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japan did not deserve to win. they should have. Pim Verbeek isnt trying to get his team to attack and score, he is aiming to get them to qaulify, and little else, excuse giving younger inexperienced played a shot at a higher level. They clearly need it! Australia got what they wanted in a point i supoose, a disappointing match. im glad i didnt pay to go watch it!

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Thats a horrible tragedy.

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Maybe they like their cleanliness, but this is rediculous.

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He cant be a terrorist, he's Japanese. Keep on harassing gaijin for ID, while these clowns drive into crowds and get out thrashing blades, or drive flammable laden vehicles into public buildings. Wheres the priorities? Wake up dumb J cops.

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Its obscenely misleading, but its easy to cut thru the BS, just rock up and say, give me the full prices. surely thatd be simpler for staff to have them listed in full up front!?

The total fares however, arent gonna improve, just like driving isnt gonna get cheaper...

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commitment. most of them dont make it. The few who do achieve mastery or even competence focus in lessons at school (which are free) and im a school teacher, kids sit down and tune out in most classes, not just English. I know kids in my classes who are certifiably learning disabled, who wipe the floor in comprehension and communicative ability of students of far higher intellect by simply TRYING and listening in class.

Katakana english is a killer. many who study cant communicate effectively in simple terms abroad because their pronunciation is woeful. Those who master it ususally commit a lot of time to absorbing western media and audiovisual entertainment from different sources, and really LISTENING. instead of just clamming up during pronunciation exercises in classes. Theyd learn so much just by watching the lips of native speakers, and mimicking it. Its simple and effective.

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