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Posted in: Dewi Sukarno speaks up about recent slapping incident See in context

Wow! I want that excuse to work for me. I didn't mean to... slap the shiz-snot out of you. I had no intention of doing it. Awesome! just Awesome. Hands down for sure.

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Posted in: Beauty queen tells of harassment by talent agency See in context

He would show up on her sets and harass her. check it out here... http://japandailypress.com/japans-miss-international-gives-up-crown-files-stalking-charges-against-talent-agent-1641012/

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Posted in: TEPCO hires nuclear safety advocate See in context

Barbara Thomas was also involved with Lincoln Savings and Loan Association and American Continental Corporation, two companies whose collapse in 1989 would cause a major financial scandal. Both companies were run by Charles Keating, for whom she lobbied with the SEC in 1988. Later she was named in a resulting class action suit and settled out of court.

It's a charade to convince the japanese that nuclear energy is now safe.

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Posted in: 14 electricity, gas companies to hike rates in July See in context

Again!!!!!!! The currency rates are changing. Get all the money you can from those visting. Gouge those pockets as much as you can.

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Posted in: S Korean media slam Abe's 731 jet photo See in context

Korea vs. Japan, China vs. Japan ohhhhhh how we love the drama? America confiscated all the details on Unit 731. If the Jewish were sliced up and medical examined by Japanese, how many of you would say the "whiny Jewish people"? The nationalist are at work in Japan and apparently setting up the politicians to exhibit their intentions. Does Abe not know the history of War? if he doesn't then he is definitely a tool. On the hand, If he does then ... who really cares? We love Japan, We hate it!

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Posted in: Real estate company sues to evict Tomoko Nakajima See in context

Maybe, she honestly thinks she has no choice. For all we know, that Mystic woman might have something in her possession that could bring more harm than the media backlash she is enduring now.

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Posted in: From carnivores to herbivores: how men are defined in Japan See in context

"I'm every Danshi man, it's all in me! Anything, you want done baby. I can do it naturally, now! Whow! Whow! Whow!

-Whitney Houston's, I'm every woman.

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Posted in: 4 high school students held over attacks on homeless men in Tokyo park See in context

On Halloween, I'm dressing up like an oyaji, hang-out in one of these parks and have myself a blast. HE HE HE!

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Posted in: Newborn girl left at Chiba nursery See in context

Just glad to hear she took a big step in acknowledging she couldn't care for the child. She did a brave thing considering the alternatives we've read about lately. Now we demonize her for parental rights and her methods for leaving the child. Just glad the child is safe and hopefully the child can forgive her if she comes back into its life.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for putting plastic bag over 3-year-old son's head See in context

Another "I wanted to teach my kid a lesson." Short fuse on that parent. Dragged her kid around for 40 minutes. Maybe she wanted to be arrested, one way to get out of parenting two kids. Probably, the son talked back to her, you know gave her some lip. Then the lights were on but everybody left the building. She snapped,then her other personality stepped in and decided she needed some time off.

Sure, everyone here including me doesn't condone voilence against children. But, I don't see the problem ending anytime soon. Realistically, there'll be another one. Sad and unfortunate.

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Posted in: 22-year-old man arrested for attempted murder of girlfriend's 3-year-old son See in context

If someone doesn't know how to deal with kids then they shouldn't have sex! Regardless of our opinions, our true feelings towards this phenomenon against infants in this country will never be vindicated. What goes on in the minds of these "children" is beyond our scope due to the little information we receive on these criminal investigations.

Let's enjoy the fact that this little chap got some help and will live. Unfortunately with his mother, who is all foam and no beer.

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for bludgeoning mother of female friend See in context

3 dudes and 1 girl. mother comes home and flips out at what is transpiring. She threatens to call the police and then they bludgeoned her. She escaped and they stayed to finish. Their little brains had absorbed all the blood so they could n't make any rational decisions. Of course I'm speculating or am I? Ha ha ha ha!

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Posted in: KanjiSpy iPad app ends Tokyo street-walking frustration See in context

great comments! made my Monday morning!

