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Posted in: White House press group condemns attack on cameraman at Trump rally in Texas See in context

Yes, Trump creates a frenzy that encourages outbursts at the media, 

And rightly so

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Posted in: Warren says Trump may not be 'free' in 2020 See in context

So how do you explain Trump's comments then? Are they just the result of an under-educated individual or are they simply not racist? It's one thing for people to talk about race and use "critical thinking" as a means to explain. It's another thing to fling derogative words and ideas around, especially when you are the leader of a country.

You’re triggered. I get it.

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Posted in: Do you think democracy is the best form of government? See in context

Why does man always succumb to central governments. There is no need for central governments anymore. Shouldn’t that be the question?

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Posted in: Warren says Trump may not be 'free' in 2020 See in context

The conservative agenda is nothing more than the search for white privilege under Trump's reign.

I bet this conversation goes great in safe spaces, just mention ‘white privilege’ and anyone will be accepted into ‘the group’. Sadly, this doesn’t leave any room for critical thinking.

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Posted in: As clock ticks, new hurdle emerges in border security talks See in context

California has some absolutely beautiful areas, just don't go to the cities anymore especially San Fran. Syringes and poop aon the sidewalks is the new norm.

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Posted in: 6 things to know before teaching company English classes See in context

Be prepared to answer lewd and childish questions about Japanese women from businessmen despite teaching a class on engineering.

I don’t get this at all.

Maybe this is what happens when almost 13 million people decide to live like rats in a cage.

Never happened to me in all my 16 years of living here. No, not Tokyo.

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Posted in: Democrat Warren kicks off 2020 run, hobbled by ancestry row See in context

Getting less money per year to me, is definitely not winning.

Well at least your healthcare costs haven’t went up.

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Posted in: Scandals drive calls for top Virginia leadership to resign See in context

“Very very quite on here”, as some “others” like to post on Trump articles.

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Posted in: U.S. Democrats float 'Green New Deal' to end fossil fuel era See in context

Many will say socialist democracies work. Maybe they do. I don’t feel like looking it up but what kind of debt spending is Sweden and Norway in?

Anyway, so this New Yorker has a 10 year green plan. What is it with socialists and their 5 year 10 year plans? Mao tried it. Stalin tried it. This is where socialism falls apart IMO, with their acceleration of plans. Sweden and Norway, not so much. I could be wrong.

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Posted in: Thai princess' bid for PM scuttled as party obeys royal command See in context

Did she she get a face job? Older and newer pics look like it.

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Posted in: Japan to ban use of plastic straws, cutlery in gov't cafeterias See in context

medical devices and gloves

I don’t think anyone, well except maybe the anti-plastic fanatics (sounds like the making of a good song), is recommending doing away with essential medical or other important plastic uses. What do you see most along the roads? Plastic bottles, and in Japan, filled with urine. Plastic plates for food is just stupid.

Oh, Absolutlly NEVER drink milk with a straw, it’s just sacrilegious. Milkshakes? OK.

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Posted in: Japan to ban use of plastic straws, cutlery in gov't cafeterias See in context

I remember paper straws. No reason for non-carbonated drinks to not be in milk type containers. Why did Meiji Milk start using a twist cap when the popular style is just fine? What do the schools do here? I know in the States in most schools its plastic everyday, with even some of the small milk containers given in plastic. Whats stupid is they serve the kids 1% milk but then offer sugar loaded chocolate and strawberry milk.

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Posted in: Racist history of blackface began in the 1830s See in context

Actor Ted Danson was accused of being racist and tasteless for performing a skit in blackface, using the N-word and joking about his sex life with then-girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg, who is black, at Goldberg's Friars Club roast in 1993.

Even though Whooopi later admitted to WRITING most of the racist material. Shouldn’t that be pointed out in this piece?? Oh wait, it’s the Associated Press and

Jesse J. Holland, a “Race & Ethnicity reporter for The Associated Press, responsible for coverage and analysis of this nation's minority and ethnic groups for the world's largest news organization.”

OOOPS Jesse, maybe back to JOUR 101.

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Posted in: Larger groups seen crossing U.S. border as overall arrests drop See in context

Tricky MSM, A 4% decline since last month, but up 62% from a year ago, and up over 65% a year before that.

There were nearly 150 children, including 32 who were traveling alone.

