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Posted in: Poll in U.S. finds support for World War II atom bombings See in context

Does the poll provide any historical info before the question? That the American people of the day were never asked? My grandma remembered no such support. In fact the 1st test she said they weren't sure it wouldnt just unravel the universe. Only one way to find out! Push the button!

The responsability should never be possible in the hands of so few. Who cares what the sentiment is today?? Few Americans have any concept of the principles our grandparents did. About half are a bunch of vaccuous little marxist loons. I care about inordinate power being devoid of the consent and gov restraint safeguarded by the Constitution. Conventional war detracts rightly from that consent, but NOT unnatural acts. We're ALL letting advanced power get away from us and doing nothing. We have the NET now! There should be a Democratic revolution and rennaisance by now! Distributed responsability. Localized control. Heightened Liberty. Sane power. Instead we have Heir his majesty excellency Obama and the biggest most rogue, unrestrained pinnacle of power in history ramming unwanted bills down American throats. pffft... Good luck kids!

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Posted in: Lavender See in context

nnnaaaa, not "patched". Come on, anyone could filter that out in photoshop. More likely some kind of saturation effect in a digital cam. I mean those colors are pretty stark contrasted. Look at how even the jpg compression suddenly went Pablo Picasso when it got to the treetops. :)

I say untouched, pristine beauty, both man-made digital and God's own analog.

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Posted in: Citing effects on U.S. economy, Bush passes global warming problem to next administration See in context

Taka313 your model sounds perfectly logical. I agree the science doesnt need to get that deep to see human impact. I look no further than Google Earth to be alarmed at what variables there MUST be. But after looking at that ONE effect, isn't the most rational solution depopulation via birth control? A few decades of concerted effort and MANY MANY problems suddenly dissipate.

1: Economic: Fewer people with just... more "stuff" and resources between them to work with. 2: Ecological. Just er in the right. That simple. A thousand years ago this planet could maintain balance indefinately just fine without us. 3: Psychological: The world is going flat out nuts. Why? Pressure to survive on a planet with abundant resources. Limited space keeps Israel and Palestine at each other's throats, etc etc. I'll likely die without achieving my ONE God given right. A piece of land to escape the looney bin. That's just not right. 4: Fewer people, fewer for existing jobs, more impetus for educating those we have. Automating instead of immigrating cheap labor.

on & on.

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Posted in: Citing effects on U.S. economy, Bush passes global warming problem to next administration See in context

Good story Wolfpack, thanks. I just wish there was transparancy. That story should be part of a permanent timeline on the record, not news as entertainment. Let's all face it, credibility overall has been sold out whether GW exists, not, is human caused or not. This shouldnt be a debate, it should be a set of self disputing facts and processes and theories competing for all the world to see.

I mean we have the INTERNET!! Why all this fustercluck of competing sites when we could all get on the same definitive page with the unrefuted data and for all?

A few web developers could do the world a HUGE lot of good right now. -end of rant.

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Posted in: Obama vows not to question anyone's patriotism See in context

adaydream: "McCain was trash in 2000 when george bush was running. But now they have no-one of quality that they wanted, so they choose the old guy. Wasn't good enough to be president then. He's just the best thing since sliced bread now. < :-)"

Annnd this differs HOW with Obama? Let's face it Americans we're in DEEP yogurt either way.

At least McCain has some substancial plans. Skillions of reactors.. whatever, at least it's building something. Obama only ever brings up hypothetical situations and refutes stuff like "patriotism" like ANYONE ASKED! Do we CARE right now about what INDICATES character?

Man, I'm the lowest pion below a senator and I'd have a detailed plan laid out by now, AND have the opponent arrested if that's what it takes to trap them into a public debate.

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Posted in: Afhhan, int'l troops hunt 1,100 after Taliban jail breakout See in context

Jahdog, when you copy excerps, leaving out everything that's not defamitory enough... :) , it's considered polite, (and non-plagiaristic), to site your source, which was I presume, the Washinton Post.

Especially when the only part you wrote yourself (2 words) makes no sense whatsoever to the contexts you carefully omitted.

