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@Martyman W*hat is the Japanese punishment for public indecency? Is it the same for Obasan and Ojisan urinating on the side of the road, or is it stricter in a internet cafe?** Very true, I see it all the time in Nagoya, really disgusting as it is the same place you actually stand to get 'in' the taxis. I didnt know that being naked is regarded as a ''Crime'' or allegedly hitting a car. As far as being drunk, I again still cant see any proof except for rumors. Being naked also, were there any video footage? I doubt it, so at the end it is all superficial and overreactions of the public. Get over it people.

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The curfews remind me of Martial law. I propose they move a few clubs and bars inside the base, that way nobody can complain anymore, then make a curfew on the locals.

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And where would they stock those Nukes anyway? To pose a significant threat to any other countries, Japan would need around 100 of them. They could put them at disneyland and make a new attraction, 'The Tower of Ishihara'. Any Nukes Japan would possess would never be a deterrent, especially against China. First China would never need* to use Nukes to defeat Japan and Japan would start WW3 if they used Nukes first. So it is totally pointless to even consider having Nukes as an excuse to protect themselves in Japan. In a Nuclear showdown, nobody wins. The scenario is unthinkable, so why make more Nukes? There should put their efforts toward eradicating Nukes rather than encouraging the use of it. Why not spend the money on a space program Japan?

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When I ask foreigners the 5 top profile questions when I first meet them and answer ''USO!!' to at least 3 of them.

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Good Idea. Get Nukes in Japan, then all the rest os Asia will point their missiles towards Japan as a response. Small islands many Nukes pointed towards them..umm I am leaving Japan. No thanks.

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Pronunciation is not important at all! Italians, Greeks, French and Scottish people speak English with a strong accent and so do most non-native English speakers in the world. Why put some much emphasis on pronunciation in Japan? Why such emphasis on academic scores? What about grammar? Japanese learn more grammar at school than we do as foreigners...Do all Japanese want to be English Teachers?? It is useless and takes too much time. The most frustrating thing I have seen about Japanese who want to learn English is when they say 'help me learn conversation English, because I really want to..' but when you give them advice on how to learn they dont listen. For example, if you have 1 or 2 lessons per week, fine, but what do you do on your spare time? Do you watch movies in English only? Usual answer is NO. Do your read novels in English? NO. Excuse: I dont understand. Answer: THAT'S WHY. You either really want to learn or you don't, if you do break away from traditional methods because obviously they DO NOT WORK.

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The Police are abusing their power, but this example of a woman getting killed over some screaming and throwing toys is going to make people think twice about what they throw around, I bet next time someone will throw a knife at the cops so they dont sit on them. I have restrained people in my life including women, never had to sit on them especially if hands are handcuffed from behind and legs restrained. Obviously they could have figured out that maybe a medical condition could have been the cause of her hysteria and she was in danger. Of course she was a terrible criminal for throwing the poor toys which was more important for the Cops than preventing a death.

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Here I got one or two. '' When someone asks me a question and it takes me 45 minutes to answer and the answer belongs to a different question because I didnt really like the question or didnt really understand it and I didnt have the courage to tell you I didnt understand which makes me feel inadequate..'' Then finally I answer UHHHH?

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Yeah right, legalize Marijuana in Japan?? Are you MAD? Japan would collapse. haaha I can picture it. As far as 'HERB' as they call it, its just a name they gave it to deny there is a drug problem in Japan and rising. Hopefully she is a good example for others not to think you can do just about anything you want without consequences. People die from inhaling Tobacco as well, I would like to see more reforms on that issue.

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The North Korea excuse again, North Korea this, North Korea that, I can't see any problems from North Korea except when Japan supports sanctions dictated by the US. Now it's also China this China that. Japan only seems to have enemies, is that a message?? Is Asia starting to become a new Middle East? Why provoke again with a build up of armaments? If North Korea is such a threat to Peace in Asia, shouldn't Japan look to China for support? Anyway a War in Asia will absolutely destroy much of it, my guess is Japan will be hardest hit.