32 children traveling alone!?

Quickly marshmallow lefties, cover your eyes and ears so you won’t have to hear or see how many of these children were abused. Better yet, sit on your hands like the Dem politicians during Trumps SOTU speech that 76% who watched, liked it.

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Posted in: U.S. Democrats float 'Green New Deal' to end fossil fuel era See in context

The House Dems should just pass the plan and read it later.

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Posted in: Property firm Leopalace21 starts asking 14,000 residents to move out due to wall defects See in context

Boy oh boy! I think I’m gonna hire a private home inspector to squat if I ever build a house or get any serious remodeling done.

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Posted in: U.S. Democrats float 'Green New Deal' to end fossil fuel era See in context

There has to be a less "political" and much more comprehensive approach to all these rhetoric and grandstanding by scientists and politicians alike. The "blame" game may get attention and funding to "profit" those who get the business, but not necessarily resolve the fundamental problem of man's negative impact on our mother Earth.

Curious how this post got a down vote. Must be some politicians on here who don’t wanna sacrifice their bribe mone......oops.......campaign money.

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Posted in: U.S. Democrats float 'Green New Deal' to end fossil fuel era See in context

“U.S. Democrats float 'Green New Deal' to end fossil fuel era”

U.S. Democrats float 'Stand in line for Toilet Paper and Potatoes New Deal' to end free will era


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Posted in: U.N. rights committee urges Japan to let children be children See in context

First world problems.

Awhile back ago, before TV, computers and video games, kids got off school and had to go home to help with the crops, milk the cows, feed the chickens, clean up the waste, other household chores, then do homework. It’s been less than 70 years, and mostly in stable countries and large cities where this “UN Human Rights” issue applies. Keeping kids busy is the smartest thing to do. Many US inner cities struggle just to keep the kids in class let alone getting them to a reasonable level of high school education.

But, I guess the overblown “corporal punishment” label or the suicides is more important to the U.N. than drug use, joining a gang, killing other gang members, then going home and playing video games.

This really is a waste of resources by the U.N.

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Posted in: Kochi Prefecture launches 'Naturally Japan, Naturally Kochi' campaign See in context

My wife wants to go back to the vine bridge again. I jumped the boulders down stream there and came across the most amazing piece of natural art. Snapped a pic but it’s stuck on an old cell phone and no power cord. The caves sound great, I just hope it’s not 50 meters to the end like the last disappointment was. Found a great Italian restaurant in a small town too. Funniest part was a friendly local coming up and asking us “are you tripping? :)

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Posted in: Colorado jogger strangles mountain lion after attack on trail See in context

Cougar meet opposable thumbs

Congrats on his fight

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Posted in: Blackface scandal spotlights deeply embedded racism in U.S. See in context

defined by only the most egregious, blatant examples like using the N-word 

This writer is gonna put a lot of black rappers out of business.

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Posted in: Democratic contenders hoping to run on soaking the rich See in context

Lots of Dems throwing their hat in the ring. And what about the Dem establishment? Doesn’t seem to me that they’ve cleaned their house yet so I’m expecting full support by the establishment of the annotated one, whoever that may be, probably Biden, and any serious outside contender to get the Bernie treatment.

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Posted in: Dump truck driver arrested over fatal hit-and-run See in context

Here in Kobe the dump trucks drive like maniacs not sure if its a national thing

Not from my experience. But the garbage trucks, oh yeah.

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Posted in: 7 die in overnight fires in Niigata, Aomori prefectures See in context

Had a house burn down this afternoon less than 150 meters away.

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Posted in: Patriots, Rams ready for Super Bowl generation game See in context

I just hope it’s a good game. May the best team win.

the most hated NFL team in America according to a recent analysis of social media -

social media = twitter poll from millennial twitter users = Fake news

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Posted in: Lettuce wraps are the perfect low-carb vehicle for chicken See in context

Fish sauce?

Do you marinate your steak in chicken bullion or add beef fat to your fish soup too?


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Posted in: What's your favorite Japanese snack food? See in context

A good quality sembe with those beans inside.

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Posted in: 'The Batman' set for 2021 release, star to be determined See in context

Good they’re looking for someone new. Maybe someone like  Michael Keaton Or Val Kilmer.

“The Shinning”? Hollywood is so pathetic.

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