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Posted in: Yellen calls for level playing field for U.S. workers and firms during China visit See in context


Or circumvent US sanctions laws with a shameless shell scheme.

What US sanctions laws? US made up the fake fraud charges to punish Huawei, all because it is a Chinese company. It boils down to the US started it all, even many Chinese Americans are charged for just being Chinese.


Yeah, but everyone knows she's guilty. China just worked out a backroom deal to get her off.

Listen to you guys, And, how do know she is guilty? Is she above the laws to get the deal? It’s all because the charges don’t stick so they have to let her go.

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Posted in: Yellen calls for level playing field for U.S. workers and firms during China visit See in context

TaiwanIsNotChina, At the very least, Americans working for those companies don't face arbitrary arrest.

Oh! the arrest of an Executive of Huawei does come to mind.

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Posted in: China's defense ministry blasts Pentagon's annual report See in context


“Yes. Because unlike China, the U.S. is not threatening another country with invasion if they do not agree to be part of it. …”

No, US has invaded so many countries and killed other countries’ leaders with impunity. The US doesn’t just claim, they absorbed and plundered. They don’t just destabilize a region, they created crisis for the whole world. Claiming to fight for democracy but in itself a fake democracy; dramatized politics and monetized liberalism. At least China does not interfere in other countries internal affairs nor export its ideology. More and more countries are leaning towards China.

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Posted in: Japan still faces diplomatic challenge in Fukushima water release See in context

"Hope this will lead to lower fish prices in Japan. I eat fish everyday."

That is the problem. It's the cumulative effect of eating contaminated seafoods regularly. The problems may not show up until 20 or 30 years later. It’s the long-term effect that China is concerned about. China is monitoring and testing the water, and if the contamination is really acceptable, then the issue would be resolved.

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Posted in: Nearly 2 million excess deaths followed China's sudden end of COVID curbs: study See in context

OK, so the number has to be double that of the US. This is pure propaganda. China has a lot of old people so the number of death normally would be higher. The point is China had successful controlled the spread of the virus for three years while the West couldn’t. What will happen next time?

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Posted in: China retail sales growth slows, falling below forecasts See in context

“That's great and all but we're generally talking about so called "negative" rights, i.e. preventing the government from doing horrendous things to you like executing you without a fair trial. Haiti is not generally considered a human rights violator because it is poor.”

So, “negative” human rights and not “positive” ones, really hypocritical. As you said “doing horrendous things,” China did none of those, but the US did plenty. For examples,  sending troops to capture and kill people in another country or using drone to kill the opponents. All these terrorist crises were created by the US just to serve its military power, think about it without the US, the world would be a lot more peaceful. By the way, “poverty” is not an excuse to abuse human rights.

“Not by any reasonable standard. Lax laws, particularly when not over violent crime are not a human rights issue. Gun violence maybe.”

Note that “laws” are created by human to serve human, but human rights should be above all “laws.” The US created all kinds of laws for self-interests and ignored the interests of other countries. Politics in the US has reached the critical point, domestic problems become unsolvable so put the blame on China. 

“You have to have sizable visible minorities in your country to speak about a country's racial policies.”

Singapore has “sizable visible minorities,” but they all live in peace and harmony, for an example. In the US racial discrimination has become unbearable. You can get killed just to walk on the street in certain areas.

“Democracy and freedom aren't meaningless. Vietnam is not in the Quad, nor are they a significant weapons purchaser from the US. Democracies aren't going to ignore China's illegal attempt to control the South China Sea just to check some purity box for you. Any advantage to prevent that will be secured.”

Vietnam cannot be in the Quad nor can they purchase advanced weapons from the US, but the US tries to create conflicts with China. South China Sea is China's back yard, so it’s deserved to be peaceful and prosperous.

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Posted in: China retail sales growth slows, falling below forecasts See in context

“Appalling human rights records” according to whom? It’s become a mode of suppression. No countries other than the West are saying China has human rights issue. China lifted over 700 million people out of poverty, and what did the West say about that? The US killed over a million of its own citizens over preventable disease, gun violence, drug addiction, and racial discrimination just to say a few, those are human rights issues.

“Yes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and with a 1.4 billion pound gorilla like China as your enemy, the US needs all of the "allies" it can get. At least Vietnam is staying within their borders.”

So, you admitted that the US is an evil regime that will do whatever it takes to get rid of the next rising star. “Democracy” and “freedom” are meaningless, it’s the geopolitics that matters. That's why China only cares to become friends and partners, not "allies".

