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Posted in: Irie wins women's featherweight boxing gold See in context

Well done, such good sportsmanship between the two fighters. Watch and learn Aliev (DQed French boxer).

Japanese athletes really stepping up this games.

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Um, dangerous precedent? Do you know how rare and unusual this is? It has never happened before and may well never happen again.

This is an anomaly, no one is talking about all sports events, we are talking Olympics, the Olympic High Jump. Stop extrapolating this and making irrelevant hypotheticals.

And Vegas? Psssh. Those vultures are the last people in the world who should get a say.

This was pure sportsmanship, and the perfect ending on the day. Sport won, the Olympic spirit won, and humanity won.

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As for two athletes being out and about. It's just had to be Georgians.

Athletes at the village, should have been a little more discreet. Outdoor? Actually much safer for limiting and spread, but more likely to attract the trouble. Have a couple of quiets with you teammates, in your room.

Gotta be smarter guys.

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Posted in: Disappointment, dissatisfaction at no-spectator Tokyo Olympics See in context

Disappointment and dissatisfaction. A lot of that going around.

Yes, Thanks Suga.

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Posted in: Fans to be banned from Olympic events in Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures See in context

Well it's seems unless you follow the narrative you will get down voted to oblivion.

Yes, I was the right call to make, but I am disappointed and saddened, and was looking forward immensely to going as a life long fan of the Games.

Such a shame.

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Well it's seems unless you follow the narrative you will get down voted to oblivion.

Yes, I was the right call to make, but I am disappointed and saddened, and was looking forward immensely to going as a life long fan of the Games.

Such a shame.

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl See in context

Norman GoodmanToday  02:34 pm JST

flammenwerfer surely you can agree that "grabbed" from behind is a much, much clearer description of what surely happened? Hug means a lot of things, but it tends to carry positive connotations

Well no, grab has many meanings, grab is typically done with your hands, he grabbed her from behind -how? by the arms? By the shoulders? By the neck.

He wrapped his arms around her to restrain her. It’s still a hugging motion.

I will concede bear hug would have been more appropriate terminology than plain hug,

Kiss has mostly positive connotations, too, But if the story included the pervert forcibly kissing the girl. Would people be upset at the use of this word?

This sicko in his warped mind, hugged her. Forcibly so, and if that image makes people feel uncomfortable, then perhaps there will be more backlash and stronger sentencing.

Society needs to wake up and address these Lolita perverts harder.

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No. Maria I disagree. Hug means to wrap your arms around, to clasp tightly in the arms. Sure it is usually an affectionate action, but not always. Ask a pro wrestler if a bear hug is comfortable. It’s not a mistranslation, it describes well the action of the perp.

Grab is not hug, grab is a different motion, and clasp, headlock etc.

He restrained forcibly from behind in a bear hug, would that suffice?

Back to Kato, sicko. What do to with perverts like this? Jail time, but then what? He gets out, highly unlikely has lost his innate desires and once again he is out on the prowl.

Does Japan make registered sex offenders go door to door in the neighborhood and announce their shame and warn everyone like some countries?

Chemical castration? Use science to render him neutered and lacking sexual desire.

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Posted in: LA police fatally shoot armed 14-year-old boy See in context

Sorry mom, I don't believe you and you "good boy" story. Shame it escalated to him dying, but you gotta know, if you shoot at the cops, you are not long for this world.

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I was saw an cough movie where the "actress" had the exact mask on!

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Posted in: WhatsApp says it now has half billion users See in context

Line has 400million. I like Line, it's good that it's the default in Japan, every smartphone user I know here has it so group messages are very handy.

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Posted in: Panasonic to give employees sent to China 'pollution pay' See in context

lesson the shock of being sent there I guess.

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Posted in: Weibo, 'China's Twitter,' files for IPO in U.S. See in context

Weibo? very insular and irrelevant to the rest of the world. Might be big in China, but no one else cares...at all.

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Posted in: Man crashes truck into house, slashes 4 See in context

my thoughts too, "need a hand with that knot mate?"

