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Posted in: In view of the worsening global economic crisis, is capitalism a failure? See in context

Unbridled capitalism is a failure just like unbrilded socialism was a failure.

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Posted in: Gov't to boost moral education for young people See in context

usaexpat is correct in saying that morals and appropriate behaviour should begin at home. But if it doesn't, then surely teaching it at school is better than nothing?! On the other hand, I don't find Japanese kids to be particularly lacking in morals, certainly no more than western kids. I would be very interested to hear of any statistics that show that juvenile crime in Japan is anywhere near the levels of many other countries. A lot of this is just a bunch of jii-chans and baa-chans with nothing better to do than spout the old "in my day..." clap-trap. Its about time they learnt that respect is something elders do NOT have an automatic right to, but something they need to earn, just like kids!

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Posted in: Malaysian Islamic body bans yoga for Muslims See in context

Maybe, while they are at it, they should ban Muslims since elements of Judeo-Christianity in Islam could corrupt them!

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Posted in: Want to see the real Japan? Try hitchhiking See in context

God, that story brings back so many great memories!! A pity its considered unsafe to hitch hike these days because it really is an amazing and fun way to meet people and see places!!

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Posted in: Child mortality rate in Japan 2nd highest in world See in context

Well said, toolongheremaybe...you only have to look at the way parents let young kids sit in the front seat without safety belts (actually most of the time, they are standing, with their faces pressed to the window)! And on several occasions I have seen mums driving with babies strapped to their backs!! More often than not, Japanese parents put their kids in dangerous situations not out of carelessness, but ignorance and complete lack of common sense...and when something does happen, they simply flap around in a panic like headless chickens.

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