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Posted in: China retail sales growth slows, falling below forecasts See in context

China “Propping up evil regimes”

Desert Tortoise / TaiwanIsNotChina, you guys should do better than that. China propping up Myanmar, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, and Iran? The list seemed to be limited, doesn’t it? Those countries all have their own sovereignty and national interests, sometimes they listened to China and sometimes they don’t. Why do you think that they are evil regimes? When they don’t go along with the US, they suddenly become “evil regimes,” is that right? I can give you an example of evil regimes, many years Vietnam was at war with the US and many Vietnamese were killed, Vietnam was labeled “evil regime” for so many years. But now do you hear the US say bad things about Vietnam? What would cause the change in attitude there? Vietnam is still a communist country and limited freedom. All because the US is trying to suppress China by using Vietnam, the US evil intention is quite clear.

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Posted in: China retail sales growth slows, falling below forecasts See in context

“What? I realize China is jealous of the US reserve currency status, but the latter does still have to pay interest on its debt.”

The US reserve currency status is being used to control others, and you are right the US still has to pay interest on its debt which is piling up higher and higher at the expense of developing countries.

“Yeah, unless it comes to Korea and Taiwan, they are perfectly peaceful. Oh and except for their no principles foreign policy propping up evil regimes.”

I’ve never heard of China “propping up evil regimes.” Can you elaborate on that? Maybe you are confused with the US.

“Yes, they want to be excluded from any sort of obligations for tackling climate change. They would probably even take a payout, too, if they could.”

Every developing country is aiming to be a developed country. I heard some people claimed that China was successful because of the Western corporations setting up factories there, so in this case we should blame the Western countries then. Also, Western countries have been ruining the planet longer than China did. “Payout?” who doesn’t like “pay out”?

“Doesn't help when they are also open to rent seeking and corruption.”

Don’t be naïve to think that we are living in the world without “rent seeking and corruption.” These terms are well developed and utilized in the West. Why do you think the US large corporations have been so successful, it’s because they bred other countries dried. If it is not because of Chinese culture that emphasize hard-working and savings, Chinese people would still be struggling and poor.

“I hope they are satisfied with the medal.”

Oh, I heard they didn’t even want to be number one. It is not yet the time to claim the title because they want to wait until no more poverty and Chinese people are happy and healthy.

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Posted in: China retail sales growth slows, falling below forecasts See in context

WOW! For many decades now these people have been saying the doom and groom about China. They use the tainted views to look at China in the Western ways, but China has a controlled economy and the Chinese tend to be conservative. When the economy is in the leap and bound, they would say it is so mediocre, they tend to hide their rosy sides in order to make these people think otherwise. Think about it, Chinese government could just give money away like in the West to boost the economy and increase inflation, but they didn’t do it because that would be a short-term gain and long-term pain. They didn’t get involved in wars and didn’t interfere with other countries internal affairs so they only do their own things well. They didn’t even want to be called a developed country. This proves that they do more thinking in the long term, every move they made they thought it through and through. China will be the number one economy soon, but maybe it’s already become number one.

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Posted in: China's loans pushing world’s poorest countries to brink of collapse See in context

This article has one-sided view. Nothing mentioned about the majority of the debts were owed to the West. Those countries have always been poor without any way out, but China helped them develop and see some lights at the end of the tunnel. They are suffering right now because the West have raised interest rates so much that led to hyper-inflations in their countries.

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Posted in: SpaceX giant rocket explodes minutes after launch from Texas See in context

It’s really like rolling a dice, 50/50 chance, you will never know what you're going to get. That’s scientific to you. Are there any parts made in China or are they all made in the US, I wonder? Last year China conducted 50 missions with 140 spacecrafts that all reached the orbit successfully. Why not make sure that the rocket will reach the orbit and learn from your success than failure.

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Posted in: Japan will keep calling for China to act responsibly, Kishida says See in context

OssanAmerica, trying to justify that Taiwanese are not Chinese is absurd. The words, “China has never controlled Taiwan” are Western propaganda which have no basis of truth. Even the former leader of Taiwan said recently that “People on both sides of the Taiwan strait are Chinese people, and are both descendants of the Yan and Yellow emperors.”