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Posted in: 30 things that single women don’t want to hear See in context

31 Lose some weight. 32 Take up a sport, join a sports club and meet some people, the nicest guys I've encountered in Japan was through sports. 33 Limit childish hobbies like cosplay, that's a turnoff. 34 Get off the computer/net and get out and get involved.

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Posted in: No improvement in pay for subcontracted Fukushima decontamination workers See in context

prisoners get treated better....perhaps they should be doing this work; as part of paying off their debt to society - oops it's the 21st century, can't do that anymore - darn.

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touche - Walking dead! got my shows mixed up! and as you know this very simple site has no edit functions.

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the season Finale of Breaking bad is on tonight (Japan time!) .....they are just excited about that

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Posted in: Samoa beats Australia, NZ downs Japan at Tokyo Sevens rugby See in context

Pretty lame crowd, they've got to invigorate the event, make it akin to The HK 7's or the Wellington 7's. Make it a true event people will want to attend.

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Posted in: Japan’s greatest faux beers - happoshu See in context

A travesty of the drink that is beer. A drink for alcoholics who want to save money

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...and no one was laughing anymore at the atypical crazy old person who eschews banks and keeps all their in money in a tin hidden in their house.

interesting this is only a problem in the Greek part of Cyprus. the Turkish part is running quite fine. The Greeks really have screwed things up big time.

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..also Aryton "high on a pedastal" Senna would have done exactly the same thing, think he would have sat back and watch a Mark Webber win?

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Webber is clearly the number 2 driver in the team. Vettel is simply better. Mark should know his place or bugger off. Anyone else in the field could drive that Red Bull as well as him and be a better team player about it. He's a 36 y.o journeyman.

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Posted in: Otsuchi tsunami survivors share their stories See in context

Also here is the link to the Amazon Japan kindle version ( the link is to the US store)


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He had a big smile on his face, as if to say - You too, huh?

it's incredible how some people even in the face of annihilation - face it cheerfully, like Slim Pickens riding the nuclear rocket in the movie "Dr Strangelove"

I'm going to get a copy, hope the proceeds get injected back in the Otsuchi community.

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Posted in: Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods say they're dating See in context

She can probably kick his ass.

Notat the moment - she blew her knee out horrendously landing badly during a Super-G race last month, Youtube it if you dare.

Interesting couple to say the least, hopefully this will put the lead back in Tigers pencil and he starts translating that into great form on the course again.

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Posted in: Korea’s ban on pachinko gambling sees increase in gamblers coming to Japan See in context

If I never step foot in one of those places, it will be too soon. Good on Korea for getting rid of them. I personally know of a few families that have been severely impacted by pachinko. I am glad that my city has a by-law on them - I don't have to see them locally. Sadly the next municipality over welcomes them with open arms - they are the newest nicest buildings about yet somehow that city is nearly bankrupt and has no money in the coffers; the city is generally run down, One wonders where is there pachinko tax going? are they paying city tax?

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RIAA are idiots. Blaming google is like blaming the 'street' because drug dealers carry out their business there.

RIAA are guilty of failing to adapt to the changing world, sticking strongly to the old model that made the lots of $$$ is long gone.

Why can't we get Rdio in Jpan, what about Pandora? Spotify? I heard they are coming, but too damn slow and too late to the party.

At the least itunes provides a modern service, though itself itunes itself sucks and I loathe to give any money to apple. I want as close to 100% of any proceeds go directly to the artist.

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All I can say is elderly people should NOT be allowed to commute in rush hour.

seconded, many railways create incentives to travel between 9 and 3pm on weekdays. 14-15 tickets for the price of 10 coupon cards. done to encourage the elderly to travel off peak.

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I will never get a smartphone. The ultimate in brainwashed consumerism for otherwise intelligent people. We don't need them. Simple.

why stop there? don't be hypocritical towards technology - why are you here, on the internet using computer, you don't need it, no sir, a smartphone is a small computer, you are using a big one - it's a computer ergo YOU don't need it, or a regular phone either, a TV, A playstation, a DVD player, an aircon, a car, aeroplanes. None of these.... Exactly who are you, to decree, to tell people what we need and don't need?

Personally, I enjoy having access to the sum total of all human knowledge in my pocket and a camera and a dictionary, and anki card reader and book and a newspaper, a podcast player....

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