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@tairitsuiken I dont know what I'm talking? please.

Google "ipad broken dock" and you get 2.7 million hits, "what to do with a broken ipad" gets 105million hits - It happens a lot - to all modern electronic devices, especially phones and tablets that take daily abuse, I hope it happens to you out of warranty, then you might 'get it'. If the dock is screwed in it can be replaced relatively easy. if its soldered, it's much harder to replace it without messing things up. Most smartphones you can cheaply replace the docks. the Micro USB ones on many devices to apples old 30pin. I have changed a micro USB dock - the replacement part was pennies and the device which was otherwise a good device was able to be continued to be used, instead of being junked (or repaired at exorbitant rates in a shop) and it's owner extremely grateful If this ipad mini breaks - its effectively a brick, that will get thrown away. mottainai.

That is why Apple gadgets are beautiful after years of use

yes, the beautifully cracked screens that seems to affect 1 in 4 iphone 4's is captivating

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sweet! I have a rakuten edy card which I use daily. cash is so last century. Those Rakuten points are racking up!

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ifixit got theirs to dismantle. The verdict? it's virtually unrepairable - a score 2/10 - copious quantities of glue: the screen, the battery, the motherboard. the worst thing is the new lightning connector is soldered. Home repairers wont be able to fix this - nor the apple people. Basically if it breaks its a throwaway device . If your have a warranty with apple you should be safe, but outside of warranty you are screwed and the environment is too. Nice sustainability there apple - not.

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still my most played band according to my winamp player stats.

@zichi - you lucky old bugger!

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Words I read by someone elsewhere on this site (change a little :-)

.......And the giant screens are gonna make some anxious souls here to have a heart attack. Calm down guys. My advice (try following your own) : stop reading news about Androids. Join macdailynews or ifans or someother blind forums, it will make you feel better :)

Lost? must be using Apple maps......

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Mitt Mitt Mitt, keep "shuffling the deck chairs" mate. keep shuffling.....

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No TV Out on this is a major downer. Would be interested other wise...

??? just get an adapter, there are plenty of options out there. It'sa USB micro - industry standard. Go micro USB to RCA or Micro USB to HDMI (the HDMI section will likely need a external power source as HDMI needs more juice than tiny devices can give it. Most tablets lack a dedicated video out slot.

The bizarre comment about inputting our data to buy stuff made me laugh. Online shopping has never been easier. Amazon: and your done.

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2020 hindsights- you've been using it for months? that means you must work for apple or something....it would explain all your pro-apple posts.

They allow apple to add value that they won't let google add. It's not a matter of google not wanting too, it's more apple unwillingly to relent or negotiate. They ultimately saw google as too much of a threat no matter how solid google maps are and how "new" their maps are. I guess they thought they could "take the hit"

Whatever I wonder how long it will take to rival the experience of android Google maps. We've have turn by turn for years now as well as a raft of other features. I am pleased as I use maps heavily and rely on them.

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why install? cheaper premiums if you install it and use it perhaps?

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A roof load of solar panels at home to charge this bad boy up would be the ticket.

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I wish Jobs was alive to give

....to blast Scott Forstall for the sending out of a half baked map app. A beta app onto prime device. Steve Jobs wouldnt have let it unfold they way it did.

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Analysts expect massive sales of the iPhone 5, which is lighter, slimmer and more powerful than its predecessors, even though the device has garnered only lukewarm reviews and has drawn complaints for its glitch-prone maps program.

still quite impressive, 5 million is a pretty decent effort and shows how dedicated apple users are to their brand. Brand loyalty to the extreme.

I wonder how much of an effect the negative stories around the release will effect 2-3 4 week sales. The initial hardcore apple fans have been accounted for in the sales, the casual users who historically follow could be warier and stick with their 4S longer than usual. The debacle of the maps will definitely keep some people away. As for the maps:

Ultimately Apple created this problem for itself. Rene Ritchie of iMore is blunt in noting criticism that Apple's new iPhone 5 and OS feel like iterative updates to previous products. "iOS 6 is mostly about Apple — they wanted to get Google off their phone," he says. That's been accomplished: Google Maps and YouTube, beloved by users, are both gone from the default iPhone homescreen. The real question is whether these victories for Apple are victories for its customers.

