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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

If the right spent less time

Funny. Maybe if folks spent less time blaming the left or right they could think more clearly. This knee jerk right-left reaction only serves the corporate and criminal oligarchs of the world who love to watch the useless and endless squabbling masses from the box seats. In my life, I have never seen so much corporate MSM censorship, especially one story about a laptop.

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

The civilians being interviewed are vehemently denying they were used as human shields. 

Still the same tired propaganda parrots claim to know more about it than the poor souls who’ve survived weeks of constant bombardment, even during the ‘ceasefire’.

So you can’t imagine a scenario where family or friends held back from escaping the Neo Nazis with threats that if they say anything they will never see them again?

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

But Russia wants Ukraine’s land 

Why does Russia want Ukraine land?

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of intoxicated woman at hotel See in context

flabby body and wrinkled face

A 50 year old equals flabby body and wrinkled face? Yep, equally plausible.

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Posted in: Sweden reintroduces border checks, citing 'a serious threat' See in context

Sweden reintroduces border checks, citing 'a serious threat'

Gee, wouldn’t have anything to do with the riots and criminal gangs turning this once peaceful nation into one now at the EU bottom for crime and violence?

I just love these stories that pretend to provide information but are too scared to be honest.

How’s that forced multiculturalism working out for ya’ll?

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Posted in: No felony charge for man who tackled Dave Chappelle on stage See in context

Chris Rock summed up this attack the best

”Was that Will Smith?”

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Posted in: Russian ceasefire to begin at besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

Russia tried to get in and found it too hard. Now they give a cease fire to allow civilians to leave. Something we have heard many times but most were traps to kill those leaving.

I saw this on Netflix’s “CIA Files” last night too.

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Posted in: Sudden abortion focus shakes U.S. midterm election landscape See in context

Sudden abortion focus shakes U.S. midterm election landscape

Funny using the word “focus” here.

Anyway, all according to plan as the Dems have struck out on everything else, especially trying to blame Putin for high gas and food prices, which is what most Americans are concerned about.

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Posted in: New 'Dragon Ball' movie collaborates with Oreo cookies See in context

Aren’t these made in China? Anyway, I tried them here many years ago and they’re not the same taste I was used to and they’d never soften up in milk so no thanks.

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Posted in: Push to arm Ukraine putting strain on U.S. weapons stockpile See in context

Stockpiles? Well if you say so.

Stocks? My Raytheon, Lockheed and GD are A OK. That’s it, no more messing around, I’m definitely voting for a solid democrat or a republican in the next presidential election. It’s too bad Hillary lost or we could have got this party started years ago.

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Posted in: Pelosi meets with Ukraine president in Kyiv See in context

“awards the Order of Princess Olga,”

sometimes they just write themselves.

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Posted in: Explosions rock Kyiv again as Russians rain fire on Ukraine See in context

wonder you Brits been under the thump of the US for almost 250 years,

Ha, you don’t understand central banking

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Posted in: Explosions rock Kyiv again as Russians rain fire on Ukraine See in context

no, I'm strictly against invading the Baltics as long as these countries do not host military operations against their neighbor.

They already have

Funny how fair weather the Europeans(not you, I don’t know if you’re from Europe) are to war until it bites them in the ankle.

From 2021

Once again, NATO is conducting a rather dangerous maneuvers in Eastern Europe with the aim of provoking Russia. Latvia is the new military drill arena for the Western Alliance, with the country receiving troops from across the Atlantic for a military event called the Winter Shield. This event is annual and provides the opportunity for forces from Latvia and the rest of NATO to act together, training war tactics for possible combat scenarios. However, as has become tradition in NATO, each year the exercises become more aggressive, bringing together a large number of agents, equipment and resources for the sole purpose of showing strength against Russia.

The Latvian armed forces issued a statement earlier this week in which it is possible to read: “From 21 November to 4 December, Latvia will host international military exercise ‘Winter Shield’

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Posted in: EU defies gas 'blackmail' as Russia pushes deeper into Ukraine See in context

EU defies gas 'blackmail' as Russia pushes deeper into Ukraine

Ha, when the MSM psyop stories get this blatantly bad you know they’re starting to panic.

Four European natural gas buyers have already paid Russia in rubles for supplies, complying with the country's demand to pay in its official currency, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

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Posted in: McCarthy defends 1/6 audio; House GOP backs 'next speaker' See in context

I don't remember an organized attempt to overturn the election of 2016. Did I miss something?

Nope. You didn’t miss anything. The Trump - Russia collusion story was ALL true. The bubble will provide.

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it wasnt the dems that decided the election outcome it was the independents, they voted Biden not because they love him they just had enough of Trump BS

I’m sure I should have clarified I was speaking of the nomination process not the general election.

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Posted in: Russia suspending gas supplies to Poland, Bulgari See in context

Glenn Greenwald recently said

Whatever your views on the moral dimensions of this war, it's hard to deny this is the most dangerous moment in US foreign policy in two decades. Every week, US/NATO involvement in the war intensifies, as Russia explicitly warns of nuclear war. For what?"

Well he’s nobody so much in my book but it did remind that if he’s right, then the left and the Dems should be ashamed for putting feeble Biden in that seat.

