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Maybe that's because trains / stations / dept stores/ shops etc have the heating up so high during winter that the drastic constant change in temps recks havoc on their immune system ?! I was just back for 2 wks and had to keep taking off my down jacket as I was overheating ...

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I am angered by so many ignorant posts on this page (far too many to read one by one). Ric and his team of volunteers come to Japan as peaceful protesters to shed light on the barbaric killings of the dolphins. I am still surprised that even after the global interest after The Cove (which is have not brought myself to watch yet), that there is not more focus to stopping this small group of fisherman from killing hundreds of dolphins every year. Mercury content is certainly an issue, but the main issue is the sale of the dolphins (that are not killed) to aquariums and seaworlds where they are forced to live in captivity and perform tricks for human entertainment.

Dolphins are intelligent species - more than your average barn animal ....they should be left to roam the oceans freely.

The idea of tradition/culture is no excuse to kill the dolphins - here or in the Faroe Is......what was ok 100 or 1000 years ago, is no longer accepted!! Most Japanese dont know that this is still going on.....much the same as the government covered up all the issues surrounding the fukushima nuclear power plant .....

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Posted in: 60-yr-old man arrested for trying to molest policewoman in front of police station See in context

At the age of 60, had he yet to feel a woman ??

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