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Posted in: Taiwan urges Japan to apologize over sex slaves See in context

Apologizing is a responsibility Japan has to acknowledge. Germany apologized many decades ago for the genocide and the people of Europe no longer have issues. Japan did wrong, apologize publicly, compensate the victims and move on. Nothing to do with China now and the elections. This has been a slap in the face to Asians for 70 years. Denying what happened only enrages people more.

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Posted in: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ fined $8.6 mil for flouting U.S. sanctions See in context

J will feel victimized by this no doubt, now they learn to respect the international community!

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Posted in: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ fined $8.6 mil for flouting U.S. sanctions See in context

Lets support Terrorists then lets Sanction them. Make up your mind.

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Posted in: 8 fighter jets scrambled after Chinese plane flies over disputed islands See in context

Calling 8 fighter jets to destroy a small propeller engine Cesnot. Very Topgun J, whats next?

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Posted in: China marks 75th anniversary of Nanjing Massacre See in context

Its a festering scab because of the denial in Japan that any of this has occurred. History books in J have omited the truth about Nanjin and keep the children ignorant of their true history but most importantly why it is important never to repeat the atrocities.

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Posted in: Heightened sensibilities regarding child safety get man written up for asking directions See in context

I wonder if the guy had candy with him? Wasnt her favorite obviously

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Posted in: N Korean rocket passes over Okinawa; U.N. Security Council to meet See in context

Okinawa was too busy with other matters didnt see the Rocket overhead! haha

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Posted in: Kumi's Love Notes See in context

kumi kumi come to me

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Posted in: Japanese car sales in China rocket 72% in November See in context

Its not back to normal, still 40 % down compared with last year.

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Posted in: Noda asks public to share burden; blames LDP for huge debt See in context

haha, please share the burden. Work even longer hours for no overtime and stay at the office during holidays. Excellent plan J

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Posted in: 17-year-old dead, 16-year-old seriously injured following police chase See in context

Too bad. I see those bike hoons all the time, they go through red lights, use pedestrian crossings and think they are above all road rules, then put their GF at the back and endanger their lives at well and usually without a helmet.When you hit them with a car , they claim huge amounts for insurance and give you a lot of trouble. I say learn from this looser hoons.

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Posted in: Accenture grants Association for Aid and Relief, Japan $1.15 mil to equip persons with disabilities with employment skills See in context

More than 2.8 million persons with disabilities in Japan are able to work uhhh? 2.8 million people have a disability? thats a bit much I think, what happened? Break down those figures, I think there is something not right here.

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Posted in: Experts give tips for repelling a random slasher See in context

Police are treating it as an assault by a so-called “tori-ma,” or passing demon, as random slashers are called in Japanese. Instead of treating it as an assault Shouldn't that say ' Treating it as attempted murder with intent to kill and possession of a lethal weapon or concealable white arm weapon??' Assault is a little light, no?

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Posted in: Agony endures 75 years after Nanjing Massacre See in context

Saying Nanjin was fiction is terrible because of all the overwhelming evidence, video footage, eye witness accounts of both American and Germans who were in the city at the time and J newspaper at the time which published the progress of the massacres. Denying is like saying no man ever walked on the Moon.!

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Posted in: Agony endures 75 years after Nanjing Massacre See in context

Thank you 'Japantoday' for writing this story. Wars are always harsh however any Nation or groups of people who are in a position of power refuse to acknowledge the facts and truths of history, that Nation or its Gov is a re-offender to all those who have suffered and an insult to the surviving victims. Acknowledgment of past atrocities is the first step towards healing on both sides and a step to show the world a willingness and absolute resolution to never repeat the same atrocities. Any Gov claiming to be a Democracy should be an example for the World thus demonstrating strong leadership. What the Chinese Gov has done in other regions is also bad, however this is another example of how Communism is failing the people, therefore Democracy must be upheld by being the leaders who insist on healing through acknowledgment of past mistakes and freedom of speech.

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Posted in: Toyota sees Japan sales dropping 20% in 2013 See in context

haha, arrogance drops your profits faster than you can say 'China'

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Posted in: Men who use trains on dates: Please stay single See in context

I picked up at train stations, I must be cheap

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Posted in: Drink up: Beer has anti-virus powers, study finds See in context

its beer o'clock

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Posted in: Rent-a-boyfriend dispatch service: Because Japanese women get lonely too See in context

I do it for free already and no rules of course.

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Posted in: Police raid highway operator in negligence probe over tunnel collapse See in context

Suspended concrete slabs with nuts and bolts over a highway?? First I ever seen or heard, totally predictable accident waiting to happen. The question is how many of these are there out there?

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Posted in: Japan support for whaling outweighs opposition: poll See in context

Whales are on the brink of extinction. It doesnt make sense to eat them, it is not necessary. Fish can be farmed, whales can't. We have a responsibility to preserve majestic animals for future generations. Whaling is outdated and is a violation of nature.

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Posted in: Japan donates $5 mil to U.S. for tsunami debris cleanup See in context

5 million dollars is great, how about resuming the beef imports??

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Posted in: Body of man found in car driven into sea off Kobe See in context

not a balaclava but a Uniqlo cold weather face beanie

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Posted in: 75-year-old man arrested for hit-and-run involving 3 schoolchildren See in context

Making footpaths in Japan would be a good and logical thing to do so we dont have to walk on THE ROAD! The Gov should be held responsible as well.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after bursting into classroom with knife See in context

She just wanted to bully the bully kid, not kill him, cut the teacher a little..

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Posted in: Japanese automakers' China output tumbles See in context

'' You reap what you Sow' This was foreseeable. Why mess with China? They have been more than welcoming Japanese businesses in China which is great for the troubled Japanese economy. The next foreseeable event, Chinese factories are going to start a new brand '' Choyota'' and supply the world.

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Posted in: NHK denies not inviting Korean acts to 'Kohaku' due to territorial dispute See in context

what about american acts? plenty in Oki Again, dont voice your opinion publicly or get blocked. Great free nation.

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Posted in: Post office section chief steals Y600,000 worth of New Year postcards See in context

Maybe he thought he was Santa, poor guy, make a Santa curfew.

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Posted in: Weird cosplay: AKB48 meets AK-47 See in context

they should run for government office and create order.

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Posted in: Geeks seek love at masked match-making event See in context

I dont mind dating a girl with a mask if her face is not so hot haha.

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