Lots of stories of "scuff -gate" you absolutely must use a case with this phone unless you want the soft aluminum case to get badly scuffed and chipped within the first day/week.

Some reports of brand new iphones coming out the box, with damage already. So much for the exacting levels of QC, Jonny Ive was spouting in the keynote video.


ifixit: managed to scratch it up pretty easily with a 2 year old girl.


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tokyo has plenty of other pressing issues to deal with...don't they?

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it's a prosumer model for armies and Macgyver types, Not for urban punters. no one here will be buying one. It is a cool concept nonetheless. Android - something for everyone.

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After using a Sony Xperia for 2.5 years

well sadly that phone was a horrible offering from sony, Android 2.1 on that phone compared to Android 4.0 on a Galaxy S3 is a light year gap. Sorry you stuck with for so long. I suppose at least with apple you know exactly what you are going to get, go with android you can get clunkers. Not the Galaxy range - s2,s3,nexus - get one of those and you have a superb piece of hardware on your hands. LostinNagoya - you must be on the payroll of Apple. If not introduce yourself for a customer satisfaction ad campaign.

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this chap obviously learnt the hard way, the same lesson Timothy Treadwell learnt. Give bears a wide berth, they are apex predators!

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What Samsung said.

Today's verdict should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer. It will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices. It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners, or technology that is being improved every day by Samsung and other companies. Consumers have the right to choices, and they know what they are buying when they purchase Samsung products. This is not the final word in this case or in battles being waged in courts and tribunals around the world, some of which have already rejected many of Apple's claims. Samsung will continue to innovate and offer choices for the consumer.

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yep! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/olympics/19242736 I'm not surprised!

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Posted in: IOC puts athletes election result on hold after Japan appeals Murofushi's exclusion See in context

what a joke the IOC is. Battling FIFA for the biggest joke in world governing bodies...

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The only thing I'm glad of is that uber-annoying Jpops theme song that has been played over and over ad nauseum will finally " blow away like the wind" Sad that the Olympics are over.

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Belorussian shotputter, wouldn't surprise me if her name came up...

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whats with the horrible formatting? ever heard of tables?

ps. Philippines? not a single medal? I thought they did Boxing at the very least.

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Any 16:9 tablet gets sued by Apple - it looks like the ipad. Apple seem to have a stranglehold on the size. Copy? Apple were not the first tablet -Apple copied many others before it. Bill Gates tried to push tablets a decade ago. Give apple it's due though, their tablet was the first truly successful one.

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Davidson broke his back, it has since been confirmed. Crash was totally the Ferrari driver's fault.

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Give this creature hard labour for the rest of his life. Chain gangs, work crews, prison farms - bring back hard labour. Dont kill these worthless scrotes, make them pay for what they have done, Death is free ticket, it is not paying.

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the Apple Maps (devs) are saying it is much better that Google Maps.

are they now, Apple app devs saying their product is better? of course they are. Apple maps might be decent in the USA but don't expect it to be good in Japan, don't expect street view.

F.Y.I In Japan the best maps aren't even google the best maps in Japan are Yahoo Japan maps (on the regular internet that is.)

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incredible use of space and frustrating - you cant remove nor replace the battery - its glued in! the RAM is soldered on, you cant touch or modify anything or repair it yourself. Un-upgradeable.

IT repair guys in companies will be ripping out their hair if their workers are macbook pro users.

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Herve- if u can't find the apps u want out of half a million offered, well, there's no pleasing you.

Not all of them are offered in every region, Often the cool ones you want are restricted to US region. Apple youare stuck, Android you have options.

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THIRD PARTY APPS is where the danger lies with Android, stick to the Android Market or Google play as it was rebranded and you will be much more protected. If you get third party apps be careful - I got skype ( when docomo was blocking it in the past) and Google Books (supposed to be for US only) and Tubemate (be careful of malware infected imitators with this app) for downloading youtube. Use your discretion, research a third party app for issues before installing. Enjoy the flexibilty and freedom.

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Sp mode? Honestly Why bother? That's the best part of android /google, the integrated experience. Ditching the @docomo address and having just one email account. A modern fully synchronized email experience - gmail Sp mode is a dog of a system. Move into the future people.

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