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Posted in: Australian gets 3 years in jail for insulting Thai monarchy See in context

He got 3 years. Wonder if he'll get a pardon sooner.

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Posted in: 14-year-old Saitama girl commits suicide after being bullied online See in context

The cause of everything in Japan is bullying.

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl hit with axe in Ibaraki; older brother on the run See in context

Poor girl, doing her duty for the old man and attacked in the barn in Daigo! Let's all keep an eye out for a man in his thirties!

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Posted in: Prayers See in context

Cheapskates, the only way to get god to really listen is to get one of those priests with the funny hat to take your extremely generous donation directly and mediate for you.

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Posted in: How to beat the onsen blues See in context

Americans are so funny, will never understand their amazement at the outside world. "Oh my Gawd, everything's so small!"

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Posted in: Japanese workers face horror of mass firing era See in context

The problem isn't now, it's before. Japanese companies are overstaffed to the point of waste. It's been an orgy of incompetence for decades. Ten people to do one person's job badly and with weeks of meetings. This isn't horror it's reality. Horror would be losing a job you deserve. Reality is finding out that you, along with 80% of your colleagues, are superfluous.

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Posted in: Akina kicks off cheerleading musical in Tokyo See in context

Editor is there a bigger picture available for this one?

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Posted in: Sanma to appear in TV commercial for Georgia coffee See in context

I will cheer up hard-working fathers

They'll just hate you for it.

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Posted in: A very Japanese Christmas See in context

Some must have read a different article from me. Nothing negative or whining in there, just celebrating differences. But the best thing about Christmas here, as already pointed out, is the sex. Save up during the year, buy that present and jump in bed. The Japanese love their sex and Christmas is a time of giving. Enjoy!

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Posted in: Last call for Kabukicho red-light district See in context

You don't pay the guvnor you get shut down. But it's good to know that the sex clubs will still be there in one form or another. Life would be very boring indeed without them.

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Posted in: Manchester United wins Club World Cup final See in context

Wow, Japan must be devastated.

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Posted in: Wild boar kills hunter in Ehime See in context

Not kosher at all. They need to go out an hunt this boer and kill it. Anything less would be irresponsible and unfair. Incidentally they make excellent eating, boars.

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Posted in: Meeting sheet See in context

This is sure to be a hit in all those Japanese companies where democracy is encouraged during meetings.

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Posted in: Gov't admits POWs worked for Aso family's mining company See in context

two Australian POWs died during the three-month period but the ministry blacked out the causes of their deaths as well as other personal information, citing privacy

Aso should just admit they were hungry.

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