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Posted in: Google challenges Microsoft with new browser See in context

a nice competitor for FireFox.

chrome is already better the IE. but then again what isn't?

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Posted in: Microsoft slashes Xbox 360 prices in Japan See in context

...and it still doesn't sell here in japan

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Posted in: US company sues Nintendo in Wii wand patent case See in context

lol once again another US company thinks it can cash-in on a Japanese original creation. or it could be that again we did something better than they could, and they got butt-hurt about it.

Hellcrest rep: waaaaaa! Japan (this time Nintendo) once again did something better than us! its no fair that everything we rip off of them never seems to work. Whats there secret?

this case will be dismissed.

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Posted in: Hackers take aim at iPhones, Macs See in context

hopefully this will knock those mac**** down a couple of pegs.

but computer user wouldn't needs to worry about virus and other problems if they

A. secure their networks properly.

B. stop downloading porn or visiting porn sites.

i disabled all the security on my pc for 3 months and continued my regular internet usage.

then later scanned my pc for spyware/viruses, rootkits etc

spybot, nod32, avg, and norton found nothing.

if you know what your doing your not at risk. as far as the phones go, almost the same principle.

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Posted in: Hiroshima mayor hopes next U.S. president will back ban on nuclear weapons See in context

Nordon: as much as i hate nuclear weapons, i do agree with you, i think nuclear weapons is what helps prevent nuclear powers from going to war with each other.

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Posted in: Pole dancing See in context

@for all the neo yuppie activists out there

remember people. like it or not women have the choice if they want to do this or not.

No one is forcing them.

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Posted in: Religious right AWOL from the real war See in context

wel... i've always felt that religion (mostly Christianity and all its sister forms) has been and always will be the leading cause to the downfall of humanity. Not to mention a primary reason for conflicts/violence in the world.

i could never really understand how someone that gets pleasure from others suffering, and pain. could be worthy of worship.

But hey what do you expect from followers of organized religion if they knew the difference between fantasy and reality they wouldn't believe in god in the first place.

besides living a life in accordance to the bible seems more like slavery to a higher power than freedom at all.

but meh...

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Posted in: Google launches rival to Wikipedia See in context

considering wiki is not a very reliable source of information ( depending on what you search for) google has potential to take the throne.

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Posted in: Sony counting on core devices, video content services to win back electronic leadership See in context

This is what happens when you let an american run things. American CEO + Sony= Bankrupt Sony.

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl drowns while trying to save brother in Kagoshima river See in context

Truly a sad story, and like many here have said where were the parents?, but sometimes children are gonna play outside or where ever without the supervision of the parents. Parents can't always be everywhere! i am no parent....(yet) but i have a high enough IQ to know its impossible to prevent these things from happening 100% even with parent supervision.

I hope the parents did however learn a valuable lesson that they should take better precaution and/or have a better understanding of their children's whereabouts.

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Posted in: Would-be robber panics and flees, leaving photo ID at Detroit bank See in context

Only in america

should get 10 years for attempted robbery, then an additional 25 - life for stupidity.

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