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Sorry, I must jump in on this after years of teaching creative writing classes in community colleges and international schools.

Virtuoso, you seem to have missed the point of the article.

Its not a news story. Its a casual essay. An essay doesn't report hard facts, or argue a thesis with lists of supporting points. The latter would be an editorial.

The purpose of a casual essay is to get the reader to think, not to think for you. Usually, such stories are written using a lot of allegory.

In this case the story begins by talking about people's images of Japan, and argues that Love Hotels are just as much a part of what Japan is about as all those other references. The author points out past images of Japan, and admits that people who visit Japan are more sophisticated; however, they're still amazed by the love hotels which stick out more than Temples and old buildings.

The author describes how they came about, but then suggests that because the society is changing they're becoming less relavant.

The essay ends describing how society is changing and describes change suggesting that fuzoku is in decline. He offers two analogies. One: people holding hands (romantic love). Two: The closing of cabarets and opening of chain restaurants. He ends with the image of an expanding Japanese salaryman's waistline, then ends on a wistful note how he misses those days.

Spelled out for you, love hotels are an important part of the Japanese landscape, but their heyday is long past.

As a final note, wikis are not suitable for scholarly reference. If you want to know if the paper was legitimately researched, I'd contact the author and see if he'd be kind enough to refer you to his primary sources.

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