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Posted in: Another Japanese celebrity claims discrimination in France; netizens not so sympathetic See in context

I feel really bad about this as I am French.

It might be easy to think this is discrimination but I think it is actually just the way Paris is and especially Champs Elysees.. Just don't go there if you expect good (or even basic) service. The waiters are simply rude with anybody Asian or not. Countless times I was ignored by the staff and just left the place as they did not need more customers obviously.

Knowing Japanese customer service, I can understand that it might be a shock for Japanese people not used to this degree of bad / non-exisent customer service. But I think taking it to the "racist" zone is groundless. I think the waiter just didn't care at that moment or was not "in the mood".. Waiters in Paris are often behaving like rockstars..

Taking things personally is the last thing to do in Paris. You will end up crazy.. Most of French people I know here would never go to Champs Elysees if you want to enjoy good service (or you have to go to the luxury places not a regular café).

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