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silicone caulking the crack around the house between the foundation and exterior walls. Found a nice ant party yesterday after breaking off the clay border the builders used to cover it up along with 30 spider nests. Finish tiling the ceiling to my shower build. Researching small powerful lift motors, like a winch, to raise and lower a home dehumidifier up from the crawl space to the first floor cuz they don’t sell crawl space dehumidifiers in Japan. Finish installing and wiring the crawl space vents, blowing out.

looking forward to all of it.

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Posted in: Musk-ruled Twitter: Users left to fight trolls and misinformation? See in context

I’m sure the only folks who are really concerned are the psyop departments at the various three letter agencies, and the DNC, oh and maybe ANTIFA.

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Posted in: Harris positive for COVID-19; Biden not 'close contact' See in context

I didn’t know you could catch COVID THAT way?

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Posted in: Ukraine omits Japan from list of countries thanked in Twitter video See in context

Japan was not among the nations Ukraine thanked in a social media video highlighting support it has received in its fight against Russia

Can Zelenskyy get any more pathetic? We will never know the extent to which Ukraines attack on their own citizens would have been had Putin not invaded to stop it

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Posted in: White House seeks more power to counter use of drones in U.S. See in context

The White House on Monday released an action plan that calls for expanding the number of agencies that can track and monitor drones flying in their airspace

Oh an “action plan”!

I wonder if the words “southern border” were in the action plan?

Don’t see why it should, drones are way way more dangerous to, you know, the children.

Please Trump again. Anything but this loser.

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Posted in: EU agrees deal to tame internet 'Wild West' See in context

"Today's agreement on DSA is historic," 

Funny how the AFP is trying really hard to make censorship sound like a good thing.

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Posted in: Japan offers tender notice on oil reserve release for IEA effort See in context

Japan has given notice of the planned sale of crude oil from state reserves as part of a coordinated effort by the International Energy Agency 

At least Japan isn’t releasing state reserve then giving away to Europe like Biden has done. I doubt the US MSM had a lot of reporting on this.

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Posted in: Record-low yen risks turning Japan into a 'poor country' See in context

Anyone else notice double trailer trucks in the last year? The highway I regularly use is getting pot holes all over. Has the government changed the weight rules? I dunno but they’re gonna wanna raise taxes to fix the roads that have never been this bad before to my knowledge.

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Posted in: Britain to offer next-generation defense weapons to India See in context

I don’t have an opinion on the UK leader but his pics always remind me of the guy who showed up at the house party at 2am yelling “what happened to the party man!”

But the weapons deal? Well the above statement still works.

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Posted in: Hollywood missing the drama in climate change, group says See in context

I watched the remake of The day the earth stood still again two nights ago. I forgot how bad it was and especially that dull meaningless ending. I’m sure you all know the original was about nuclear weapons and the threat to other planets. Not the new version. Nope, the aliens are here to wipe us out and save the planet from our wasteful ways(Tokyo trash cans anyone), then change their mind because the guy from Monty Python had a chit chat.

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Posted in: Biden announces heavy artillery, other weapons for Ukraine See in context

Glad to see the Reps and Dems finally getting along and agreeing.

War, good god yeah, what is it good for, corporate profits and campaign contributions.

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Posted in: How the image of a victimized Russia came to be so ingrained in the country's psyche See in context

So many things wrong with this writing I had to stop. The timing of this is not a coincidence.

The 2 that did it for me

The range of anti-Russian measures taken by countries around the world since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is virtually unprecedented and hearkens back to the darkest days of the Cold War.


Yet there is no single country, international organization or command center directing these efforts.

One only needs to move off the MSM pages to discover that

In a coordinated legal action between a number of Hillary Clinton operatives and associates, almost two dozen separate documents were simultaneously filed on April 19 in special counsel John Durham’s case against former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.

This sudden flurry of mass filings included responses from former Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta, campaign manager Robby Mook, Clinton campaign lead lawyer Marc Elias, contractors Fusion GPS, the Clinton campaign itself, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The trigger for the flurry of filings was a request by Durham to unseal a number of emails involving the parties. The emails are currently being withheld on very questionable grounds of attorney–client privilege. Based on the coordinated filings, it appears that a large number of important people associated with the Clinton campaign are very concerned about the information in those emails becoming public.

Based on available metadata, it appears as if most of the individuals involved in Clinton’s scheme to vilify Trump with claims of Russia collusion were all communicating with each other as that scheme unfolded in real time.

So it looks like Durham is about to blow the lid off of this MSM coverage cover up and called in their Harvard Russian specialist to run cover. No where in this article(yes I did read it) is there any mention of the relentless anti Russia campaign that Hillary and the Dem machine have been running since before the Trump election.

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Posted in: Young conservatives target 'wokeism' on U.S. campuses See in context

I also think it's quite telling when someone thinks sports are so important that we should bar transpeople from playing them just on the off chance that they MIGHT have an advantage. 

Wow. You’re way over the common sense radar with that laughable comment.

Might! have an advantage?

Earlier this season, Thomas set pool, program, and meet records, 38 seconds ahead of the next-closest female Penn swimmer in one event.

38 seconds above the next female swimmer. Thomas was eventually beaten though, by another transgender swimmer.

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