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Posted in: Biden, seeing 'turning point' for democracy, offers funding push at summit See in context

TaiwanIsNotChina, “The US didn't lose a generation to a war in Ukraine.” No, it did lose a couple generations including Ukraine. “Companies aren't fleeing the US because they don't trust its government.” No, they just set up shops else where. “the US didn't grow old before it grew rich.” No, the US just let its people suffer and die from preventable virus, gun violence, drug addiction, just being poor, racial violence, human rights issues, and incessant wars, etc. “place faith in your alliance of self-interested parties.” But only the West has alliance, when it’s involved China, there is no alliance only friends and partners. “It will surely be there for you when times are tough.” Just like, the West deserting those in colonial era and devastating wars, there is a long list of those undeserved countries.

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Posted in: China retail sales up after COVID reopening See in context

Zero Covid policy cannot go on forever. China’s approach was correct, that is trying to save lives as many as possible. Had China not have the Zero Covid policy, millions of lives would have been lost. Later Covid sub-variants are so much milder, their immune systems can fight off the virus so that now they will able to boost the economy. Unlike in the West, giving away money to boost the economies, and now people there will have to pay for it from skyrocketing inflation, lower productivity, and now another banking crisis.

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Posted in: Beijing calls U.S. claims over balloons 'information warfare' See in context

I thought the US has the most extensive spy operations in the world. Other countries would be laughing behind their backs for accusing a country like China whose Intelligence Agency hardly ever heard of. The balloon incident is blown out of proportion in order to please the US domestic audience. But people are getting tired of this, why is it that China has been responding and defending itself all the time? Maybe the US is laying a ground work to subjugate China one piece at a time, disinformation about China is getting out of hand. I am not a history expert but I want to know whether in the past when Japan was on the path to be number one, was it under attack and smear like China and later caved in? I read a lot of Western news, anything that showed the US in the upper hand, they will be repeating it and they don’t reveal what China is responding. For example, in every Western article, it would say that “Secretary of State Antony Blinken canceled a visit to Beijing planned for this week …”, but the fact is the meeting has never been confirmed by China which means he cancelled his own trip even before the schedule was confirmed, so what was the point of that. And, China did not even accept the call from US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin after the balloon downing incident. Biden said, “I’ve made clear with President Xi that we seek competition, not conflict," but saying one thing and acting another seems to be the hallmark of the US politics.

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Posted in: China says it was smeared in Biden State of the Union speech See in context

The worst propaganda is always coming from the West. They will bring up anything to smear China without any proof whatsoever. You can see from most Western media that they immediately labeled the balloon as “Spy balloon” even before it was proven to be so. This is what they called “disinformation” and those media should be ashamed. All sorts of stories were made up to colour the balloon in order to attack China. Politics always come first in the West, even before life itself like in the case of deaths from Covid. Some of you might notice that the US used F22 to bring down a balloon! Really dramatic, just like using a grenade to kill a fly. Can anyone predict what story will come up next to smear China, this is going on constantly. However, I notice from reading comments from various Western media, more and more people are getting tired of this and have come to realize this type of propaganda to discredit China is just fake news.

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of indiscriminate use of force over balloon See in context

A precedent has been set, so now there will not be any “unmanned civilian airship” entered Chinese airspace without being shot down. Stupid as stupid does, just want to play a political show without thinking about the consequences. China may have set a trap for those less intelligent to fall in.

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Posted in: Chinese balloon soars across U.S.; Blinken scraps Beijing trip See in context

bass4funk, but the US is too afraid to shoot it down because it will be served as a precedent. You will see China shooting down the US spy planes or balloons which the US constantly use, and next on the lists maybe US satellites.

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Posted in: Chinese balloon soars across U.S.; Blinken scraps Beijing trip See in context

“Pro-CCP Chinese are not welcome to step foot on U.S. soil.”

And I thought the US is a “free” country, I guess I was wrong. I can see the trend here, the US will bring up every tiny, little thing just to smear China, but too afraid to look in the mirror.

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Posted in: China defends its COVID response See in context

For three years, China has done everything possible to protect its citizens. While the rest of the world have been killing their people softly. Covid has mutated to the point that it’s no longer that virulent, people still get sick but not as serious as in the beginning. More than 80% of the people in the West already have Covid, they were dropping like flies in the beginning, and now most of them don’t bother to check any more. When China was closed, they blamed China, and now China is opening up, they again blame China. No matter what China does, it’s never good enough. Are they not getting tired of this? In fact, China should thank the West for limiting exposure of Chinese tourists to the new variants going around in the West. Chinese tourists should spend their money in the countries that welcome them.

