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It's tough to be a fan of both K-pop and J-pop. Like being caught between two squabbling parents during a bitter divorce. I love the music, though. K-pop is fun to listen to, but J-pop has some rock 'n roll in it, which I also appreciate. Nice to see them all onstage at one show.

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Posted in: Over 1,000 idol singers to gather in Tokyo for massive fan event at Budokan See in context

I've never been to Japan and I don't speak the language, but nevertheless I like the music. So what if it's manufactured? Real musicians compose the songs and write the music, it's wonderful, and besides it's all musical theater anyway. You don't criticize the cast of Hairspray because they don't play the instruments, do you?

As for Avalon57's comment, there are over 200 idol groups performing at the Budokan Idol Expo, so to say they're all abused you'd have to know what's going on with each and every one of them. I seriously doubt that is the case. What I've heard consistently is that some agencies treat their idols well, and others not so much. When it comes to exploitation and abuse, I suspect there's about as much of that going on as is in Western music industry groups. In other words...too much.

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