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@lucabrasi Then they need a President at any case my point was something is obviously not right somewhere if the people suffer economically simply because of some Islands that most have never even heard of before. The conflict doesn't take into consideration the public otherwise Japan's intention with the Islands would have been clearly spoken out and public opinions taken into account. But no, this is never done, the Gov simply goes ahead and act before they speak until the music stops and someone else gets the responsibility. There is obviously a bigger hidden agenda behind these Islands probably from both parties.

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Posted in: Softbank CEO embroiled in Twitter war after donating $500,000 to Hurricane Sandy relief See in context

The donation is nice, I just want to see that it gets there and who will truly benefit from it. As far as Tweeter is concerned, why is a guys freedom of speech exposed all over the news? He has the right to express his feelings without being named. This is a violation of freedom of speech.

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@Alladin and Smithinjapan-I agree with you. Who is suffering the most now? Japan. With all the disasters recently and economic downturn, why make more trouble with your best economic partner? And yes the young generation will suffer even more. There is no future in Japan economically, it is a constant uphill battle because of the volatile thinking of the Gov. Playing musical chairs with Prime Ministers is also a good example of how the so-called top guys cant even rule there own problems and keep passing them on. When do the people in Japan actually get to VOTE freely for a Prime Minister of their choice? Never. One way or another China will win this conflict I am sure and as for the excuse of the Chinese wanting Military advantage on these islands, the same can be said about Japan.

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When someone does something bad people in Japan people always say ''he/she had a mental problem''. I am suspicious of the label ''Mental problem'' used as a cliche to pretend bad people simply don't exist in Japan or if you commit a crime you are 'Mental' Everyone in Japan and any other country had at some point asked a doctor a prescription for stress at some point but it doesn't mean that person is chronically ill mentally. There is no clear definition of course in Japan between 'Chronic mental health illness' and 'passive stress disorders' unless a person commits a horrendous crime. So yes, I think Japan needs more 'Mental health doctors' but also more education to stop labeling criminals as having a 'mental problem' as this impacts society to further isolate people who have or seem to have '' a mental problem''. On the other hand I woulnt be surprised if the Drugs they gave her had an advert reaction as this often the case with Anti-depressants and drugs like Tamiflu.

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@sentiments Respons to Flipper 2. The only one in this dispute that shows historic hatred and imperialist agression is Chinas government'' What??? who invaded China exactly?? Imperial aggressors are Japanese, always have been. Japanize the world was the ideology. The Islands are just one more excuse to remind the Chinese of that. Go China!

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If you are raped you need to go to the hospital within 4 hours to prove your case with DNA. I doubt the sailors admitted to rape to the police. Is there a confession video? Is there DNA evidence? Other nationalities commit rapes too but I never see that in the news.

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They should use DUFF beer instead and the new logo '' Why drink and drive when you can drink and FLY''

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Yes I agree with all the comments. Everyone in the community is responsible for this, there are no provisions in Japan for unwanted babies to be taken care of or adequate monetary assistance for underage single mothers. the officials only care about making rules and colds laws that don't cover circumstances people go through. Now they will concentrate no doubt on charging the girl with a number of things. This is an example of how the Taboos and laws in Japan do not match the times we live in. She was obviously in FEAR of a number of things and I bet one of them is 'the reproach of the community for being a so young single mum' another 'fear of her parents' who would have been so ashamed and disgraced in the eyes of others. I think she probably either didnt know she was pregnant or how to deal with it or she had first thoughts about have the baby but panicked at some point or got influenced by a third party to dump the baby.

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Did they really ask around 20 million people or the committee's neighborhood. Anyway I don't think foreigners would be too pleased about coming to Tokyo for the Olympics if you have to pay $10 for a tiny hotdog (extra if you want sauce and a bread roll) and $200 a night per person for a low class hotel. Imagine the public transport crushed as it is..

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Looks like the 50 cent silver coin in Australia, got the Queen on it. Watch out for the 2 Eastern Asian women from Aichi, they might visit Tokyo next

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Well if schools were teaching kids about common sense rather than how to observe rules without thought we wouldn't have any of these problems on trains. Of course there is always going to be someone who has no common sense but it doesnt mean to have to punish the whole country with unreasonable laws that rob everyones freedom. Dont even know what you are allowed to do or not do anymore, very annoying. I think there should be a definite ban on dirty looks and grunting by some unhappy riders though who think they are now law enforcers the moment they step on the train. Well your dirty looks and grunting deserves a punch. Crushing people onto the trains is next to sexual harassment and THAT should be the issue.

