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Posted in: Message to foreigners at Japanese convenience store sparks controversy online See in context

I said KORE everywhere in Japan - one of the very few words I knew when I first went there. Didn't seem to upset anyone!

BTW , what does baka gaijin mean ?

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Posted in: Disaster to destination: Fukushima woos tourists with snow See in context

I went to Fukushima in 2013 and I'm still fine !

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Posted in: Ex-IS bride loses appeal to have her UK citizenship restored See in context

Terrorist! You take her in if you're so keen on her.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II mourned by Britain and world at funeral See in context

"Geez, I'm tired of hearing about her."

Why'd you read the article and go to the bother of posting then if you're so tired.

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Posted in: Britain holds minute's silence in last homage to queen before funeral See in context

"I'm so pleased this drawn out affair has come to an end."

WHy on Earth are you reading articles and making posts about it then ? It would make more sense to ignore and avoid things you find tedious.

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Posted in: Another contender ousted from race to replace Johnson See in context

"If the white folks from the small island are so unhappy about a few of the candidates"

Who said we in the UK are unhappy about the candidates - most of us think it's an excellent thing that it's a very inclusive group of people !

My own worry is that whoever emerges won't be right wing enough.

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Posted in: As pandemic Olympics come to a close, Japan asks: What did Games mean? See in context

I didn't watch a single event - the Olympics are a load of boring bollocks wherever they're held - sweaty semi naked oafs running about like idiots.

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Posted in: Florida governor signs bill requiring moment for school prayer See in context

An American girl I know told me that every day in school she and her classmates had to "pledge allegiance" to the flag of the USA.

Does that really happen ? In public schools?

And here was me thinking that the USA was the Land of the Free

Strikes me as just as bad as requiring people to pray

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Posted in: Mass vaccination site to fill vacant slots with police, other officials See in context

Here in the UK I've had two Pfizers - second one was six weeks ago - not a single side effect. Nobody I know has had any side effects from either Pfizer or AZ. It's hard to understand what all these reluctant Japanese are worried about.

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Posted in: UK denies that Johnson said 'let the bodies pile high' See in context

I've had both my Covid vaccinations - I doubt that would have happened if Corbyn or the EU had been in charge of things.

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Posted in: Germany to restrict AstraZeneca use in under-60s over blood clots See in context

ALL the more AZ vaccine for the rest of us if those daft Europeans, [against the advice of the European Medicines Agency and the WHO], are turning their noses up at it.

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Posted in: UK calls for reset with EU and 'refinement' of Brexit deal See in context

A majority of the folk in NI do not want to become part of the Republic of Ireland.

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Posted in: Submarine collision with ship left more extensive damage than first thought See in context

A lot of naval experts posting here it seems.

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Posted in: EU seeks to boost credibility despite slow vaccine rollout See in context

I'm British - I'm getting vaccinated this Friday! It'd next Summer if we'd stayed in the EU

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Posted in: After outcry, EU reverses plan to restrict vaccine exports through Irish border See in context

I'm in the UK and I'm getting vaccinated next week - wouldn't be happening if we'd stayed in the EU

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Posted in: Sean Connery's 007 pistol from 'Dr. No' sells for $256,000 See in context


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Posted in: Scotland leader puts UK on independence warning: We want a referendum soon See in context

She's got no chance of a referendum - she herself at the time, stated the 2014 referndum was " once in a generation" . Boris will tell her to go and f*** herself

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Posted in: Britain's Prince Charles celebrates 72nd birthday See in context

"Chose his parents" ? If that's possible then maybe you're just pissed off because you made a poor choice.

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Posted in: Mother dies, 7-year-old daughter injured in leap from building See in context

The mother must have been going throught utter mental torment to do such a terrible thing - clearly the balance of her mind was deranged.

I think at least, some compassion is warranted but it seems to be in short supply in the previous comments

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Posted in: Rolling Stones release a song that 'resonates' these days See in context

Boring old farts who haven't recorded anything worth listening to since 1969.

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Posted in: At least $9.7 billion in state bailouts for Air France, KLM See in context

Flying pension providers

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Posted in: Marianne Faithfull in hospital with coronavirus See in context

Mars Bar...

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Posted in: Queen delivers message of hope to UK See in context

"God Save The Queen - we mean it man..."

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Posted in: Japan expands ban on arrivals from 73 countries See in context

Stable door etc .... same as in the UK

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Posted in: Country singer Joe Diffie dies of coronavirus complications See in context

Gram Parsons

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Posted in: Smoking diners to take it outside as Tokyo ban kicks in See in context

One of the things I liked best about Japan when I visited was that restaurants [ in Osaka anyway] had a section for the smokers and a section for the non smokers - seems a bit more civilised and reasonable than the total ban we have in the UK - after all non smokers do benefit from tobacco taxes.

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Posted in: Eagles plan massive 'Hotel California' performances on tour See in context

I saw the Eagles in '77 on the "Hotel California" tour - only cost £2 for the ticket. They were excellent but even then they were a bit dated with the arrival of punk.

I can't imagine why anyone would pay a fortune to see one of them and a bunch of session men in 2020

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Posted in: Queen expresses 'deep sympathy' in speech in Ireland See in context

The Irish have got a lot of apologising to do as well - for the murder and mayhem their terrorists caused both in Ulster and on mainland UK

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Posted in: Queen gets standing ovation as Irish trip nears end See in context

Most Irish I know pity Britons these days. Things have changed.

Nonsense - the Irish economy is in utter ruins and they've even had to borrow money from we Brits as well as the EU - if it had been up to me they'd have got nothing.

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Posted in: William, Kate marry as 2 billion tune in across globe See in context

it's a kind of act they like to put on, ......arrogance long associated with being British.

We British can't be blamed for feeling superior - what other country in the world could attract 2 billion viewers for a wedding

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