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Posted in: Kevin Smith crafts his 'real big cinematic gravestone' See in context

Can watch Dogma anytime. Great flick! Heart attack at 49? Fast food and lines do not go well together.

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Posted in: Trump leaves Turkey and Syria to argue it out; Pelosi says he had 'meltdown' See in context

Pelosi won’t hold a vote for formal impeachment = coward....scared....pure Kabuki. CNN is being exposed for the deep state machine they are in the Veritas testimony of CNN journalist and Dem supporter Cary Poarch.

Times are good!

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Posted in: School lunches keep Japan's kids topping nutrition lists See in context

But that was a long time ago and I suspect that English school lunches have gone the same way as American school lunches.

Maybe you’ve seen them, Jamie Oliver has done some great stuff both in the UK and the States. It’s a TV series. Eye opening and shocking, especially when he has to fight the LA school-boards. If the US Congress can be successfully lobbied to pass a law saying Pizza is a vegetable, then you know who and what is calling the shots in my government.

The same goes for Japan. One would think university convenience stores and cafeterias could get highly discounted/subsidized fruit for the kids. Nope, just bread, bread, and more bread.

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Posted in: U.S. demands Syria ceasefire; slaps sanctions on Turkey over incursion See in context

As both nations continue to expand areas of control while Trump's in charge.

Uhhh what?

You rail against countries interfering in the affairs of other sovereign nations, and rightly so, but what is the opposite of your above reasoning? That Trump needs to reassert more US power into a sovereign country?

We’ll just have to accept that in a globalist system, controlling energy resources is a top priority.

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Posted in: Human pyramids continue in Kobe schools as injuries mount to 51; mayor’s pleas to stop unanswered See in context

This 10-tier human pyramid in Osaka collapsed in 2015, injuring six students, one with a fracture.

Oh my God! A fracture.

i broke my arm in my high school days racing around the roller skating rink. Glad no one pressured me to stop.

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Posted in: Rihanna blasts Trump in new Vogue interview See in context

Rihanna blasts Trump in new Vogue interview

Meanwhile, a protester at a Trump rally walking by a person with a MAGA hat on being interviewed, spit in his face live on camera and kept walking. The emotional cesspool of the left is bubbling over. I hope they catch this person and charge them with assault. The behavior does not surprise me at all reading some of the posters on here. Sick and disgusting, no different from Rihanna.

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Posted in: World Rugby slams Scotland legal threat over typhoon-hit game See in context

World Rugby slammed Scotland over a "disappointing" threat of legal action on Friday as tempers flared over fears their pivotal game with World Cup hosts Japan will be cancelled because of a typhoon.

Yep, cuz rescheduling a makeup game in a World Cup playoff would be unfathomable, impossible, out of the question, and throw in some teeth sucking for good measure.

I agree with Scotland.

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Posted in: Eagles plan massive 'Hotel California' performances on tour See in context

This 'Eagles' is a sickening money-grabbing sham of the most blatant degree.

Wasn’t aware of this and other info from posters. Thanks, now I’ll wait to see if they come to me.

on a side note, is it OK for Paul McCartney or Queen without Freddie and Deacon?

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Posted in: Eagles plan massive 'Hotel California' performances on tour See in context

Well baby, there you stand

With your little head down in your hand

Oh my God, you can't believe

It's happening again

Your baby's gone and you're all alone

And it looks like the end

Maybe the first time I wished I lived back in the States to see this show.

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Posted in: Rihanna blasts Trump in new Vogue interview See in context

Rihanna speared President Donald Trump as perhaps "the most mentally ill human being in America" 

Sounds like one of those situations where “point a finger at someone and two point back at you.”

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Posted in: Trump escalates impeachment fight, barring envoy's testimony See in context

Investigating the president's actions is a legislative issue.

Nice head fake. You meant...

“Investigating the president's criminal actions is a legislative issue but can only hold impeachment inquiries after a successful House vote to do so.”

There, fixed it for ya.

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Posted in: Scorsese slams Marvel films as 'not cinema' See in context

"Martin Scorsese is one of my 5 favorite living filmmakers. I was outraged when people picketed The Last Temptation of Christ without having seen the film," tweeted James Gunn, director of "Guardians of the Galaxy."

"I'm saddened that he's now judging my films in the same way."

Take it easy James, I’m guessing he wouldn't have said that about Guardians of the Galaxy had he seen it. Besides, G of the G was not a “super-hero blockbuster”.

The writer of this interpretation of an interview sucks. Asked if Scorcesse had seen any “Marvel” movies, but DC Comics is way more “theme park” type movie making than Marvel. The writing and humor in Marvel, especially with Downey Jr. far surpasses DC. That Lebowski quip in the Avengers I watched last week still has me chuckling.

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Posted in: Two-in-one reading glasses See in context

I have these nice ones from Costco that flip up for reading, much easier than these. A little fragile but worth it.