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I certainly cant find any interesting Japanese music but 2 YEARS jail for pushing a button?? Are we in a communist regime? Do we need a lawyer to monitor our PCs now to make sure we dont become criminals? Good job Japan, a moron makes a claim because his business is down and the Gov CREATES criminals by passing a useless law.

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They will give more attention no doubt to the Chinese tour guide who took them there, its the trend these days. Good idea though to go trekking the mountains in winter.I guess nobody says ''Sugoy!'' now. I hate tours anyway, no freedom.

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<>Why China said nothing when US was ruling the islands? Hey chamkun, thats a lot of interest in my comments there but missed the point of it. The damage to Japan has only just started and it doesnt take a scientist to see how bad this will turn out for Japan short term and long term. And by the way the US took over many islands during the war to stop the Japanese island hopping using them as permanent Airbases to invade. Of course the Chinese welcomed the US to put a barrier between Japan and the Asian continent. However the US never had plans to colonize or mine the Islands. The point I am making is all parties have to sacrifice in order to save. Japan is in enough trouble as it is, it doesnt need any more. and as far as being a historian is concerned, it doesnt make my point more or less valid if I am or not. History repeats itself. Fact: Japan invaded China and committed mass murders. Fact: Japan doesnt recognize this as fact. Can anyone in China forgive? Europeans forgave the Germans because of the evident remorse of both, the Gov and the people. These Islands are not the problem but it is the arrogance of the politicians who refuse to apologize for their mistakes and buying these Islands from their owners was one of them.

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Ok, Japan might get their islands back probably, but at what cost? The millions of cars the Chinese will not buy anymore, (last 2 months 40% down in sales already), the Chinese tourists who will stop coming to Japan ( hotels complaining they are empty and restaurants closing because foreigners are not coming) the many Japanese companies operating in China because labor is cheap are experiencing threats and forced to move out..uhmm Over what? All the Chinese wanted to do was to sit down and talk about a DISPUTE! The Japanese refuse to even acknowledge a dispute exists. Well, Japan is not in a position to act like a big daddy for Asia, if anything with all the recent troubles that plagued Japan, they should swallow up their pride and listen to the international community who is trying and helping them.

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The US will not support Japan on this one. Besides Japan needs to show the world how they handle problems in their own backyard and neighbors. I would leave them to sort it out because Japan provokes the Chinese all the time with centuries old unjustified hatred and denial of their ancestry heritage. The US will abandon Jap I am sure just like they did Nam. This one is too dangerous to take on. Good on you japan for not being able to communicate reasonably with the rest of the world as per usual

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Aggression seems to be the only thing Japanese understand, so be it. They never want to talk fairly with any other nations when they have a plan that benefits them. Thats why they refuse to acknowledge a dispute with China and the same with the Whales. Who are they to dispute international treaties? If you dont like it go back to Imperialism and again be crushed with aggression by everyone else in the world. Go Sea Shepherd!

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Southeast Asians, uhmm sounds like somewhere in the south of Japan or is Japan not part of Asia? If they ask me if I saw anything, I would say ''doesn't RING a bell'' HAHA

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Oh my God! Japanese protesting. Its a good thing, JUST THE WRONG PLACE! fight for human rights and freedom from corporation slavery and your Prime Minister to stop praying at the shrine of war criminals which enrages one the most powerful nations on earth RIGHT NEXT DOOR! Fine scrap the old osprey, bring in more noisy hercules and chinooks, that will vibrate their office chairs nicely. Ridiculous priorities really.

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Haha, we will never hear from this story or any follow ups ever again as per usual. They will slap him on the wrist and tell him to confess to his mother, then they will persecute the girl with interrogations for days and probably interrogate her family and friends and school teachers for the next six months if they dont arrest her on some ' alleged prostitution charges' What a joke a usual.“This was behavior unbecoming of a police officer. We would like to take steps to ensure that this kind of incident does not occur again.” How exactly will they make sure this never happens again? Oh yes, probably all girls under 16 will have to wear longer skirts, at least below upper thigh height and stop bending over in public to pull up their cotton socks.

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