2 original words don't make for "fair use" either, do they? :)

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Posted in: Pakistan slams 'cowardly' U.S. for killing 11 soldiers See in context

DXXJP "When is the pentagon going to show what really happened instead of saving their ass photos. Notice the was no date or any other useful information on the film."

Nothing stops the BBC from choosing sides as to who beat up whom with baseball bats before any evidence comes in AT ALL except the time on the vid and some hearsay. Treat us like jury's media! Facts and nothing besides! Stop 'splainin it to us.

PLUS, If people are willing to suicide for the cause in droves, why in God's name would they NOT dupe coalition forces into actions that have this desired effect? You can't safely presume loyalties anywhere in the ME.

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Posted in: Anti-Americanism at record levels worldwide, report shows See in context


I have to absolutely concede your valid point as I understand it. I don't mean to suggest that Americans arent the worst afflicted as we're the most unwary of the downside of collectivism: demise of individual potential to monolythic (and DUBIOUS) standards.

IMHO, All of the US victims of sub-prime loans suffered from inadviseable levels of trust that spread to cascading failures to the point that adviseable levels of trust were even taken out.

So we're probably the most dangerous doners of a sociological disorder riding on an economic cairrier wave. And the defensiveness is all perfectly reasonible, AFTER the illness of substituting any one authority for any other is acknowledged as being irrational.

U.S. MORAL standards? Just lumped in as an afterthought? That's irrational. Theres nothing inferior or superior about our morals except theyre constantly tested with the trouble we manage to get into.

In case anyone's still reading my amateur psychobabblings: Look at Microsoft. Theyre a cross-section of this whole US beast. Setting standards in one legitimate area of expertise and then dominating other illigitimate areas with "false authority syndrome". They should collaborate with existing authority, not sabotage OpenGL or conspire with Nvidia. :) But not MS's fault if people demand MS to solve things they should solve themselves. The casualties: REAL programmers turn to shiney new paradigms, RAD packages, and other artifice, like programs should fall out of vending machines. Look at the HUGE inventive potential of the 80's compared to the, given potential, limp-wristed efforts now. Same simptom: inadviseable collectivism creating passive agression where it was intended to support inventors via logical, unbiased standards.

So a fast ascending, ambitious country tends to attack us on moral grounds when they should have confined themselves to economics. Personally I'd be the first to outsource EVERYthing and cooperate selflessly.. if they didnt get so damned personal in their demoralizing attacks. The whole thing is an epidemic where PC is a substitute for the hard work of philosiophy. Now theyve got ME trivializing!

So much for my amatuer psychobabble. I relent too, as my own place in my own point is turning from critical to hypocritical thinking. :)

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Posted in: Anti-Americanism at record levels worldwide, report shows See in context

I've heard WAY too many unrelated disjointed attacks on American character to believe for one second that this is anything but regular old run-of-the-mill passive agression. Everyone wants some supreme being to swoop down a fix everything, so they blame the most likely candidate. Then turn them into a culprit. That's called.. wait for it.. "paternalism" and it's THE most rampant social illness in existance.

Antidote/cure: independant thinking. ORIGINAL thinking. People who state Bush as the ONLY focal point prove my point. They're all exactly the same. Pretending the "vaaaast majority" proves anything besides the fact that they share the same illness. They have YET to achieve their FIRST original thought. And what's worse? They probably never will. Co-dependancy and passive agression are insideous debilitating disorders. They'll defend terrorists to defend their crutch. And guess what illness the terrorists themselves suffer from. Yup. Allah. The great swoop down and fixer. (forgive me dedicated seekers, but you know which you are)

I have no simpathy or responsability whatsoever for those who, however afflicted, take it out on my country's character. They should reboot their philosophy. aaaand in doing so: ------------ Get-----------a------------life.

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Posted in: U.S. parole board denies clemency for man condemned to die for killing Japanese student See in context

13+ years too long a life. Come on, wheres all the expediance for the FAMILY in that?? Better come up with some new words, cause "speedy" is useless.

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Posted in: Who gets your vote for the most evil movie villain of all time? See in context

Reverend Spellgood in Mosquito Coast. yyyikes. The power to convert good into evil using nothing but stupidity.

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