrl-Print economy and easy loans.

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Posted in: Hunter dies in Arkansas after deer he'd shot attacks him See in context

Just goes to show you, acting on your Charles Ingalls Little House on the Prairie fantasy can be lethal.

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Posted in: Fans create their own 'kind of magic' in new Queen music videos See in context

Was singing It’s a kind a magic to myself just yesterday. Maybe I should make a video

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