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Posted in: Lights out: Power outage stops Super Bowl See in context

let's check the weather right now for New York....yep it's -1 deg.....next year there will be a blizzard probably. Outdoor game in NYC for the SB? bad idea.

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Posted in: 50 iPhone 5 handsets stolen from 2 Ibaraki stores See in context

Probably Brazilian thieves stealing them to sell on the lucrative Brazilian market. my friend had his brand new iphone stolen in a bar by some dodgy Brazilians. He went to the toilet and when he returned the phone was gone from his bag along with the shifty aforementioned characters who were sitting nearby. Be careful in bars.

The iphone is the phone that thieves know salivating apple-ites will pay a premium for. Supply and demand.

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Posted in: Microsoft retools Office for touch screen, web use See in context

open office works for most basic spreadsheets and docs, high end users might be left wanting but it works for me.

Google docs also works for what I want to do.

online presentation software like prezi are improving.

Microsoft are dreaming. CEO Steve Ballmer is worth 15 billion dollars and the greedy prrick wants more? Goodbye Microsoft. I don't plan to give them any more of my money. Linux, and Android are plenty enough for me.

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Posted in: Messi wins record 4th world's best player award See in context

This event will forever remembered as the "polka-dot four peat" Messi! what were you thinking??

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Posted in: Hideki Matsui retires from baseball See in context

Always like Matsui, had hoped he came back to Japan and realized his childhood dream of playing for the Hanshin tigers. Guess he has plenty of time to watch his notorious and massive "film" collection now!

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Posted in: Telepresence robots let employees 'beam' into work See in context

A photo perhaps? or a link to a video? Would make these stories much more appealing to readers.

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Posted in: Norovirus kills six men in Miyazaki hospital See in context

Some perspective: flu/pneumonia is the 5th leading cause of death among persons aged 65 or older in the first world. The is not abnormal, this is historically how nature takes back people near death. These were 6 bedridden elderly men who had lived their lives. R.I.P If 6 children died, then yes a dramatic headline would be more appropriate.

Norovirus kills 6 - sounds serious.....cancer kills 1000 a day - mundane.

Yesterday 1000 Japanese passed on due to cancer

850 died on strokes.

200 commited suicide.

620 from Heart Disease.

take your pick out of cancer, stroke and heart disease and: 350 Japanese died from tobacco related illness.

13 (daily ave) died on the roads.

sloppy hygiene on the other hand is inexcusable. could have been caused , sounds like lots of speculating, could have also been a scapegoat as well.

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Posted in: China racks up record iPhone 5 sales in first weekend See in context

Well the rich city elite in China just snapped up their phones, the peasants in the villages if they can ever dream to afford a such a device, will buying Huawei's or some other el-cheapo device for a 1/10th of the price.

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Posted in: Google Maps makes its way back to the iPhone See in context

Well all my iphone toting friends are all happy as pigs in mud again, the ios6 hold outs have finally moved up. now they just wish they could delete the apple maps from their devices - being such a waste of space.

iPhone had just one flaw - the Maps -.......and haters..... What is laughable is that Fandroids

Just one flaw? Ok I see. I do enjoy you balanced impartial and fair posts. They are amusing.

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Posted in: Christians most populous of world's religions See in context

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on the up I heard....

Only 14 million Jews - in the whole World? That I did not know - they are "pound for pound" undoubtedly the most powerful religious group in the world.

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Posted in: Report details extensive Walmart bribery in Mexico See in context

Walmart is the largest private employer in Mexico, with 221,000 people working in 2,275 stores across the country

guess that's the pay off for "muscling in" - not well paid and crappy conditions, but a job nonetheless.

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Posted in: Japanese man, 115, becomes world's oldest person See in context

Oldest man in the world with a cool name to boot. Jiroemon - sounds like a samurai, shame some of todays parents can't give their sons strong sounding masculine names.

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Posted in: Kobayashi aims for F1 return in 2014 See in context

Well Grosjean is still there, so first lap nutcase moments will still be on the menu.

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Posted in: Man kills mother, then 26 at Connecticut school, including 20 kids See in context

NRA the ball is 100% in your court. Until the NRA gets behind any change, nothing will change. This will tragically happen again and again. Cant imagine losing a like a child like that.

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Posted in: Defects found at 670 points in Sasago tunnel See in context

good thing a there was no big earthquake epicentered near that tunnel, a good shake would have sent the whole lot down. 670? pretty close to 666. The Devils tunnel.