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Posted in: China marks 70 years of Communist Party rule as Hong Kong braces for unrest See in context

Hong Kong won’t bring down China, on the other hand, Chinese not getting their pork subgum because of the pig Ebola just might. Gives a whole different take on communist pig.

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Posted in: China marks 70 years of Communist Party rule as Hong Kong braces for unrest See in context

I can no longer sit back and allow Communist infiltration, Communist indoctrination, communist subversion, and the international Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids.

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Posted in: Japan's consumption tax raised to 10% amid swelling welfare costs See in context

Just ONCE I’d like to see an article by a Japanese news service on the staggering number of Japanese companies reducing product weight/quantity while not reducing the cost of the product. I imagine it’s already been done a lot in anticipation of the tax increase. I like to have a couple of cookies with my morning coffee on the weekends and this one brand has reduced the cream in the cookie making it bland while printing a big “NEW” label on it. Stopped buying it.

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Posted in: Anxious and wary, voters buckle up for impeachment ride See in context

Anxious and wary, voters buckle up for impeachment ride

A ride down a dead end road that ends in a steep drop into a pit swirling emotional angst.

Boy Dem leaders are so dumb.

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Posted in: Is premium economy airfare worth the money? See in context

That's the only way I can get out of my seat if I'm in the window or middle seat, lol. 

Well, you must be overweight. I hope you explain your rude behavior (jerking them awake from their sleep) to each person sitting in front of you before the flight on every trip.

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Posted in: Is premium economy airfare worth the money? See in context

I always pay for the delta comfort seats. Usually 3 to 4 hundred more for a round trip ticket. I’m average height and weight bust just can’t sleep in domestic seats. What really sets me off is people using the seat in front of them, grabbing the headrest area, to lift themselves out of their chair. I will always say something. Oh, and the selfish jerks who take baths in cologne or perfume before a flight.

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Posted in: 2 U.S. movie theater chains ban masks at screenings of ‘Joker’ See in context

Keep the guns, ban bad Hollywood writers and producers.

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Posted in: Yes, there is an art to the perfectly peeled egg See in context

Steam builds up under the shell, yes you have to peel them soon after letting them sit in ice water, no more , for me anyway, than 3-5 minutes. Cracking them right after boiling let’s the steam out, IMO.

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Posted in: Tom Hanks to get lifetime award at Golden Globes See in context

Well deserved.

My personal favorites are Forest Gump, you got mail and “nothing in common” with Jackie Gleason. Refuse to watch A League of their Own.

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Posted in: Ministers at hydrogen meet set ambitious target for green transport See in context

The international oil companies are some of the most nasty and powerful on the globe and will stop at nothing to ensure their oil remains essential, and at high prices.

Exactly. A necessary evil these days, and it’s not just the oil companies but all of the major industries dependent on them like autos and plastics, as well as the natural gas interests too. They are only a sect of the warmongering globalists.

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Posted in: Bodies of husband, wife found in Ibaraki Pref home; 2 children also injured See in context

Whooooo are you? Who who.....who who

Sure, if they have a specific target in mind, highly trained professional burglars or killers wouldn't let stuff like stop them. But, randos? Thrill killers? Would-be thieves hoping to find a laptop or some jewelry to fence? They'll skip the locked doors and move on to the next house. It's that simple.

Does this sound like a random act to you? those usually occur on a street corner when someone snaps. Sounds like a crime of passion.

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Posted in: U.S. House to launch Trump impeachment inquiry over Ukraine controversy See in context

Get the popcorn! Always great entertainment, better than any Hollywood copy crap movie, watching a political party shoot themselves in the foot.

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Posted in: WMO urges drastic action as global average temperature set to rise again See in context

The global ban on the use of CFC's comes to mind.

A global ban eh? Doesn’t do any good if countries don’t give sh#t.

Ozone hole mystery: China insulating chemical said to be source of rise

9 July 2018

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Posted in: Biden urges investigation into Trump Ukraine call See in context

This is odd seeing how it was Biden in the first place who used his S of S position to get the initial investigation into his sons business canceled.

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Posted in: Twitter users throw fit over possible 'Princess Bride' remake See in context

Seth who?

This guy doesn’t deserve the fawning Hollywood gives him.

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Not a cult member but the film is better than many. I suppose I’d react similarly if they the copy cult in Hollywood decided to remake Ice Pirates.

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Posted in: Giant pizza sandwich, called Meat Mountain, packed with 18 different types of meat See in context

God that looks gross. I miss the simple pizza bread from a local bakery growing up. Costco doesn’t even serve their pepperoni pizza anymore. They have two different kinds of cheese only pizza.

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Posted in: Park place See in context

with my other 3 cars ive got parked there,

Nice. Curious though, do you still have to pay all the taxes on your cars if you’re not driving them?

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