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Posted in: Hula girls' spa reopens in Fukushima See in context

Measurements taken by the Japanese science ministry and education ministry in areas of northern Japan 30–50 km from the plant showed radioactive caesium levels high enough to cause concern. Food grown in the area was banned from sale. Based on worldwide measurements of iodine-131 and caesium-137, it was suggested that the releases of those isotopes from Fukushima are of the same order of magnitude as those from Chernobyl in 1986;

I won't visit or recommend anyone to visit an area of concern.

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Posted in: Police, in a first, charge teen for using cell phone while cycling See in context

Watched a couple of people in Japan on bicycles, chill-laxing and eyes glued to their mobile screens. Thinking they're all cute or cool. Then BAM!!! Face planted on parked cars. They were so upset because I was in hysterics. Dumb-suma-bit#%es!

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BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump demands Osama Bin Laden's death certificate.

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Posted in: 8-year-old boy stabbed to death in Nagoya home See in context

An eight year old living in an apartment without his real parents. 54 year old living with a 29 year old neglicting his 8 year old for some viagra filled eveings. Sorry littlle guy that you were born unto some ungrateful and selfish a$$hole.

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Posted in: Ichihashi's book goes on sale; says he hopes to give royalties to Hawker family See in context

From the book:

Inside the cave where he was hiding during the day. The song "Born to be wild" aired on on his radio and he started dancing to it.

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Posted in: Man arrested over knife attack on 8-year-old girl in Yamaguchi Pref See in context

I really hope the little boy aides in catching this cowardly and fingers him. Then, hopefully he"ll get a GPS ankle bracelet so he won"t do this to another young child.

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Posted in: Mother held for allegedly drowning 12-day-old son in bathtub See in context

Never heard that one before...

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Posted in: Hotel's safety policy under fire after woman employee molested See in context

Yeah she went public alright. Smart enough to do that and all the sense to go alone into a drunk guest's room in the middle of the night.

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Posted in: Hotel's safety policy under fire after woman employee molested See in context

They're in cahoots and running a sham. Who leaves the front desk unattended to enter a guest's room for an apology.

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing used condom at woman See in context

ROTFLMFAO... That made my day.

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Posted in: Man arrested after trying to lure 2 school girls to his home See in context

The girls were smart to find out were he lived....eh!

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Posted in: Pressure builds on Florida pastor who wants to burn Quran on Sept 11 See in context

Some where, some extreme religious faction is burning something. Muslims have scorched children, women, and towns. Christians have burned witches, literature, and anything else unholy. The scariest part is that people follow and obey these religious radical leaders that are completely nuts. I mean look at that pastor and tell me he doesn't look the part. If he can convince others to do his bidding then for a moment realize his underlings must be a mess. There are thousands of these leaders and millions of underlings.

So there is never going to be any respect between these two religions. They exist to offend each other constantly. Just like the religious wars in early Europe.

So sit back, grab some popcorn and let the perpetual hate fly. Bring it on!

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Posted in: What can be done to stem the rise of child abuse in Japanese society? See in context

Japan should make a video game of suducing a mate, conception, giving birth. Then have the baby in the game cry, throw tantrums, you know make the baby annoying as possible. The object of the game is to calm the baby down over a hundred times and they can win the latest video game hardware released for doing such a brillant job.

Maybe then, maybe the abusive Japanese person can learn to tolerate being a parent.

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Posted in: Taxi plows into pedestrians near Dotonbori canal in Osaka; 7 hurt See in context

Older people are prone to muscle spasms and cramps. It's been reported that a toe can curl to a 90 degree angle.

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Posted in: Remains of 2nd infant found in planter on veranda of Osaka woman's apartment See in context

Betting many women removed their planters? Oh honey what happened to the tomato plants?

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Posted in: Man arrested over headless body in suitcase admits killing foreigner See in context

the point was she was a foreigner. one of those people.

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Posted in: Remains of 2nd infant found in planter on veranda of Osaka woman's apartment See in context

Birth control and the morning after pill is available in Japan. Learn to use it instead of being a "baby killer".

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