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Posted in: As China rows back COVID curbs, virus fears spread See in context

It’s always been a sticky point, isn’t it? Propaganda that says China can’t be trusted and their numbers are inaccurate, it’s all bogus. You have to know one thing, their Covid controls are pretty tight as confirmed by everybody. If there were wild-spread deaths, people here would hear about it. Remember about a single child death of Covid in China that covered in the Western media, you would have kicked yourself if there were not more of that. Believe me the Western media are trying to find more cases, but they can’t and they are very sulk about it.

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Posted in: As China rows back COVID curbs, virus fears spread See in context

People here should think more about our health and well-being, and not indulge too much in ideology and politics. So far China has avoid having over a million deaths and has one of the lowest Covid death rates in the world. In the beginning if all the countries followed China and locked down, the virus would have eradicated long ago. Now we have to live with the virus and suffer the long-term effects. Our immune systems have been compromised and we started to get sick easier. Our life spans are shortened and we don’t even realize it. As the virus mutated it becomes less potent, so in the long run Chinese people will be able to live longer and healthier. Think about that.

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Posted in: Japan trade deficit grows as oil prices surge, yen drops See in context

Kaimycahl, "if you look at all the world markets they are all struggling. The problem is each government printed money and managed a false economy and they are using the war in Ukraine as being the problem."

I don’t think the “biggest culprit is Covid” as you mentioned, it was the approaches that the government used to tackle the Covid and Ukraine problems. They simply did not learn from the past. China was different in the ways they approached the problems. As you should know, China did not print money but offer coupons for the people which boosted the economy and therefore, did not have big inflation problems like in the West including Japan. In the Western media, you would hear that the employment data were still good and you believed so. But isn’t that against the logic because during high inflation corporations’ bottom lines would be affected and that would lead to tightening of their finances by cutting staff. The West is now standing on the edge of a cliff. Without China’s help, recession here it comes. China did not add fuel to the fire in the Ukraine case by sanctioning and sending weapons to prolong the war which caused the energy crisis. Yes, China has real estate and banking problems but those are not critical to the point of collapsing its controlled economy like in the West caused financial crisis. You are right though that the rich are getting richer even after the downturn of the stock markets, note that only 4% of the rich control the US economy and they’ve sucked the life out of the middle class. I’ve always puzzled how the rich managed to get richer in time of crisis, maybe the crisis was created by them in the first place.

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Posted in: Australian gov't faces pressure to reinstate COVID quarantine pay See in context

CCP numbers are not even remotely trustworthy

I actually trust CCP numbers more from the way they’ve tried to control the virus. Have the West followed China and applied Zero Covid policy, the virus spread would have been curbed and eradicated. Now, many people in the West have to endure pain and suffering from the long Covid and shorter life span, too bad.

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Posted in: Vienna ranked world's most liveable city; Osaka 10th See in context

Who would have guessed, Osaka was inserted on the top 10th list to evade criticism. There is another inference, can anyone guess? Treat for a faithful lap dog!

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Posted in: China's Pacific island diplomacy may complicate ties with Japan See in context

This is how China is helping the neglected developing countries: a mere mention of security agreement and a visit. Did you hear the laugh coming from the CCP office?

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, EU push for open internet amid rise of authoritarianism See in context

The fact that all these governments trying to assert more controls over the Internet has already proven that they are leading towards more authoritarian. Promoting “democracy” is a façade used to manipulate gullible people. Life, safety, and security should be above all else. Right now the so-called democratic countries fail in all these aspects. Without the above there would be no human rights. A government that lets so many people die of preventable causes, such as Covid and gun violence does not deserve to use the word “democracy”.

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Posted in: China tries to calm markets by pledging support for economy See in context

“It said Chinese and U.S. regulators are having a “good dialogue” about stock markets and working on a plan for cooperation following disputes over audit requirements that led to a threat to kick some Chinese companies off American exchanges.”

What does the above paragraph convey to you? A good journalism will not use the words that convey prejudice and bias. The words, “led to a threat to kick” can be replaced by “may result in delisting.”

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Posted in: China to raise defense spending by 7.1% to $229 billion See in context

“China's wages are a fraction of those in the US and labor is the vast majority of the cost of designing, testing, producing and maintaining military hardware.”

It may be true a decade ago, but not now, China’s labor costs have been increasing substantially. Note also that China has to feed a lot more people in military. You also mentioned “per capita income” in China, which is not really comparable because of the difference in the cost of living, a dollar is worth more in China. Also, China has the most millionaires and billionaires in the world. I think the efficiency is the key which leads to the lower costs overall. Can the West build a functionable hospital in 10 days?

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