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Posted in: Jury member loses cool in Miyagi high school girl rape case See in context

it's a new system in Japan. They haven't defined the ground rules yet! Anyone, here siding with the defendant must hold some secrets of their own. I hope they catch you.

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Posted in: Woman held for taking indecent photos of 6-yr-old daughter for sale See in context

selling photos taken by a cell phone?????? not undermining it's indecent behavior towards a child, but really people buy photos from a cell phone?

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Posted in: Self-centered zombies running rampant through Japanese society See in context

Maybe the child was starving, there is a problem with the golf spectators lately, someone snapping photos of a neighboring customers food sounds far fetched and think about this "phones rarely ring in a movie theater here in Japan." A title for self centered zombies to vent personal frustrations sounds about right. whatsgoinon- has a well thought out and valid point. betting- Japanese are not in denial, they won't admit to faults, unless their hand is in the cookie jar. But is all this really about Japan's behavior or did we take the bait to show our true selves?

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Posted in: American father arrested in Japan had asked Tennessee court for help See in context

If they allow a mother to take the children without consent, why would they prosecute a father for committing the exact act? Not to mention, a mother who who can't enter America again without being arrested on kidnapping charges. Savoie's lawyer in Tennessee should extradite the mother to face those charges. I'm pretty sure Japan does extradite wanted criminals on interpol.

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