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Posted in: Eagles plan massive 'Hotel California' performances on tour See in context

I saw the Eagles in '77 on the "Hotel California" tour - only cost £2 for the ticket. They were excellent but even then they were a bit dated with the arrival of punk.

I can't imagine why anyone would pay a fortune to see one of them and a bunch of session men in 2020

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Posted in: Queen expresses 'deep sympathy' in speech in Ireland See in context

The Irish have got a lot of apologising to do as well - for the murder and mayhem their terrorists caused both in Ulster and on mainland UK

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Posted in: Queen gets standing ovation as Irish trip nears end See in context

Most Irish I know pity Britons these days. Things have changed.

Nonsense - the Irish economy is in utter ruins and they've even had to borrow money from we Brits as well as the EU - if it had been up to me they'd have got nothing.

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Posted in: William, Kate marry as 2 billion tune in across globe See in context

it's a kind of act they like to put on, ......arrogance long associated with being British.

We British can't be blamed for feeling superior - what other country in the world could attract 2 billion viewers for a wedding

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Posted in: Shoken’s fifth bride is model Rika Tomita See in context

Did all the previous marriages end in divorce or did some of them die?

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Posted in: 'My Back Pages' looks at social unrest in 1960s Japan See in context

The Byrds 1967 version of "My Back Pages is by far the best.

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Posted in: 'Last Tango in Paris' star Maria Schneider dies See in context

Butter is bad for your health

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Posted in: Nara schoolgirl arrested for drug possession See in context

so sorry fleetwood, if you are a drug addict, do not be surprised if your OWN KIDS or GRANDKIDS rat you out, narc on you and let you clean in behind bars.

I know my kids tried drugs [just like I did when I was young] but I didn't call in the Drug Police to ruin their lives and sure enough they got past that phase and have gone on to be very successful both academically and professionally.

But if you want to run squealing to the woodentops the first time one of your kids does something you don't like by all means do so.

Loyalty to your own is more important than any stupid law.

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Posted in: Nara schoolgirl arrested for drug possession See in context

No way would I rat on one of my kids - no matter what they'd done or to whom they'd done it,

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Posted in: Ehime man secretly films over 1,000 women with collection of hidden cameras See in context

Peeping progresses to groping and that can eventually progress to assault/murder. Of course, not every guy trying to grab an upskirt snap is going to assault someone, but these kinds of crimes can progress to much more severe stuff if the perps aren't caught. Usually when the more minor crime becomes less satisfying.

Where is the evidence for this assertion?

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Posted in: Texan declared innocent after 30 years in prison See in context

Looks like much-maligned Texas is far more "progressive" than ppl realize.

I never thought I'd see the words "Texas" and "progressive" in the same sentence.

I wonder how they compensate all the innocent people they execute?

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Posted in: 'Baker Street' singer Gerry Rafferty dead at 63 See in context

I met him in a music shop in his home town a few years ago - we argued about the chords for "Stuck in The Middle" I'm sure he wasn't playing it right.

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Posted in: Britain's queen delivers annual Christmas message See in context

She should step down and let the young couple take over. Nobody will mind, even Charles, I'm sure.

That's not how a hereditary monarchy works, they'll get their turn - God help them!

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Posted in: Court: Irish abortion ban violates women's rights See in context

Irish hypocrites - they all come to the UK to get it done.

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Posted in: Nissan Leaf runs equivalent of 99 miles per gallon See in context

When Michael Schumacher drives one on Sundays I'll consider an electric car.

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Posted in: Utada: 'I don't want to be a helpless adult' See in context

I don’t want to become a pampered, helpless adult

I do

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Posted in: 'Harry Potter' casts big spell at global box office See in context

I read one chapter of the first book - it was utter bollocks - Enid Blyton on drugs.

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Posted in: European officials to lift lid on Irish banks See in context

The Celtic Tiger has got mange.

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Posted in: Yukina Kinoshita dispenses marriage advice See in context

Q/How do you stop your wife coming out of the kitchen to argue with you?

A/ Take a few links out of her chain.

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Posted in: Economists: Britain's austerity plan to hit poor See in context

This is good news after 13 years of Labour insanity and my only criticism is that not enough is being done to hammer these thriftless and work-shy malingerers- I loathe the poor and long for their extermination.

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Posted in: Too much katakana contributing to Japan's malaise See in context

I'm glad I speak a language that everyone in the world wants to learn and that has sensible writing and isn't worried about protecting it's purity.

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Posted in: With statehood, Palestine ready to end all claims See in context

The Israelis are mad to think there can ever be a settlement with any of these people - it will come down to a fight to the death.

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Posted in: Vettel wins F1 Japanese Grand Prix See in context

I don't think it's gonna be the pint-sized German prat!

I hope you're right - Webber may not be the fastest but at least he's not a prima donna like Vettel

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Posted in: What's the best way to deal with screaming or badly-behaved children at airports and on planes so that they don't drive other passengers crazy? See in context

How about special flights for non-boozing smokers with no children? I would be interested.

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Posted in: Vettel wins F1 Japanese Grand Prix See in context

Webber's OK for a No2 [as he said himself] - He was going nowhere until Red Bull bought Jaguar and got Adrian Newey in as a designer.

As for my knowledge of F1 - at least I knew enough to know that KK wasn't a rent a driver

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Posted in: Vettel wins F1 Japanese Grand Prix See in context


BurakuminDes at 08:39 PM JST - 10th October

Great, solid drive from Mark! He knows this consistency will get him that title. No need to take risks now. As for Kobayashi - he is a quite all over the place in most races - and crashes a lot - it's lucky he brings millions of $$$ with him to get a drive.

Kobayashi was the driver of the day in most opinions and he's not a pay driver .Given the superiority of the car he is driving Mark Webber might have been World Champion by now if he was half as good as KK.

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Posted in: Iran: Israeli attack would mean its own demise See in context

I hope and that Israel very soon will eradicate Iran and as many Iranians as possible . Appeasement doesn't work - destroy them now before it's too late.

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Posted in: Moto2 rider Tomizawa killed in crash in Italy See in context

Its about time we ended this stupid and dangerous sport. Motorcycles should be banned.

Nonsense - no one is forced to ride a motorbike. If you think it's dangerous don't go on one but don't make lifestyle decisions for anyone other than yourself

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Posted in: Shoes, eggs hurled at Blair in Dublin See in context

radical Islam is the greatest threat to global security.

He said al-Qaida-linked extremism was “loosely a global ideological movement, but Iran is a state sponsor of it.”

SO why did the stupid numpty invade Iraq if he thinks Iran is the problem?

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Posted in: UK reiterates BP not involved in Lockerbie bomber's release See in context

As a Scot I enjoyed hearing Alex Salmond tell the US Senate to bugger off.

Americans should remember that they have very few friends in this world and try not to make enemies of their allies

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