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Posted in: Sock thief on the loose in Chiba See in context

is in wrong that this story just made me snort with laughter? schadenfreude I guess.

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Posted in: 17-year-old dead, 16-year-old seriously injured following police chase See in context

As they say in japan: zamamiro - it serves you right/see what happens. Very little sympathy for these two clowns.

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Posted in: Schoolboy pitching sensation chooses Ham Fighters over MLB See in context

Curious, I thought he was adamant that he was not staying, wonder who put the squeeze on the kid?

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Posted in: Ostrich arteries bring new hope for bypass surgery See in context

gaijinfo - gold mate, solid gold.

Do they raise ostriches in Japan? good meat on ostriches, but they need room to roam, hence Japanese CAFOs are not suitable.

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Posted in: Fushimi Inari See in context

check out google maps - you can view it with street view. Pretty cool.

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Posted in: Apple's downward spiral accelerates See in context

I don't know what worse: Jehovah witness banging on my door or apple fan boys on the interwebs banging on about amazing their gadgets are. You like you shiny gorgeously designed revolutionary products. we all get it, This thread is not about your love of your products - we simply don't care, Please shut up.

This is about stock market and it would appear apple stock is coming back to a more realistic level, it's not going to completely crumble as this sensational headline indicates - spiral? hardly. Apple are doing very well with their ipads, iphones, and macbok pro's and will continue to do well. They are not going to be SONY anytime soon.

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Posted in: Kabuki star Kanzaburo Nakamura dies at 57 See in context

yes, indeed Jeff Lee cancer of the esophagus is a heavily linked to smoking and alcohol.

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Posted in: Microsoft, Google embroiled in bitter dispute over online shopping See in context

Bing is garbage, I tried it few times and was left scratching my head. Doing identical searches, Google offered better search results.

Google is still so much better,

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Posted in: Britain's Prince William, Kate expecting a baby See in context

My daughter struggled with severe morning (=all day) sickness in her second pregnancy, yet still managed to do a full-time job, care for a toddler and run a home. Buck up, Katey.

She is carrying the future heir to the throne and a half billion pound tourism industry, some people think that's worthy of a treating with a little extra care.

Congratulations the Wills and Kate, they must be stoked, even if some of the plebs are not.

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Posted in: Sharp to introduce LCD monitor featuring industry's thinnest design in high-resolution display See in context

professional use? well call me a pro-sumer! I get me one of those!

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Posted in: Docomo develops world’s first small-cell base station for 3G and LTE See in context

The best coverage just got better, shame the docomo doesnt have the best prices.

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Posted in: Larger version of Kindle Fire tablet unleashed See in context

when Amazon Japan catches up with content that the US amazon eco-system offers then I'd definitely consider one.

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Posted in: Eating on trains: Survey asks 'How much is too much?' See in context

How on earth is removing your backpack saving room? Where are you gonna put it? Once holding it gets too heavy your gonna just put it down on the floor anyway. What a stupid rule. Seriously.

What a stupid comment, put it between your legs. Get a decent sized backpack with a sturdy structure and place it between your legs. Get a backpack with a solid handle/grip on the top that you can hold easily. There is a lot more space near or on the floor in the leg region than around the torso region dont like it? then dont get on the train - move out of the city.

High school kids with their annoying vinyl team shoulder bags annoy me greatly on the train and at the station.

as for eating, on packed trains no, on empty trains, a snack is fine. Three nikuman and a natto onigiri like the obese man near me the other day - no keep that off the train.

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Posted in: Apple targets Google in patent suit See in context

Apple has obtained design patent coverage on rectangular devices with rounded corners. While that may not have been true before, it is now. The US Patent and Trademark Office issued patent no. D670,286 to Apple yesterday and it really does cover the outer edge shape of a device.

saw this yesterday.....yes Apple has a patent on a rectangle with rounded corners. How ridiculous. Apple management are eccentric, like a modern day. Howard Hughes.

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Posted in: Apple iPad mini makes low key debut See in context

Smoothness. Scrolling/swiping is still about a million times better on an iOS device than anything else. Why is that?

yes the ipad and iphone are well known for their smoothness, however I would like to point out that since android 4.1, Android is equally as smooth to scroll. Project butter - they called it and it meant android screen scrolling was 60fps. If you buy a new device now with 4.1 the argument that it's smoother, is moot. Have you played with a 4.1 device. In fact the Nexus 7 which is the direct competitor of this iPad mini runs 4.1 - it's an equal playing, ah scrolling field. Sure older androids model cant match, but they are good enough for 99% of people.

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